Best Health Insurance Companies UAE

Health Insurance Companies UAE

As the environment is evolving every day, it is important to implement certain changes in our lifestyle to accommodate the change in the surrounding. Change is inevitable, but at the same time, it is important to adapt ourselves in a way to minimize the unpleasant effects of these changes.

You can either see yourself as a miserable individual waiting to get plunged by any health uncertainty, or you may choose the right health insurance policy for your family that brings fruitful results even in the long run. While choosing the right health insurance policy for you and your family, it is important to consider certain factors such as cost, coverage, requirements, etc.

Living in a country like UAE, where the health and medical facilities are expensive, and the public health care centers are limited in providing satisfactory services, it is important to choose the health insurance policy for you and your loved ones. Health Insurance is one of those vital requirements mentioned by the Dubai Health Authority for the residents of Dubai.

While choosing a competent and well-versed health insurance plan has become important for the residents in UAE, it is equally important to pick the right insurance policy provider that is worthy of your attention.

How to choose the right medical insurance provider in UAE?

With numerous medical insurance providers working in the UAE, it is important to compare them to find the one that covers your needs without costing you any extra expense. When choosing an insurance provider, one thing individuals may find difficult is looking for better coverage. Aside from the budget, an insurance provider with wide medical coverage is beneficial as there is no point in choosing health insurance limited to only a few facets.

While you are on your lookout to find the most suitable health insurance plan for you and your loved ones, there are a few things that you may consider.

Health insurance coverage

While choosing a health insurance provider, you might face the dilemma of low coverage. Choosing an insurance plan with a limited health insurance premium is not beneficial. Always go for a thorough evaluation while choosing medical insurance coverage.

Choose a plan with lifelong renewability

When choosing a health insurance plan, always choose the one that offers lifetime renewability; when a person becomes older, he becomes more susceptible to illness. Investing in a medical policy plan at this age may cost higher. It is suggested to choose a medical insurance provider offering health policies with lifetime renewability and is not limited to any specific period.

Compare different insurance providers

In the UAE, there are numerous health insurance companies are working which are offering different plans at different prices. It is always recommended to compare multiple plans and providers and thoroughly check the reviews so you may work with only the trusted and reputed health insurance provider who does not leave you alone in your time of need.

Hospital/Clinics coverage

When you are choosing a health insurance plan, make sure that it involves the coverage of those hospitals and clinics which are easy for you to access, preferably the ones which are close to your home. This type of coverage is highly beneficial in the case of emergencies.

Top health insurance providers in the UAE

Now that you are clear on what to look out for when choosing the right health insurance plan, let us help you find out the best health insurance companies in the UAE based on their services, coverage, and the customer’s recommendations.

1. Abu Dhabi National Insurance CompanyAbu Dhabi National Insurance Company

SHIFA is the health insurance plan offered by Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company that is loved by customers due to the ease of online billing inside the UAE and internationally. With the help of their simplified medical insurance plan, it is easy for anyone to choose the insurance plan that fits right to their needs.

You can choose any plan from their 4-tiered medical plans, including Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Each plan is curated by carefully prioritizing the medical needs under various conditions, including emergency coverage as well.

SHIFA health plan comes with the following coverage:

  • Online billing facility in almost 197 countries.
  • The Platinum coverage gives an annual limit of up to AED 5 million.
  • Optical and dental coverage can be availed under the plan.
  • You can get your chronic medical condition treated under your annual limit.
  • The medical expenses of any injury that may occur during work can be covered.
  • You may claim maternity coverage up to the annual limit.
  • You can get your claims reimbursed outside the ADNIC network.
  • Major health coverage, such as organ transplants or home nursing, can be covered under the policy plan.

Abu Dhabi National Insurance Company also its services to cover medical needs related to emergency conditions.

2. Dubai Islamic Insurance & Reinsurance Co.Dubai Islamic Insurance

Since its establishment in 2002, Dubai Islamic Insurance & reinforce Co. has satisfied numerous customers due to its transparent procedures and wide coverage plan. The insurance is also AMAN insurance and actively provides wide health coverage under the budget.

AMAN’s primary focus is providing coverage, including admission to the top hospitals and medical centers and quick claim settlement. Various health insurance policies, including Himaya, Wiqaya, Mo’azara, and Sanad, are also offered under the shade of AMAN insurance.

3. MetLife Individual Medical PlanMetLife Individual Medical Plan

The Individual Medical Plan offered by MetLife gives each individual access to high-quality medical services. The policy plan is covered by the Dubai Health Authority and offers wide medical coverage at affordable rates. From diagnostic tests to drugs prescription to medical visits to a general doctor – the health plan is extended to a wide range of medical facilities.

Critical illness protection is also ensured under the policy, such as in case of stroke or cancer, the policyholder acquires full policy coverage and support under hospitalization.

4. Adamjee Health InsuranceAdamjee Health Insurance

Adamjee was founded in Pakistan in 1960, and soon after its establishment in UAE, it instantly got its name prominent in the list of medical insurance providers in UAE. Today, Ademjee Health Insurance is a name upon which customers blindly trust due to their trustworthy team and transparency in the insurance process. Many families opt for Adamjee Health Insurance Plan for its excellent health care and wide coverage.

The insurance plan has five options: Gold, Silver Premium, Silver Classic, Green, and Silk Road. Each plan has exceptional features which you may leverage at affordable rates.

  • Adamjee Health Insurance plan covers any injuries which occur during work.
  • Full coverage of up to AED 1 million per person can be availed under the health plan.
  • The expenses related to maternity cases, including normal delivery or caesarian, can be covered for up to AED 10,000.
  • A 20% copayment can be availed for dental treatments worldwide.

Moreover, most of the hospitals or medical centers that Adamjee Health Insurance covers can treat patients even during emergencies in the nighttime.

5. Oman Insurance CompanyOman Insurance Company

Winning the trust of millions of customers, Oman Insurance Company is one of the biggest insurance service providers in the UAE. Earning decades of experience in the UAE, Oman’s insurance company, now known as Sukoon Insurance, is also among the largest publicly registered insurance companies that proudly categorizes its health plans for the benefit of its users.

Their excellent health insurance plan covers the following features:

  • A go-to insurance plan for a low-income group of people with a plan starting from AED 560 only.
  • The coverage of chronic diseases can be availed.
  • Oman Health Insurance Plan provides coverage for organ transplants.
  • Additional perks, such as dental and optical coverage, psychiatric treatment, etc., can also be added.

The minimum procedural work ensures an easy insurance process for each individual. The health insurance plan also offers you the ease of combining the benefits of more than one policy plan and customizing the coverage of your choice.

6. Daman Health InsuranceDaman Health Insurance

With an extensive network of healthcare providers that comprises over 2,000 healthcare organizations, Daman Health Insurance is currently offering the most comprehensive Insurance plans. With an easy-to-use mobile interface, the policyholders can easily manage their policy plan from the comfort of their homes without going out. Your and your family’s local and global coverage is guaranteed under their health plans, which gives you access to many healthcare facilities.

The health policy plan starts from AED 2100, and once you have purchased your desired policy plan, you can avail a lot of services, including coverage of pharmacy bills, optical and dental coverage, the treatment of chronic illness, and much more. With the integration of modern health facilities and a strong workforce, Daman has set new benchmarks for others. The innovative digital methods of providing quick assistance to the policyholders made Daman win a number of recognized awards in the field.

7. Allianz CareAllianz Care

Another exceptional health insurance provider has made tremendous achievements in the digital landscape. Allianz Care ensures that the policyholder has easy online access to all the insurance-related documents and services so they may feel at ease. The comfort of talking to an experienced medical team 24/7 through phone calls and emails is yet another perk the customer may leverage from the wide coverage plan offered by Allianz Care.

The health insurance plan offered by Allianz Care makes you access healthcare organizations anywhere in the world so these plans are suitable for those families who are temporarily working abroad. Under the plan, you may also access the comprehensive maternity benefits, which cover all kinds of expenses, including prenatal and postnatal care and normal to cesarean deliveries.

8. Emirates Insurance CompanyEmirates Insurance Company

Emirates Insurance Company has the license to participate in any health program in Dubai and owns the authorization in Abu Dhabi for medical insurance. There are 2 various plans offered under the policy program, including Basic and Enhanced.

While the Basic plan is made to help low-income workers, the standard plan is to `provide health coverage to families. You can opt for Enhanced Plan based on your requirements, and then the VIP plan provides international health coverage. The coverage is also provided in case of death, permanent or any partial disability, covering medical and repatriation expenses. The health insurance plan also covers any injuries which may occur during work.

Wrap up

Above mentioned are some of the popular and trustworthy insurance providers in the UAE that you may consider before investing in healthcare coverage. Always do your research and choose the insurance company that people trust and that has the most suitable coverage for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • What is health insurance?

Health insurance is the type of insurance that offers coverage of health and medical expenses.

  • What are the types of health insurance offered in the UAE?

In the UAE, there are 4 types of health insurance available for the residents; Basic Health Insurance, Comprehensive Health Insurance, Shariah Compliant Health Insurance, and Health Insurance with Direct Access to Hospitals.

  • Is it mandatory for UAE residents to acquire health insurance?

Currently, the rule of having health insurance is only applicable in Dubai and Abu Dhabi and not to the entire population of the UAE.

  • What are the types of Insurance provided in the UAE?

Health Insurance, Auto Insurance, Life Insurance, Property Insurance, and Travel Insurance are the most common insurance in the UAE.

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