Is Schizophrenia Responsible for Your Sleep Difficulty? Let’s Find Out How to Treat with Insomnia

Sleep can affect your mental and emotional wellness. People with depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and anxiety often complain of sleep problems. While deeper research can give more insights, science shows a bidirectional connection between schizophrenia and insomnia. Due to mental illnesses like schizophrenia, people can struggle to sleep. Simultaneously, insomnia and other poor sleep conditions […]

How to Approach Physicians For Referrals in Dubai?

Patient referrals are important in the healthcare system to promote effective communication between healthcare providers and patients. It helps healthcare professionals grow their businesses while also helping patients reap the maximum benefits of this referral system. Even after pulling out all the stops and trying all possible means to bring clients, you still suffer with […]

Best Health Insurance Companies UAE

As the environment is evolving every day, it is important to implement certain changes in our lifestyle to accommodate the change in the surrounding. Change is inevitable, but at the same time, it is important to adapt ourselves in a way to minimize the unpleasant effects of these changes. You can either see yourself as […]

10 Best Psychiatrists in Dubai

Mental disorders are a huge problem in the world today. According to the World Health Organization, mental disorders are the leading cause of disability worldwide. Treating and preventing mental disorders is essential to improving the quality of life for everyone. To deal with such situations, qualified and experienced psychiatrists are required. Psychiatrists are in high […]

10 Best Neurologists in Dubai

A neurologist specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the nervous system. The nervous system includes the brain, spinal cord, and nerves. A neurologist in Dubai is trained to provide the highest level of care for patients with neurological disorders. The best neurologists in Dubai have completed extensive training in neuroscience and have […]

5 Best Audiologists in Dubai

Hearing is one of the five senses that allow humans to interact with the world around them. The ability to hear allows people to communicate with each other and understand the world around them. Audiology is the study of hearing and the treatment of hearing disorders. Audiologists in Dubai are trained to diagnose and treat […]

Top 5 Best Cardiologists in Dubai

Finding a cardiologist in Dubai with the experience, expertise, and, most importantly, who understands your language and communicates with you directly on your concerns might be complicated. Dubai is the hub of all the advanced medical facilities and houses some of the finest specialists worldwide. An experienced and top Cardiologist is one who understands the […]

10 Best Orthopedic Doctors in Abu Dhabi

Orthopedic doctors are highly trained and skilled professionals who provide care for patients with musculoskeletal problems. They use a variety of diagnostic and therapeutic techniques to help their patients regain function and improve their quality of life. There are many orthopedic doctors in the UAE. Abu Dhabi is home to many orthopedic doctors who are […]