KOOLX-ECO360® HVAC Energy Saving Filter Inroom Air Disinfection Facts

Greenotel introduced KOOLX-ECO360®, a new innovation to be added to their restrooms for the purpose of filtering the air. This newly invented technology is installed in the restrooms to ensure energy reservations and to serve ecological benefits by purifying the air contamination by its refined special rare earth minerals. During the outburst of this deadly global pandemic, the KOOLX-ECO360® aims to provide a safe environment by reducing carbon footprints, low power usage, and a safe indoor environment.

It enhances the indoor air quality by eradicating air borne, smoke, deadly pathogens, germs, viruses, bacteria and other contaminating agents that can be health hazards. It prevents their flourishing as well. Besides ecological convenience, the Greenotel signature range KOOLX-ECO360® is committed to low power consumption on HVAC by 10% to 30%kwh. They are designed to be occupied by any luxury hotel rooms providing the power consumption and anti-contamination of the germs benefits.



KOOLX-ECO360® incorporates Greenotel’s ample experience with current energy saving technology and their mission to serve sustainably and safely for our guests. Back in the early pandemic started in 2020, Greenotel took the step for attaining maximum ecological pollution abatement. They can fit easily to any guest room providing luxurious experience along with the surety of pollution control and low cost energy usage.

Every aesthetic will be satisfied.

This innovative product can be installed on FAHUs, AHUs, FCUs, and HVAC-R units. The KOOLX-ECO360® possesses rare earth minerals for the filtration of the air contamination. They are engineered with an iconic honeycomb pattern to fit every hotel area; spa, guest room, hotel, restaurants and multiple other luxurious environments.

Safer Luxury guest experience.

Honeycombs are used efficiently to straighten up and direct air flow, or to change a turbulent flow into a laminar flow for many years. The thin cell walls provide an array of straight corridors with the maximum percent open area 95-99%, which results in a very low pressure drop and reduced turmoil and noise. Each unique honeycomb KOOLX-ECO360® specification is made by mixing fine-quality minerals into LDPE to create a special KOOLX-ECO360®. With an array of luxurious fragrances to match every hotel HVAC environment, visitors will have a full, sensorial hotel experience.

It is easy to install the new filters as well as the pre filters by the technical staff of the hotel with simple cable ties. KOOLX-ECO360® Signature is a tamper-proof, flexible design that can be cut and wrapped to fit any shape and size of HVAC pre filter, delivering a quick and easy way for hoteliers to install. This guarantees the highest possible protocols of energy conservation and indoor air purification.

Ecological entitlements

Since the outset of the brand, that was a basic prerequisite to accomplish the filtration services. Greenotel is encouraging social responsibility and reducing carbon footprint through the launch of the signature range KOOLX-ECO360®.

With trusted packaging, meticulous sourcing of their ingredients, and a defiant and pioneering stance against animal testing, we infused a sense of pride and passion to always provide an eco-friendly HVAC system that cares for the environment. As a luxury brand, we believe that sustainability and luxury work in tandem with each other and guarantee that it takes a moral approach to its practices.

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