How Doctors Are Providing Consultation Through Social Media In UAE

How Doctors Are Providing Consultation Through Social Media In UAE

Virtually seeing a doctor on the screen today has truly become the world’s new normal. Today, hospitals and clinics all around the world are shifting their focus towards telemedicine. Telemedicine requires training the doctors, the team, and the staff to adjust themselves to this new system of virtual communication, video, and audio consultations. Among the other countries, UAE has also shifted to using social media to provide doctor consultations e-medicine as telehealth starts to take its roots in the country. Many healthcare services and groups in UAE like Medicare, Aster, King’s College, and Emirates healthcare have already taken a step to offer telemedicine services to the population.

For clinics and hospitals to be able to provide telemedicine, they need to have the right infrastructure that is efficient and effective, targets the right audience, have good tactics for marketing and improve positioning to improve the revenue.

Establishing a Telemedicine System

Here’s what needs to be considered for making a telemedicine system.

1. Having A Plan

In this time of COVID-19, everyone is making their way to using telemedicine. Before anything else you need to know why you want to do it. Then devising a plan is very important, because you need to maximize your benefits.

2. Understand the DHA Standards For Telehealth Services

You must consider the DHA guidelines to ensure that you follow them well. Some of them include using the software, patient consent, the confidentiality of patient information, medicine prescription, etc.

How Doctors Are Providing Consultation Through Social Media In UAE

3. Inform Pharmacies and Insurance Companies

Before going ahead with your plan, you must consult the insurance companies so they can cover your plan, and the pharmacies, so they can deliver the required medicines to the patients.

4. Be Prepared and Prepare the Staff

With everything done, you now need to prepare your doctors and the staff and prepare yourself for real-time interaction. Prepare all the technical items like your devices, camera, calls, etc.

5. Marketing Services

Finally, with everything ready you need to get your marketing done for your telehealth services. Make yourself stand out from the rest and market your services well to attract more audience. You can increase your online visibility by gaining more Instagram and Twitter followers online also from these recommended websites. This matters a lot as it determines how well your telehealth services will go.

How Are Doctors Providing Healthcare and Consultation Online?

In UAE e-hospital services are being developed that can be downloaded on the phone. Moreover, other social media platforms are also being used to book consultations. The users can book appointments using applications, and social media apps, seek diagnosis and consultation and even get their medicines delivered at their doorsteps.

How Doctors Are Providing Consultation Through Social Media In UAE

Residents and nationals of the UAE can get medical consultations through phones and book their appointments. During this consultation, the attending doctor will be using this platform to communicate with the patient. The doctors will view his/her medical record and then generate an electronic prescription. With this prescription, the patients will get their medicines delivered to their homes without additional charges.

These services are approved by the UAE insurance networks. So, with this simple process, patients can book their consultations, diagnosis, and medicines at the ease of their homes.

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