What Are Doctors’ Salaries In Dubai? | Salary Packages 2021

Salaries of Doctors in Dubai

Dubai is aiming to become the business hub of Western Asian countries. The world knows about the jobs that Dubai offers. It has room for all kinds of people. For people who want to work in different fields of life. From plumbers to doctors and everyone else. Doctors are people who are in high demand in every country and every city of the world. So is the case with Dubai. Though there are not so many jobs for doctors in Dubai but the ones working there get paid very well based on their field of study, expertise, and experience in their work field. The ones with more experience get more pay than the ones with a lesser working experience.

What is the currency of Dubai? currency of Dubai

The currency used in Dubai is the UAE Dirham. It is used across the United Arab Emirates. It is one of the most stable currencies in the world.

One UAE Dirham is equal to 43.58660 Pakistani rupees. 

Salaries of Doctors in Dubai

Doctor's Salary in Dubai

Doctors are one of the highly paid professionals in Dubai. And, no matter what your profession is, you definitely have to polish your skills to get a good job.

The minimum salary only for MBBs doctors without any experience in the field is a minimum 25K AED per month in Dubai.

Doctors with an MD + MBBS degree with no experience in the work field can make up to 40K AED per month. 

Doctors with some experience in the work field, at least two years with MD + MBBS can make 50K AED per month in Dubai.

You can get a job in Dubai without any working experience but the more experienced you are, the more pay you will be able to demand and receive.

Doctors with MD + MBBS who are Cardiologists and have at least two years of experience can make money up to 120K AED per month which is a good amount of money.

Pathologists who have MD + MBBS and some experience, let’s say two years can get a minimum pay of 75K per month in Dubai.

Doctors who have MD + MBBS General Medicine, Radiologist,  Anesthesia, Gastro, Dermatologist, Ortho, Neurologist with a minimum experience of two years in the respective work fields can make money up to 40K AED, 50K AED, 50K AED, 50K AED, 60K AED, 80K AED, and 60K AED per month, respectively in Dubai. 

What Doctors are in High Demand in Dubai?

MD Pathologists are the ones who are most demanded in Dubai than the other MD doctors. They also receive higher payments than other MD doctors. 

Demand of Doctors in UAE Based on the Nationality of the Doctors

The names of the countries are mentioned in descending order according to the demand of doctors :

  1. The one on the top is the United States of America.
  2. Then comes Canada.
  3. Then comes India.
  4. France.
  5. Germany.
  6. Australia and New Zealand are equally in demand.
  7. Then comes Singapore.
  8. Israel.
  9. South Korea.
  10. Japan, and
  11. European countries.

In order to find a job as a doctor in Dubai, you must have enough education and skills. The more experience you have, the more you will get paid. Experience is highly regarded in Dubai.

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