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Cleaning your ears with a cotton swab is not the only option if you continuously feel discomfort. Using cotton swabs in the ear under painful conditions can lead to even more drastic and painful sensations.

The ear is probably the most neglected part of the human body that actually requires more care and hygiene as it is more vulnerable to infectious attacks. When trapped inside the ear canal, the dust and tiny particles affect the eardrum if not taken care of properly. There are high chances that your hearing senses would be affected if there is excessive wax buildup inside the ear canal.

What is Ear Wax?What is Ear Wax_

Ear wax, also known as cerumen in medical terms, is the wax-like oil ear canals produce. As time passes, cerumen traverses towards the ear opening, where it ejects out on its own or by washing. When the ear wax is produced in abundance and is not cleared out in time, it leads to ear blockage, affecting the hearing senses.

The purpose of ear wax is to protect the ear by trapping the dust particles inside so they may not potentially damage the inner part of the ear. In most cases, people usually push the ear wax deeper inside the ear while trying to clean it out. This actually leads to the severity under which the pressure damages the canal and leads to ear wax blockage. You may feel a temporary loss of hearing, constant noise in the air, and frequent ear pain.

Treatments for ear cleaning in Dubai

Ear cleaning is extremely important, especially to those who have hearing problems or any issue related to ear wax blockage. It is a non-invasive medical treatment in which ears are cleaned under professional assistance if the person suffers from hearing loss, itching, or pain inside the ear. The ear-cleaning procedure does not require downtime or specific post-treatment care.

Various ear-cleaning clinics in Dubai claim to provide state-of-the-art services while instantly ensuring maximum hygiene and excellent results. We have enlisted the best and most reliable clinics for ear cleaning in Dubai, which you may choose to consult for your ENT issues.

Advance Hearing & Balance CenterAdvance Hearing & Balance Center

A friendly and competent clinic environment that offers the best and most advanced solutions for ear, nose, and throat disorders. At Advance Hearing & Balance Center, a comprehensive suite of ENT services is available that effectively tackles the issues after thoroughly assessing the patient’s history. The advanced hearing assessment is performed on kids to adults, and the tailor-made solutions are presented based on the issues such as earache, disturbance in hearing, any infection, or staggering pain.

The clinic is designed to ensure a maximum hygienic atmosphere where the patient feels comfortable. The incredible integration of advanced hearing aids and the use of the latest testing facilities and technologies make AHBC a stand-out ear cleaning services provider in UAE.

For a quick assessment of hearing issues, a full hearing test is performed that determines the severity level of hearing loss based upon which suitable treatment is suggested.


  • The consultation prices are higher.

Location: Shop 107, First Floor, Wafi Shopping Mall, Oud Metha Road, Dubai


Contact Number: +971 4342 2422

Primacare Specialty ClinicPrimacare Specialty Clinic

Primacare is a multidisciplinary clinic where you will see a frequent crowd of patients due to the exceptional services offered by the clinic. From kids to adults, the ear cleaning services are effective and tailored according to every age group, and the entire procedure is performed to the patient’s satisfaction.

Primacare Specialty Clinic is famous, especially among those individuals who have gotten their wax blockage removed, which depicts how significant the clinic is in handling ENT disorders. The ENT specialists thoroughly analyze ear wax blockage, examine the symptoms, and suggest Unilateral or Bilateral treatments based on the scenario.

With its precise and effective custom-made solutions, Primacare has set benchmarks in the ENT field for its contemporaries. It aims to strengthen the healthcare facilities in Dubai and give each patient access to high-quality medical services.


  • Since the clinic is frequently crowded with patients, you may have to wait a little more for your turn.

Location: 6th & Mezzanine Floor, Musalla Towers, and Mall, Khalid Bin Al Waleed Road, Al Hamriya, Near Al Fahidi Metro Station, Dubai


Contact Number: +971 4396 6123


Located at an accessible and convenient location inside Dubai Mall, this branch of Mediclinic serves comprehensive treatments for various disorders. The ENT specialists are well-versed in their techniques and have established a good reputation in Dubai. Expert otorhinolaryngologists perform high-level examinations and assess all the head and neck organs except for the eyes and brain. An otorhinolaryngologist handles the complications related to hearing, snoring, or any issue related to the nasal cavity.

The medical staff at Mediclinic is well-informed about the services and treatment and guides the patients with kindness and care. The procedures offered at Mediclinic are performed under expert supervision and with modern medical technologies. The deformed ossicles of the ears can be replaced through microsurgery. Eardrum grafting and the ear cleaning services of each level are provided in the friendly environment of Mediclinic.


  • The reception may seem to be a bit rude.

Location: Mediclinic Dubai Mall, Dubai Mall, Financial Center Road, Downtown Dubai, Fashion Parking, Level 7, Dubai


Contact Number: +971 4449 5222

Ear Care Medical Center

Working with the aim to provide premium healthcare solutions in a family-friendly environment, Ear Care Medical Center is the name not to miss out in the health sector of Dubai. The treatments and procedures suggested after the diagnosis are performed under the ENT specialists who ensure you communicate with them thoroughly regarding your medical condition. The patients’ expectations and audiogram pattern play a vital role in suggesting the right treatment plan for the patient.

Medical and surgical treatments are performed under advanced medical tools. The ENT department specializes in addressing issues related to loss of hearing, tinnitus, dizziness, and vertigo. The advanced radiology department ensures to carry out fast and result-oriented diagnoses with the help of state-of-the-art facilities.

The clinic staff is multilingual, so you will feel comfortable communicating with them. The clinic’s environment and the staff ensure maximum hygiene and cleanliness of the equipment being used throughout the procedure.

Location: Junction between Al Wasl Road and 3rd Street, Jumeirah 1 – Dubai


Contact Number:  +971 50 951 2004

Armada Medical CenterArmada Medical Center

Lastly, Armada Medical Center, for its on-time and professional medical assistance, stands among the top medical services provider in Dubai. Although Armada is your one-stop destination for your medical needs, they have the best ENT specialty department where the expert otorhinolaryngologists provide effective ENT solutions based on the patient’s history and assessment.

The cooperative and warm atmosphere at the clinic deserves appreciation, as it makes the entire process comfortable for everyone. The professional consultation is offered at quite a reasonable price, yet another plus point. From Nasal Septal Surgery to treatment for tinnitus, from ear surgery to audiogram – the services offered at Armada span a broad spectrum.

Location: ARMADA HEALTHCARE, Armada Tower 2, Cluster P, JLT, Dubai, UAE


Contact Number: +971 4 395 7777

Wrap Up

Professional ear cleaning treatment requires precision and proper hygienic measures to follow. Although the treatment does not come with any downtime or post-treatment care, there are still chances that any ignorance in taking care of the hygiene of the ear can result in a disturbance inside the ear for a longer time. So, it is always recommended to consult a trustworthy clinic or ENT specialist for all your ENT-related issues. Do not forget to check the above-mentioned clinics in Dubai if you want to acquire any professional ear-cleaning services.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How is ear cleaning performed?

The ear cleaning is performed using a syringe filled with saline and water. This solution is pumped inside the ear through a syringe which softens the wax buildup inside the ear, and it comes out of the ear easily.

  • How much should I pay to get my ear cleaned?

Professional ear cleaning may cost around AED 80 to AED 150 per ear in Dubai.

  • Is professional ear cleaning worth it?

The professional ear cleaning service is great for cleaning out the excess wax buildup inside the ear. Using a cotton swab or a stick can actually damage your ear by pushing the wax deeper inside so in such cases, acquiring a professional ear-cleaning service really helps out.

  • What is otorhinolaryngology?

Otorhinolaryngology is a surgical specialty that studies the ear, nose, sinus, and throat.

  • What type of doctor removes wax from the ear?

The ENT specialists and audiologists have expertise in removing wax from the ear.

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