Virtual Wellness Ideas to Engage Remote Employees

COVID-19 Pandemic restrictions have changed the work culture in the UAE and around the world. The risk of burnout among employees is more than ever. Working from a remote location is the new normal. The lockdown has added to stress and frustration, which made the employees more prone to burnout in the UAE. You need […]

Why there is Pain in the Belly Button During Pregnancy?

Ladies may encounter an assortment of inconveniences all through pregnancy. One hurt you probably won’t anticipate? Pain in the belly button. During pregnancy, your body goes through gigantic changes starting with one month then onto the next. A few ladies don’t encounter this pain. Others may have pain in one pregnancy, however not the following. […]

37 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms Not to Ignore

During the 37 weeks of pregnancy, you may experience different symptoms out of which some symptoms should not be ignored. Life can be a little harsh these days. Swelling and body aches or pain are the most common symptoms. Some symptoms can be urgent as well in which you may need to call your healthcare […]

How to Increase IQ of Baby During Pregnancy?

All parents want the best for their baby, it’s a natural phenomenon. You may have taken multiple pieces of advice from your parents, family, and friends during your pregnancy for baby gear. Keeping a healthy lifestyle throughout the period of your pregnancy makes the baby healthy and strong. One thing you must know during your […]

How Early Pregnancy Symptoms Start?

The symptoms of pregnancy for every woman vary as all women are different. Only one out of every odd lady has similar indications or even similar symptoms starting with one pregnancy then onto the next. Likewise, in light of the fact that the early indications of pregnancy frequently mimic the side effects, you may experience […]

Secure and Remote File Server Access Without a VPN

Have you ever squandered a great deal of time studying VPN connections? Even the VPN back inbound backlinks may allow the staff members and encourage the team to get rid of their productivity on the job. Employing VPNs might be challenging, however, there’s a simple method to handle this VPN without some headache. Triofox gives […]

Men’s Skincare Products in Dubai: How to Look Your Best at Any Age

We, the millennials, have grown up seeing aggressive marketing campaigns of skincare products being targeted towards women. These clever ads made every woman want perfect, baby-like skin: smooth, supple, and amply moist. Another concept that the skincare companies have been making millions out of has already started to abhor today’s generation: skin whitening. While there’s […]

How to Vomit In Case of Emergency?

Vomiting is the body’s defense mechanism in response to the intake of any harmful or undesirable thing. Toxic chemicals or products, if swallowed, also need to be removed immediately before they enter the bloodstream or damage the stomach. If you or someone in your family swallows anything harmful, immediately contact your doctor. Vomiting can minimize […]