8 Best Speech Therapists in Dubai

Best Speech Therapists in Dubai

Millions of people in the world suffer from a speech impediment, but there is hope. Speech therapists can help people with all types of speech disorders, from stuttering to lisps. If you’re suffering from a speech impediment, don’t hesitate to seek out the help of a qualified speech therapist. With their help, you can start communicating more effectively and confidently.

In Dubai, a speech therapist is a healthcare professional who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of communication disorders and swallowing disorders. Speech therapy can help people with a wide range of communication disorders, including stuttering, voice disorders, and difficulty speaking due to a stroke or other neurological condition. Here we have come up with the best speech therapists in Dubai who are highly-qualified and skilled and known for their best work.

Cost of Speech Therapists in Dubai

Speech therapy is one of the essential services required for children with speech and language disorders. It is a type of therapy that helps children communicate more effectively.

Speech therapy can be provided by a speech therapist or a speech-language pathologist. The cost of speech therapy in Dubai varies depending on the provider and the severity of the child’s condition. According to an estimation it costs about 370 to 950 AED including additional charges.

Most insurance plans will cover at least part of the cost of speech therapy, but it is important to check with your insurer to see what is covered. There are also many government and private organizations that provide financial assistance for families who cannot afford the full cost of treatment.

8 Best Speech Therapists in Dubai

1. Inspire TherapyInspire Therapy

Inspire Therapy in Dubai is a leading provider of mental health services. The company offers a wide range of services to help people cope with mental health issues. Inspire Therapy in Dubai has a team of highly qualified and experienced therapists who are dedicated to helping people overcome their challenges. The company offers a variety of services, including individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy. Inspire Therapy in Dubai also offers a range of online services, such as online counseling and online therapy.

As far as the procedure goes, Inspire Therapy in Dubai is pretty standard for taking in new patients. Your child will be assessed at the first appointment to determine their strengths and weaknesses. The therapist will then work with you to develop a treatment plan that best that suits your child’s needs. But before visiting there, you must know that they only treat children and parents are asked to commit to at least 10 sessions.

2. Sensation StationSensation Station

Sensation Station, a leading provider of pediatric therapy services in Dubai, offers a wide range of services to help children with developmental delays and disabilities. These include speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, learning and therapy support service, parent consultations, e-therapy, and training.

Our highly skilled and experienced therapists work closely with each child and their family to develop an individualized treatment plan that meets their specific needs. They offer a supportive and nurturing environment where children can learn, grow, and thrive.

If you are looking for quality pediatric therapy services in Dubai, contact Sensation Station today. They don’t offer services on Sundays and this center also only works for children.

3. Q Enrichment CenterQ Enrichment Center

The Q Enrichment Center in Dubai is a speech therapy center for children and adults. The center offers a variety of services, including speech therapy, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. The center also offers a variety of educational programs, including a preschool program, an after-school program, and a summer camp. The Q Enrichment Center in Dubai is a facility that provides speech therapy for children. The center offers a variety of services, including individual and group therapy, as well as speech and language evaluations. The Q Enrichment Center is committed to providing quality care for all of its patients.

4. Bridges Speech CenterBridges Speech Centre

Bridges Speech Centre in Dubai is one of the best centers for speech pathology in the region. It offers a wide range of services, from speech therapy to stuttering therapy, and has a team of highly qualified and experienced therapists.

The centre is located in a convenient location in Dubai and offers free parking and easy access to public transport. The facilities are modern and well-equipped, and the staff are friendly and helpful.

The centre offers a wide range of services, including speech therapy, stuttering therapy, voice disorders, language disorders, cognitive-communication disorders, and swallowing disorders. They also offer workshops and classes for parents, teachers, and other professionals.

The Bridges Speech Centre is an excellent choice for anyone looking for quality speech pathology services in the UAE. But they don’t offer group sessions for patients.

5. Talking Brains CenterTalking Brains Center

A new center in Dubai is helping people to communicate better by teaching them how to use their brains more effectively. The Talking Brains Center is the first of its kind in the region, and it is already making a difference in the lives of its clients.

The all-female Lebanese team of speech and language therapists, neuropsychologists, and psychiatrists at the Talking Brains Center in Dubai are dedicated to helping their patients overcome a wide range of challenges.

Whether you are a child struggling with a learning disability, an adult coping with depression or anxiety, or a senior citizen dealing with the effects of dementia, the skilled and compassionate staff at Talking Brains can help you achieve your goals.

The state-of-the-art facility is equipped with the latest technology and features a comfortable and welcoming environment that is designed to put you at ease.

If you are looking for quality mental health care in Dubai, make sure to visit the Talking Brains Center.

6. High HopesHigh Hopes

High Hopes is an organization for speech therapists in Dubai. High Hopes provides speech therapy services to children and adults with communication disorders. The organization also offers training and support to speech therapists working in the UAE. In addition to its work in Dubai, High Hopes also has a presence in Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

The individualized attention given to each child is what sets High Hopes apart from other organizations of its kind. No two programs are alike, as they are tailored specifically to meet the needs of the child. This allows for maximum growth and progress during their time at High Hopes.

The staff at High Hopes are passionate about their work and it shows in everything they do. They truly believe in the power of education to change lives, and they see it happen every day.

7. Austin CenterAustin Center

The need for speech therapists in Dubai is on the rise. With the city’s population growing, more and more children are being diagnosed with speech disorders. Austin center for a speech therapist in Dubai is a new center that is helping to meet the demand for qualified therapists. The center offers a variety of services, including evaluations, therapy, and workshops. The therapist can provide insight into the child’s condition and how best to approach treatment. The parents know their child better than anyone and can offer valuable insights into their behavior. The behavior analyst brings an objective perspective and can help develop a plan to target specific behaviors.

Working together, these three parties can create a positive environment in which the child can thrive. With patience, love and support, children with autism can make great strides in their development.

The staff is experienced and passionate about helping children communicate effectively. The center is making a positive impact on the lives of children in Dubai.

8. The Developing Child CentreThe Developing Child Centre

The Developing Child Centre is a speech therapist in Dubai that provides a range of services to children with speech and language difficulties. The center is run by qualified speech therapists who have a wealth of experience in working with children. The centre also provides support for families of children with speech and language difficulties.

The team at The Developing Child Centre consists of highly experienced and certified speech therapists who are passionate about helping children reach their full potential. They use a variety of evidence-based techniques to help children improve their communication skills.

The Developing Child Centre offers a wide range of services, including individual therapy, group therapy, and workshops for parents. They also have a special program for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Regardless of what service you choose, you can be confident that your child will receive the highest quality of care.


Speech therapists are an important part of the healthcare system. They provide a vital service to those who need help with communication and swallowing disorders. If you or someone you know needs help with communication, don’t hesitate to contact a speech therapist in Dubai.

Speech therapists in Dubai are a unique and exciting opportunity for those looking for a new and interesting career. With the help of these professionals, you can be sure that your child will be able to communicate effectively and confidently.

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