24 Hours Open Pharmacies In Sharjah

24 hours open pharmacy in Sharjah

Sharjah has many pharmacies that have the best medication as well as variety. However, it is always a hard task to find pharmacies that are open around the clock.

It is immensely important to have pharmacies that are open for 24 hours in case of emergencies. Health problems require the need of such pharmacies so that people can rely on them in times of need. If you want to know about the pharmacies that are open around the clock in Sharjah, you have come to the right place.

6 Pharmacies That are Open 24 Hours in Sharjah

These pharmacies are open 24 hours so you can go any time of the day or night.

1. Life Pharmacy

life pharmacy in sharjah

Life Pharmacy provides all the health items one could need. The pharmacy includes all kinds of medicines, personal care items, preventive care items which have become more in demand nowadays as well as mother and baby care items. Along with home care items it also has beauty care items and makeup. This means all personal self-care can be purchased too! You can get everything you need anytime you wish as life pharmacy is open 24 hours providing all essential items for health.

Address Opp. Sharjah City Centre – Al Wahda St – Al Majaz 2 – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates
Phone 971 6 559 1700
Hours 24 hours open
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2. BinSina Pharmacy Al Majaz

BinSina pharmacy in sharjah

BinSina pharmacy Al Majaz can be viewed as the one-stop pharmacy. They have all the essential items you can get at any hour of the day or night. They provide all medical care items, along with prescription medicines are also available in case of emergencies and you need to purchase prescription medicines immediately. Baby care as well as mother care products are also available. Added to this, they also have all multivitamins as well as skincare and other beauty products available. You can get all of the items mentioned at any time according to your ease and need.

Address Corniche Plaza 2, 61134 – Corniche St – Al Majaz – Al Majaz 1 – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates
Phone 971 6 572 6885
Hours 24 hours open
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3. Al Hikma Pharmacy

Al Hikmah Pharmacy In Sharjah

Al Hikma Pharmacy in Sharjah is also inclusive of the 24 hours open pharmacies. This pharmacy is open to its customers 24 hours a day. It also has all the essential items one could want. It has all essential medicines as well as other medical care items, other than this there is also a wide variety of skincare items and other beauty care items. The 24 hours service provides a lot of ease to the customers as it caters to all medical needs at any time of the day or even late at night.

Address Al Sharq – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates
Phone 971 54 459 3223
Hours 24 hours open
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4. Alexis Zulekha Pharmacy

Alexis Zulekha pharmacy

Alexis Zulekha pharmacy is also included as Sharjah’s 24-hour open pharmacy. It is also good due to the diversity of items it offers its customers. This pharmacy has all the necessary medicines which also include prescription medicines. It also has other items like skincare as well as beauty care. Added to this Alexis Zulekha pharmacy offers medical equipment as well, for example, wheelchairs. The benefit of it being open for 24 hours as well as the fact that it has a wide variety of products makes it a good choice for customers.

Address شارع الزهراء – Al Sharq – Al Nasserya – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates
Phone 971 6 506 0197
Hours 24 hours open
Google. map

5. AL IBDAA Pharmacy LLC

al ibdaa Pharmacy

Al Ibdaa pharmacy is one of those pharmacies in Sharjah, that among a few others is open round the clock. This gives the benefit of all of its services being available for customers for 24 hours. Added to this, Al Ibdaa is a pharmacy that offers one-stop shopping due to a lot of items available. It has all the medicines which include prescription medicines. Apart from this, it has other medical equipment as well as products for personal hygiene. It also keeps beauty and skincare products. Along with this it also is inclusive of health care products like protein powders. The best part is that customers have an option to avail of these items at any time they wish.

Address Jamal Abdul Naser St – Al Majaz – Al Majaz 2 – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates
Phone 971 56 511 3999
Hours 24 hours open
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6. Oriana Pharmacy

oriana pharmacy

Oriana pharmacy is a hospital pharmacy that is open 24 hours to aid its patients in the best possible way.  This 24-hour open hospital pharmacy also keeps all the essential items one could need. It has all the medicines, and multivitamins as well as mother and baby care products. Along with this hospital pharmacy body care products as well as cosmetics. You can also get facial care and head and scalp products. If you need medicines or any of the items in an emergency this pharmacy has all the essential items at your desired times.

Address 897G+4FX – Al Khan – Sharjah – United Arab Emirates
Phone 971 6 591 8990
Hours 24 hours open
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Final Words

Sharjah has many pharmacies providing the service of opening for 24 hours. These pharmacies help a lot in case of emergencies as they have every essential medical item available that can be needed at any time.

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