Top Sleep Clinics in Dubai: Find Effective Treatment for Sleep Disorders

Top Sleep Clinics in Dubai

In today’s busy routine of almost everyone’s life, it becomes difficult to take proper sleep or at least sleep for the recommended hours. But the problem arises when lack of sleep becomes more frequent, and besides having time and a comfortable environment, one fails to get as much sleep as required.

If you, too, have suffered from this situation for a long time, you might have suffered from a sleep disorder. You may have trouble getting sound sleep due to sleep problems. If you have a sleep issue, you can have trouble falling or staying asleep every night and have trouble feeling refreshed the next day. Taking enough sleep is vital from a health point of view and keeps you active the next day. But for those who struggle to get enough sleep due to insomnia or some other sleep disorder, various sleep clinics in Dubai can help you overcome the condition.

We have compile the top sleep clinics that are popular and top-rated for their exceptional services.

Dubai Sleep CenterDubai Sleep Center

Dubai Sleep Center takes pride in becoming a leading sleep center in the city, packed with advanced techniques and the latest equipment to analyze the sleep disorder the patient is suffering from. A sleep study is performed through a sleep test or polysomnogram to assess the sleep disorder and based on the output, a treatment plan is designed. You may also take the sleep monitor equipment with you and test your disorder at home this simple equipment measures your sleeping and breathing pattern during your regular sleeping hours. The center houses well-trained doctors and technicians to help you prepare for the test and to treat you in effective ways. The knowledgeable staff at Dubai Sleep Center assesses and treats insomnia, sleep apnea, or one of the many other sleep-related problems through modern diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

Location: Dubai Wafi Mall, First Floor

Contact Number: +971 4 370 8888


American Hospital DubaiAmerican Hospital Dubai

American Hospital Dubai has a dedicated department of Sleep Medicine that focuses on providing diagnosis and consultation services regarding sleep disorders. One of the best things about this sleep center is that it helps people of all ages, including infants and elders, to combat their sleep disorders. The patient’s sleep can be tracked using the latest digital and analog equipment, which offers the precise data needed to create individualized treatment programs. Adult and Pediatric Sleep Medicine offered at American Hospital Dubai is planned through the experts’ intervention and additional assessment in case the sleep disorder is related to other medical concerns. The medical facility at American Hospital comprises board-certified sleep doctors and technical employees who ensure to provide the healthcare of international standards to the patients.

Location: Multiple locations, including Al Barsha, Jumeirah, Dubai Hills, and Oud Meths.

Contact Number: +971 4 377 5500



Expert surgeons, consultants, and specialists at Novomed are recognized in their disciplines and are renowned for providing patients with individualized care and thorough consultation. If you are suffering from any sleep disorder or feeling tired from not getting enough sleep, the sleep specialists at Novomed offer a wide services to help you combat your disorders. From seeking online consultation with any of the sleep specialists to educating patients regarding sleep hygiene, the sleep medical facility at Novomed addresses the causes and suggests treatment plans based on your condition. Based on a preliminary evaluation by the Specialist Pulmonologists, the patient is further recommended to a psychologist or a psychiatrist if needed.

Location: DHCC Office No.3014, Block C/D, Al Razi Building 64 Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai

Contact Number: +971 4 276 5600


PrioryPriory Clinic Dubai

The aim of Priory Group is to provide patients with optimum healthcare solutions, and under their sleep disorder treatment service, they thoroughly analyze the reason behind the improper sleep or irregular sleeping pattern of the patient. The sleep specialists at Priory give you sound sleeping techniques and assist you in resolving concerns that can aggravate your sleep issues. A customized treatment plan is designed for every individual that addresses your unique issues and assists you in achieving a proper sleeping pattern. Some methods used to treat insomnia or sleeping disorders include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, 1:1 Therapy for sleep disorders, sleep hygiene and group therapy.

Location: Priory Wellbeing Centre Dubai, Dubai Healthcare City, Al Razi Building 64, Block F, Ground Floor, Oud Metha Road, Dubai

Contact Number: +971 4 245 3800


Fakeeh University HospitalFakeeh University Hospital

Fakeeh University Hospital offers a fully digital hospital environment to provide top-notch medical care. They are quite meticulous when delivering sleep tests like PSG, where they give their patients a detailed description of the procedure. The hospital’s Department of Pulmonology is exceptional and well-suited to treat widespread sleep disorders. Their facilities and equipment are kept up nicely, guaranteeing that the patients stay in a spick-and-span atmosphere for faster recovery. Not only are nutritional changes and medicinal treatments prescribed, but the medical facility suggests behavioral and lifestyle changes to overcome the disorder sooner.

Location: Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai

Contact Number: +971 4 414 4444


Wrap Up

If you are suffering from any sleep disorder, we hope that the above-mentioned sleep clinics in Dubai will help combat your issues. Good and sound sleep is extremely important to maintain a good health and stay active in your day-to-day activities. If you suffer from improper sleep, it can affect your health sooner or later. Do not avoid your changing sleeping pattern, and consult the sleep clinic of your choice to overcome your sleeping issue.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a sleep test?

A sleep test, also known as Polysomnogram, is a sleep study that is performed overnight during the sleeping hours of the individual. The sensors are put on the head, abdomen, face, and legs, monitoring the sleeping person’s physiological changes.

How much does a sleep study cost in Dubai?

On average, the sleep study costs AED 4000 in Dubai.

Can you buy sleeping pills in Dubai?

Not all, but a few sleeping pills and painkillers are illegal to buy in Dubai due to their composition.

Which medical professionals can treat sleep disorders?

To treat sleep disorders, there are various medical professionals whom you can see, such as pulmonologists, ENT, neurologists, and primary care doctors.

Which term is used for the doctor who specializes in sleep disorders?

The doctors who specialize in sleep disorders are known as Somnologists.

What are the different types of sleep disorders?

There are various types of sleep disorders, including sleep apnea, insomnia, narcolepsy, and restless legs syndrome.

What causes a sleep disorder to develop?

There are various reasons behind sleep disorders, including uncomfortable bed, continuous noise, napping during the day, work stress, intaking caffeine in the evening, depression, use of anti-depressants, blood pressure, and generalized anxiety disorder.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep Apnea is a serious sleep disorder in which breathing starts and stops during intervals. In its severity, sleep apnea leads to various health complications such as increased pressure on the blood vessels, heart attack, heart damage, etc.

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