Health insurance in Abu Dhabi: Essential for visa applicants

Health insurance in Abu Dhabi

Before you are planning to move to Abu Dhabi, it is important to know the health coverage that comes along with the residence visa. Before proceeding with the residence visa application in Abu Dhabi, it is important to have health insurance. The health and wellness insurance plans provide wide coverage in Abu Dhabi, which takes out the financial strain and gives you peace of mind.

It is not easier to move to a new place to acquire a residence, but with health insurance plans, things become slightly relieving. The health insurance plans for Abu Dhabi Residence Visa are more expensive than other parts of the UAE. But obviously, its perks are not undervalued.

In this blog post, we have covered different health insurance plans for expatriates and the coverage of each plan in Abu Dhabi, so if you are planning to apply for a resident visa, you are aware of the benefits of the health policies.

Health Insurance Coverage in Abu DhabiHealth Insurance Coverage in Abu Dhabi

Not just Abu Dhabi but the entire UAE is popular worldwide for its exceptional healthcare facilities, state-of-the-art medical equipment, and experienced medical staff. Due to the modern and immediate healthcare solutions, patients from all across the globe rush to UAE as the medical facilities are beyond excellence in this region. The quality of healthcare facilities is of a high standard, which is why people prefer to settle down in the Middle East.

Moreover, the wide insurance coverage has also made the availability of high-standard medical facilities easier on the budget, which is yet another perk of having a residence in Abu Dhabi. There are premium health insurance plans that cover comprehensive healthcare solutions, which otherwise would be extremely expensive. From chronic illness, emergency evacuation, and in-patient and out-patient treatment to vaccinations, maternity coverage, and dental treatments, you may tailor your insurance coverage plan just as you want.

While working away from home, having immediate access to healthcare facilities when needed could be overwhelming. The health insurance plans in Abu Dhabi come with exceptional benefits even for families who have a resident visa. A healthcare insurance plan is extremely helpful if you are planning to travel to Abu Dhabi to seek any medical treatment. To protect the health of expatriates living and working in Abu Dhabi, there are several healthcare insurance plans that you may purchase according to your specific medical needs.

Do I have to Purchase Health Insurance when Applying for a Resident Visa?

Relocating to UAE is not only about packing your luggage and deciding a place to settle on. Every country has different laws in terms of its health insurance plans, and in UAE, the laws are strict as it does not allow a resident visa approval without purchasing a health insurance plan first. Whether you are a short-term visitor or a long-term, every expat has to purchase a health insurance plan. Not every country has the compulsion to purchase a health insurance plan. With health insurance in UAE, you are making healthcare facilities accessible at the time of need, which is an intellectual move.

In Abu Dhabi, the healthcare system is managed by HAAD, i.e., the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi, so when you are looking for any health insurance provider, always choose the one that is affiliated with HAAD.

What does Health Insurance for Expats Include?

Health Insurance for Expats Include

Every health insurance plan is different. Some offer a wide coverage of medical facilities, while some are restricted in some aspects.  Regardless of the coverage of your health insurance policy, once you have purchased expat health insurance, you can enjoy several perks, including:

  • If an accident or disease unfortunately results in death, the health coverage plan covers the repatriation of body parts or ashes to the home country. It also covers the preparation and burial of the mortal remains at the site of death.
  • Maternity coverage is a huge benefit that a healthcare plan brings with it. Most of the insurance policy providers cover post-natal and pre-natal care and delivery expenses in their platinum plan.
  • Under certain circumstances, if the evacuation is required, the health plans provide transportation to the safest medical facility nearby. The health insurance plan covers all the transportation expenses.
  • The health insurance coverage, in certain cases, also facilitates the lodging expenses of a friend or family member who has to travel with you in case of medical evacuation.
  • Treatment of any chronic is ensured if the insured patient does not have cash in hand.

Health Insurance Coverage in Public and Private Hospitals in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is seeing rapid growth in terms of its medical facilities and healthcare solutions. Abu Dhabi has two basic options in terms of providing healthcare facilities, including private and public hospitals. The public health sectors in Abu Dhabi are equipped with modern technologies and effective treatments for patients, and those who are living in Abu Dhabi prefer going to these public sectors to seek medical services. A basic Abu Dhabi healthcare fund covers the expenses at public hospitals, and every resident of Abu Dhabi has to contribute to it.

However, like the public health sector in every country, the public hospitals in Abu Dhabi, too, have overcrowding of patients, which is why it is difficult to receive medical treatment right on time. This is when patients seek medical services from private hospitals, which are rather expensive but equipped with modern facilities.

Private hospitals in Abu Dhabi are packed with modernity, and here, you will find yourself surrounded by exceptional patient care, timely treatment, modern technologies, and an atmosphere where the patient’s optimum care is the topmost priority. However, these timely and contemporary healthcare solutions come at a hefty price. To avail of these facilities without making them a financial burden is by purchasing an Abu Dhabi Insurance plan.

Family Health Insurance in Abu Dhabi

Family Health Insurance in Abu Dhabi

The majority of the expatriates have a major concern of providing their families with optimum and timely healthcare facilities. The availability of premium medical services is not easy or affordable in UAE, and especially as an expat in Abu Dhabi, you cannot think of providing your entire family with world-class medical services without purchasing a health insurance plan. This is due to the proliferating cost of healthcare services in Abu Dhabi, which is not easy to afford for the entire family members.

Healthcare insurance can save you in your time of need by offering premium health facilities for you and your loved ones as well. Several policies in the Middle East offer free coverage for a child if both parents are enrolled in the same policy. If you want to relocate to another part of the world or the UAE, you may get a customized insurance plan that offers coverage away from Abu Dhabi as well.

Cost of Expatriate Health Insurance in Abu Dhabi

Cost of Expatriate Health Insurance in Abu Dhabi

Various factors determine the cost of health insurance for ex-pats in Abu Dhabi, such as:


The gender of the individual is a major contributor in determining the cost of health insurance policies as women are likely to pay high premiums as compared to men in their child-bearing age, while men pay higher premiums than women as they age.


For older individuals, the health insurance policy is more expensive as the risk of encountering various diseases gets higher as you age.


If you want to add other countries, such as the USA, into your health insurance plan, you have to pay more due to the increased cost of medical facilities in developed countries.


The more benefits you add to your health insurance plan, the higher premiums you have to pay. For optional coverage, you have to pay more than a basic coverage plan.


Various health insurance providers in Abu Dhabi provide lucrative discounts when payment is made on a yearly basis. You have to understand the policies of your selected provider to know if discounts on annual payments are applicable.

Bottom Line

The expatriates’ health insurance plans in Abu Dhabi provide comprehensive healthcare facilities that make your residence experience in Abu Dhabi peaceful. You cannot apply for a residence visa in Abu Dhabi without purchasing a health insurance policy, and the added benefits depend upon the premiums you pay. The Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) is responsible for ensuring optimum health for the residents while also closely monitoring the health status of every resident. HAAD also governs the health insurance plans for residents, so if you are planning on living in Abu Dhabi, choose a policy that is affiliated with HAAD.

Any tourist to Abu Dhabi is eligible to get free emergency care at any public hospital. Although you have the choice of obtaining care in a public or private healthcare sector, you should be aware that, as a visitor in Abu Dhabi, you will be responsible for the cost of your care if you choose a private hospital.

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