Healthcare in Special Rehabilitation Hospital Abu Dhabi

Healthcare in Special Rehabilitation Hospital Abu Dhabi

Having a good healthcare system is an important need for any country. When it comes to the healthcare system, there are no boundaries, whether it’s physical therapy, surgeries, or different mental health facilities. Almost the majority of countries lack in providing a proper rehabilitation center for its people, other hospitals cater to every problem but when it comes to the proper environment for rehabilitation or good psychiatrists to deal with patients, many countries need a lot of improvement. But such is not the case with Abu Dhabi as it has its newly established and fully facilitated “Special Rehabilitation Hospital”.

Special Rehabilitation Hospital in Abu Dhabi:Special Rehabilitation Hospital

The development of the special rehabilitation hospital in Abu Dhabi saved the netizens from travelling far away for rehabilitation purposes. The first-class facilities provided by the hospital and exquisite rooms designated just for the patients’ recovery, provide them with a huge opportunity to leave any kind of excuse and start their journey towards a better life while staying near their families.

The Special Rehabilitation Hospital was designed in such a manner that every detail of it concerns the health of the patient and focus on providing a positive and accurate environment for the recovery of patient of any kind.

Various facilities of the Hospital:Various facilities of the Hospital

The hospital is the first rehabilitation centre that is fully capable of treating patients of any kind and any age. The hospital has a total of 166 beds and enough equipment to treat all the patients whether they need acute treatments or long-term service.

Special Rehabilitation hospital provides great design goals as it’s not just attractive but designed in such a manner that it makes its patients feel safe and secure within an instant. Moreover, the patients are provided with private rooms for their recovery, and different kinds of therapies such as Hydrotherapy and the suites made for endurance named “Bayt Al Qudra” are all there for helping the patients and ensuring their successful and smooth recovery.

Services provided by Special Rehabilitation Hospital:

Different facilities are provided by the hospital, when discussing specifically in terms of treatment, the following are the most important services provided by the hospital and also the reason for the popularity of the hospital,

  • Rehabilitation of Brain and Spinal cord
  • Rehabilitation services related to the domain of orthopaedics
  • Proper rehabilitation services for both inpatients and outpatients
  • Long-term care services for children and infants
  • Health services provided in their Home, mostly for the elderly and people who for some reason can’t travel to the hospital
  • Facilities for providing the best long-term care for any patient
  • Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation is soon to be available in the hospital

When it comes to the general facilities provided by the hospital it is no less than the others. The general facilities are mentioned below,

  • Pharmacy
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • The facility of having a TV in the patient’s room
  • Accommodation for the patients’ family
  • Parking lot
  • Diet requests and certain restrictions accepted
  • Interpreter is available as well to ensure no constraints on communication
  • Medical records can be transferred to and from anywhere

Design of the Hospital:Design of the Hospital

To make the hospital’s design, and look fully focused on the healthcare of the patients, the architectural approach towards its structure was based on the Biophilic design. A biophilic design is such that entails the relationship between human beings and nature. A building based on such structure and design provides an environment for people that allows healing, mental peace, and a different outlook on life and improves the healing of their inner self. Special Rehabilitation Hospital’s design provides an atmosphere close to nature that makes its patients feel connected to nature as well thus increasing their healing process and providing mental health peace.

The hospital has a central atrium in its structure. According to the architects, the purpose of the atrium was to finish any kind of barrier between the hospital and the patient and make the patient and his or her family that the hospital is transparent with them and working its best to provide the patient with the best treatment possible.

JCIA Certification:

JCIA is an abbreviation for Joint Commission International Accreditation provided by a non-profit organization in the United States. The organization works with more than 100 countries. The organization has a team of specialists that take the survey of a hospital and ensure the quality of its staff, equipment and the kind of treatment provided. Thus, getting a JCIA ensures the quality of service provided by the Special Rehabilitation Hospital is top-notch. Also, the Special Rehabilitation Hospital is the only hospital in the region that has been awarded JCIA.

Once, an organization is awarded a JCIA, there are regular checkups and re-surveys to ensure that the organization or the hospital is continuing to provide the same or better quality of service. Thus, it ensures that the Special Rehabilitation Hospital will continue to provide a better quality of service and continue to work for the people of UAE.


Special Rehabilitation Hospital in Abu Dhabi is an innovation in the field of healthcare for the region. As it’s the first hospital with such up-to-the-mark facilities and equipment which not only deals with general hospital treatments but provides all kinds of rehabilitation services as well. The development of SRH (Special Rehabilitation Hospital) turned out to be a gift for the residents of UAE and especially Abu Dhabi as it provided them with a chance to ensure their path toward a safer and healthier lifestyle.


When was Special Rehabilitation Hospital established?

The Special Rehabilitation Hospital was established in 2019 in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

What is the total number of beds that the hospital has?

The hospital has a total number of 166 beds installed in private rooms, specific aqua and endurance suites for patient recovery.

How many languages are spoken in the hospital?

The hospital staff can deal with 4 languages, Arabic, English, Tagalog and Hindi. If there’s still some issue with communication or a language barrier the hospital provides the service of an interpreter as well.

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