37 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms Not to Ignore

37 Week Pregnancy Symptoms

During the 37 weeks of pregnancy, you may experience different symptoms out of which some symptoms should not be ignored. Life can be a little harsh these days. Swelling and body aches or pain are the most common symptoms. Some symptoms can be urgent as well in which you may need to call your healthcare provider. Following are some symptoms of 37 weeks pregnant.

1- Dilation of the Cervix

The cervix begins to dilate at the 37th week of pregnancy. When dilation of the cervix occurs, a seal known as mucus plug which protects your uterus from various infections all over your pregnancy is longer there, you lose it.

2- Extra Vaginal Discharge

A clear, slightly pink-colored discharge which is extra vaginal discharge occurs at the 37th week. It may be a sign that your labor is near.

3- Pelvic and Lower Back Pain

Your baby may be sitting lower in the pelvis in the 37th week. It is called dropping. You may feel more pressure on your lower abdomen. It can be severe too and can cause difficulty in walking.

37 Week Pregnancy Symptoms

4- More Pressure on Lungs and Diaphragm

If the baby hasn’t dropped, he/she will press up against your lungs. Breathing may become a little difficult for you. Lungs may experience a small room to expand due to the pressure. The pressure is released when the baby drops in the pelvis.

5- Heart Burning Sensation

The womb presses against the stomach which leaves you inflated with very unpleasant heartburn. It may be unusual for you and may create an unrest scenario for you.

6- Shaky on Your Feet

It may be very difficult to evenly balance yourself on both feet during these days. You gain all the pregnancy weight during this week as most of your baby has developed, the placenta has developed, all the amniotic fluid gains weight. It can be very challenging to even move around. It can be more challenging when the baby drops in the pelvis the weight changes again.

7- Swollen Hands and Feet

At this stage, you’re very near to the labor process. You may experience swelling on your feet and hands and all over your body. This might make it difficult for you to even sit or stand for long.

8- Darkened Skin on Your Face

The dark patches on your skin are also a major pregnancy symptom. Brown patches appear on your face which is known as chloasma. It is also called the ‘mask of pregnancy.

9- Headaches

Pregnant Women having Headache

Headaches are a very common pregnancy symptom. During the last stage of pregnancy, the 37th or 38th week it may become very consistent. They may stay throughout the day. The wave of aches in your head may make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy.

10- Practice Contractions

At the 37th week, you may start feeling contractions similar to the menstrual cramps but ten times more painful than that. These contractions are irregular. These contractions are called Braxton Hicks contractions. Don’t ignore these contractions if they are regular and do not go away with changing positions or moving. Call your healthcare provider right away.

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