Latest Facts about TMJ Surgery and Treatments in UAE

Mostly when an individual suffers from headaches, jaw pain, and facial pain, he doesn’t rush towards the dentist. Instead, some people will rush to the counter of the dentist. And within the spur of the moment, make an appointment to get relief from the pain. Although medication helps in getting relief from the pain when the prior symptom occurs individually. But when the prior mentioned symptoms collectively, then it is because of the TMJ (temporomandibular joint disorder). Keep in mind that the condition of TMJ disorder will get worse if not treated on time by a professional doctor in UAE if you are a resident of UAE. Therefore, visit the TMJ specialist as soon as possible to avoid any unpleasant situation. Let’s discuss a few facts about TMJ surgery.

A Few Latest Facts about TMJ

There does not exist any particular factor that causes TMJ
According to experts, there are diverse factors that can cause TMJ. For most of the patients, their condition is to some extent related to the below-contributing factors. I enlisted a few.

  • High levels of stress which in return causes tension in the face
  • Consciously or unconsciously, consistently grinding teeth or clenching jaw.
  • Jaw dislocation (Due to an injury, misalignment of discs in jaws)
  • Arthritis

Pain caused by temporomandibular joint disorder will not vanish by its own

Most people when suffering from TMJ pain shift their attention to pain killers and try to avoid the pain by covering it into the wrapper of a pain-killer. But this formula does not work anymore, and the pain does not go away. In reality, as I mentioned earlier that without treatment, the condition of TMJ will only get worse. The treatment of the pain highly depends on the type and location of the pain.

Surgery has never remained the only option

Most of them believed that, like all other joint disorders, surgery can also cure TMJ. And this is a false assumption. In reality, many health treatments will assist in preventing any further damage and also give relief from the pain. Those health treatments include the use of a mouth guard while sleeping, and physical and jaw strengthening therapy while sleeping.

Criteria for a fit candidate for TMJ surgery

The TMJ specialist will only go further if the patient fulfills the below conditions.

  • While opening or closing the mouth, the patient feels tenderness, intense, and consistent pain.
  • The patient cannot open the mouth all the way
  • Because of pain and immobility in the jaw, the patient feels trouble drinking and eating
  • The immobility and pain period will become worse with non-surgical instruments

The TMJ specialist will oppose the surgery if the patient fulfills the criteria

  • If your symptoms are not severe and you don’t feel any pain or stiffness while closing and opening the mouth.
  • And if the symptoms are not consistent like pain appears on one day and vanishes on the other day. Sometimes, these inconsistent pains are caused by over-usage or certain repetitive moves. For instance, chewing a lot of tough food, talking more than usual, and many more. And in this scenario, your TMJ specialist will suggest you rest your jaw for a few hours or days.

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