Top 5 Healthcare Apps in UAE

Top 5 Healthcare Apps in UAE

The medical sector quickly adapts itself to technological advancements everywhere in the world. Talking about the healthcare sector of UAE, the world has seen how excellently and quickly it has evolved into one of a kind marvel in the medical field. Today, it is contributing largely toward the economy of the UAE with its globally recognized advanced treatments and effective healthcare solutions.

With healthcare applications being widely used by people in the UAE, it wouldn’t be wrong to predict that the healthcare scenario is rapidly moving towards a more advanced and digital landscape. Many health applications have been introduced over the past few years, which have helped many people track and manage chronic diseases, including diabetes, asthma, etc.

The UAE is investing more in creating a sustainable health infrastructure to boost the medical industry. With the development of new apps, the medical sector has earned tremendous progress and helped people in various ways.

Top 5 Healthcare Apps

During the past few years, the need of healthcare applications in the UAE has increased due to the ease of managing various diseases on time. Here we have enlisted popular healthcare apps which have revolutionized the medical field tremendously.

  • Fitocracy


Fitocracy is one of the best applications which have helped millions of people improve their fitness levels by challenging them at different levels. The app allows you to do workouts with the trainers and track down the number of calories which have burned during these sessions. If you want to achieve your fitness goals through following a fitness regime, get in touch with the Fitocracy community, where you can get in touch with many fitness enthusiasts.

Select your workout, earn some points, unlock your rewards and head out to the next levels. You can even beat your fellow app members by challenging them which adds more fun and motivates you to perform better.

  • Sehhaty


Sehhaty is approved by Dubai Healthcare Authority and provides health awareness to everyone in the community.  The user-friendly interface of Sehhaty has made it easier to track down the health score through utilizing the latest standards in the healthcare sector.

Some of the lucrative features of Sehhaty app include; appointment details, primary healthcare center details, managing child vaccination plans, searching for medical professionals and much more.



To tackle the spread of COVID-19, every country came up with its innovative plans. ALHOSN is a major step that UAE took to curb the spread of coronavirus by immediately displaying COVID’s results on the mobile phone through scanning a specific QR code. ALHOSN is introduced by the Health & Prevention Ministry in the UAE and works effectively to show the COVID-19 status anytime.

  • PH Screening

PH Screening

PH Screening in created by Pure Health and takes pride in serving multiple users in the UAE through a diverse range of medical services such as test results display, hospital management, laboratory services, etc. PH Screening is available on the Google Play Store for free download. The users of the app can also easily find out the results of their test taken by Pure Health which is among the largest healthcare services providers in the UAE.

  • Epocrates


Epocrates is a popular medical app used by a large number of doctors in the UAE. It helps them accessing the latest information and patients’ details quickly. The quick diagnosis followed by the most suitable treatment and instant access to the patients’ health conditions, Epocrates is an indispensable tool for the clinicians. Some of the amazing features offered by Epocrates include drug identification, clinical practice guidelines, pediatric dosing information, and much more.

Benefits of using healthcare applications

The future lies in mobile healthcare for everyone. From patients to doctors, this landscape has benefitted a large number of users.

  • Healthcare apps have helped doctors in providing more personalized and patient-focused care.
  • These apps have helped millions of patients in tracking their medial reports and prescriptions without visiting hospitals.
  • The healthcare apps have made it easier for the patients to schedule their appointments 24/7 and made it easier to talk to their healthcare provider at anytime of the day.
  • Unlike traditional billing methods, the mobile apps ensure quick and secure payments without having to wait in long queues.
  • The alerts or alarms are highly beneficial in alerting and reminding the patients about their medication, appointments and therapy sessions.
  • A more organized and centralized data of each patient is possible to keep with the help of these healthcare applications.

Wrap up

The rise of mobile apps in the UAE has done wonders for the healthcare industry in terms of strengthening the medical sector and providing better healthcare services. It is difficult to develop a healthcare app as it requires a lot of back-end development to prepare an app that covers all the vital aspects related to medicine and healthcare. Since the UAE is making hefty investments to strengthen its medical sector, the more healthcare applications are being developed ensuring a better and healthy ecosystem for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Why do people use mobile healthcare apps?

During the past few years, the use of healthcare apps has increased due to their ease of use, a comprehensive set of features and facilities and the comfort of tracking a particular disease without visiting hospitals.

  • Is UAE good for healthcare?

UAE has been ranked as the top healthcare services provider in 2022 which shows that the country has a comprehensive set of latest medical facilities for everyone.

  • What are the most common health problems in the UAE?

Diabetes and cardiovascular complications have reached to an alarming extent in the UAE. Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle are some of the biggest causes behind these rapidly growing health concerns.

  • What are the benefits of healthcare apps?

Healthcare apps help in tracking diseases, providing personalized care to each patient, and making a patient more aware of his health status.

  • Are healthcare apps free in UAE?

The healthcare apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store and the App Store. However, you can pay for additional services and features.

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