How Early Pregnancy Symptoms Start?

The symptoms of pregnancy for every woman vary as all women are different. Only one out of every odd lady has similar indications or even similar symptoms starting with one pregnancy then onto the next. Likewise, in light of the fact that the early indications of pregnancy frequently mimic the side effects, you may experience just previously and during the monthly cycle, you may not understand you’re pregnant and this led women in confusion.

Does pregnancy symptoms start after a week is the most common thought women have on their minds after fertilization of eggs? It takes around 2 to 3 weeks after sex for pregnancy to occur. A few groups notice pregnancy side effects as right on time as seven days after pregnancy starts. It happens soon after the fertilized egg is attached to the wall of the uterus. Some women don’t see these symptoms until a couple of months into their pregnancy.

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Early Symptoms

Implantation Bleeding

When the egg connects itself to the mass of the uterus, it can cause perhaps the most punctual indication of pregnancy that is spotting and, in some cases, squeezing. It is known as implantation bleeding which happens somewhere in the range of six to 12 days after the egg is prepared.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms


After a week of conception, women feel pregnancy cramps that resemble the cramps they feel during their period, so a few ladies consider the bleeding as a cramp as an early sign of their menstruation cycle. The draining and cramps, in any case, are slight.

Change in Breast

Changes in the female breast are obvious and are among one of the earliest signs of pregnancy. After conception, the hormone levels in women’s bodies start to change which causes the breast to swallow. Pregnant women may feel their breasts heavy with dark nipples after a week of pregnancy.

Vaginal Discharge

In most pregnancies, women may observe vaginal discharge of white or transparent liquid from their vaginas that can cause itching and burn in the vagina. It happens when the walls of vaginas become thick and due to the huge cell growth in the vaginal lining.

Missed Period

After the fertilization of eggs, the woman’s body starts producing a hormone that stops the ovaries from producing eggs every month. This may result in a missed period. In cases where women have irregular period patterns may have to go for a pregnancy test.


During pregnancy, fatigue can build up at any time. This side effect is basic in early pregnancy. As the progesterone levels will take off, that can cause women to feel lethargic.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms

Frequent Urination

During pregnancy, your body increments the measure of blood it siphons. This makes the kidney interaction more liquid than expected, which prompts more liquid in your bladder. Similarly, hormones assume a huge part in bladder wellbeing. You may wind up hurrying to the restroom all the more regularly or unintentionally spilling.

Mood Swings

The high estrogen level during pregnancy causes mood to fluctuate making women more happy or emotional than usual. It is one of the early pregnancy symptoms where the changes in mood is a common sign of pregnancy that may cause anxiety and depression.

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