Future of Healthcare in UAE

Future of Healthcare in UAE

It is no secret that the healthcare industry in UAE is booming. And with good reason – the country has some of the region’s best hospitals and medical facilities. The UAE owns a comprehensive set of medical expertise and facilities, enabling it to provide world-class healthcare services to millions of residents and visitors annually. As a result, it has become an important destination for medical tourism.

This growth in the healthcare industry has also led to the creation of many lucrative opportunities for healthcare professionals. In fact, the demand for qualified medical professionals in the UAE continues to rise rapidly. But despite the tremendous growth and importance of the healthcare industry in the UAE, significant challenges are still to tackle. These challenges must be addressed if the country continues to play a prominent role in the global healthcare industry.

Challenges faced by the healthcare sector in the UAE

Here are a few of the biggest challenges faced by the healthcare industry in the UAE:

  • Lack of Sufficient Healthcare Workforce.

Lack of Sufficient Healthcare Workforce.

The healthcare sector in the UAE is rapidly evolving and has made great strides to become one of the leading players in the health industry throughout the region. This has led to an increasing patients and visitors seeking treatment in the country’s state-of-the-art healthcare facilities. This increased demand for healthcare services has, in turn, created the need for additional healthcare workers. However, there is a severe shortage of suitably qualified healthcare professionals in the country.

According to official government statistics, the current number of registered nurses in the UAE is approximately 17,000. In addition, only about 2,500 doctors are practicing in the country today. This shortage of doctors and nurses directly impacts the quality and efficiency of healthcare services in the UAE.

  • Increased waiting time

Increased waiting time

An insufficient number of qualified medical staff means that patients have to wait longer for their turn. The required medical treatment is provided late to the patients who are waiting to get it as soon as possible. This increased waiting time puts up a question mark on the efficacy of the healthcare sector in the UAE.

  • Inadequate funding

Another challenge faced by the healthcare sector in the UAE is the lack of adequate funding. According to recent studies report, Government spending on healthcare remains low and does not cover the cost of expanding and improving the country’s healthcare system.

  • Sedentary lifestyle issues

Sedentary lifestyle issues

According to a report published by WHO, most people in UAE are obese or touching the line of obesity due to their sedentary lifestyle. A large part of the UAE population is living with diabetes and other chronic diseases, which makes it quite challenging for the healthcare sector to manage and provide timely treatment to such a large number of the affected population.

 Healthcare for everyone

The UAE’s government plans to introduce effective and longer-serving solutions in the UAE’s healthcare market for citizens that provide high-quality medical facilities to everyone. The primary focus is to provide healthcare services of international standards, including home care medical services, quick diagnosis, and introducing new areas in the clinical fields.

In terms of the UAE healthcare strategy, medical tourism takes center stage as every year; many people visit Dubai and Abu Dhabi for their medical treatments and diagnosis. Medical tourism has proven to be a successful step toward strengthening the healthcare department. Today, the healthcare infrastructure of the UAE is a joint venture of public and private sectors, which makes the UAE stand among the top destinations for medical tourism.

Digital HealthDigital Health

The healthcare sector is always inclined towards adopting technological advancements. We have recently seen more healthcare organizations move to the digital landscape for better and quick outcomes. Similarly, people are now more reliant on medical websites and looking to contact their medical services provided through online platforms. This digital transformation is an important step underlying the medical requirements of the majority of the population in the UAE.

An easy prediction of a phenomenal healthcare sector

Before deciding upon what the future holds for the healthcare sector in UAE, it is important to appreciate the kind of improvement and innovations it has introduced in the Arab states. Over all these years, the world has witnessed how rapidly the medical and healthcare infrastructure in UAE has evolved into a more diversified form. Today, we see UAE becoming a global leader in the medical field, where the entire world is rushing to get state-of-the-art healthcare facilities.

Fortunately, the government of UAE has always prioritized its healthcare sector, ensuring that the optimum medical services are available for everyone on time. However, considering the health scenario of the UAE today, it is quite complicated for the public sector to cater to such a large number of patients. To accommodate such needs, the private sector has come up to rescue an increasing number of patients and continues to serve people with spectacular healthcare solutions and excellent treatments.

UAE vision 2030 healthcare is set to transform the country into a marvel in the healthcare sector, and with the right strategies and structural advancements, the UAE will be able to provide premium and quick medical care and services to a large number of people.

Bottom line

Everyone has the desire to look after their own well-being and that of the community around them. The UAE citizens are backed by their government which is encouraging innovation and efficiency through strategic partnerships with the private sector to create smart clinics, hospitals, grids, and smart health settings. Since the UAE government believes in the unified approach, it appears that it is ready to amaze the world once again with its innovative ideas – turning dreams into reality even in the healthcare sector.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Does UAE have good healthcare?

The UAE has a strong health infrastructure that is funded by the government and a rapidly growing public sector that aims to provide premium medical services to the population.

  • Which country tops the list of the best healthcare system in the world?

South Korea proudly takes the top spot in the list of the best healthcare system in the world.

  • Are healthcare services free in the UAE?

Healthcare services in the public sector in the UAE are free for the residents. The non-residents have to pay a higher amount to avail of medical treatments.

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