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Yogic Kriyas – A Way to Purification


Yogic Kriyas or Kriya Yoga is a part of the yoga practise. The Kriyas are a group of techniques which are used to cleanse and purify the body and the mind. The Kriyas are also called Shuddhi-kriya, Saucha, Sauca, Shat-Kriyas and their practise opens the passages of the body, the mind and the heart. The Kriyas are a way to cleanse the inner body. Just like a normal person cleanses the external parts of the body, it is equally essential and of utmost importance that we also clean the inner part of the system of all the dirt and impurity that is present and makes the body unhealthy. The Yogic Kriyas are six in number and together cleanse various internal organs of the body.

There are six main cleansing processes or Kriyas, namely, Neti Kriyas, Dhauti Kriyas, Vasti Kriya, Nauli Kriyas, Kapal Bhati and Tratak. The six processes cleanse different delicate organs of the body and should always be learnt under the guidance of an expert and later can be practised on their own.

The Neti Kriyas is a process of cleansing the nose and helps to clear the nasal passage. This Kriya can be done through water which is called Jalaneti and in this water is taken in from one nostril and taken out from the other which cleans the entire nasal passage of all dirt. The other forms of the Neti Kriya are Ksheera Kriya where instead of water lukewarm milk is used. Some people also use self urine or cow urine for doing the Kriya and this is called Swamutra or Gomutra Neti process. The Kriya is also performed using oil or Ghee and also special cotton thread or rubber catheter. These Kriyas are called Tail/Ghrit Neti Kriyas and Sutra/Rubber Neti Kriyas respectively. All the Kriyas can be used to cleanse the nasal process and with their usage all problems related to nose, ears, nose and throat can be avoided.

The next Kriya is called the Dhauti Kriya and is a stomach cleansing process. The first Kriya in this is done by using lukewarm saline water and is called Jala Vaman Dhauti Kriya. In this technique the person performing has to sit squatting on the feet and has to drink the water in succession till the stomach is full. After this he needs to move the stomach for a few minutes by rotation and moving it left right and then he needs to bend backwards and puke out the entire water which comes out with all acids, gases and other wastes.

This cleanses the stomach and relieves all gastric problems, constipation, acidity, indigestion, etc. the other form of Dhauti Kriya is Vastra Dhauti Kriya which is done using muslin cloth. The cloth is first swallowed and then pulled out and cures all cough and phlegm, asthma, gas, and other lung and stomach disorders.

The third Kriya is Vasti Kriya and is done by filling the enema pot with water. To practise this Kriya a rubber tube is fitted to the hole of the enema pot and the other end of is inserted into the anus in lying position. The water enters the large intestine and is flushed out with all the impurities like water, gas, acids and other dirt particles and cures all indigestion and constipation problems and also increases appetite. Precaution must be taken that enema is done on an empty stomach before breakfast.

The fourth Kriya is Nauli Kriya. This technique involves breathing activities like breathing in, breathing out and holding the breath. One form of the Kriya is the Agnisar Kriya where while suiting on a mat one needs to inhale and exhale fully leaning forward. The stomach has to be sucked in and retained for as long as possible. The form of the Kriya is Uddiyan Kriya where one needs to completely inhale and exhale using the mouth. After the Agnisar and The Uddiyan are practised well then one can perform the Nauli Kriya as the centre of the abdomen has to be used as a pipe and it cures the diseases of the stomach and liver and increases appetite.

The other Kriya is also another form of breathing exercises and is called Kapalbhati and Bhastrika Kriyas. Kapalbhati is a process of cleaning the brain and the central part of the head. It increases the ability to think and increases self confidence and develops the memory. On the other hand Bhastrika is also another breathing exercise and is practised to reduce gases, constipation and acidity.

The last of the six Kriyas is the Tratak Kriya which is an eye activity and is done to prevent eye diseases, improve the sight, and develop concentration.

All the six Kriyas should be initially learnt from an expert and then carefully and regularly practised. There is a lot of pollution in the air in modern times and the practise of these six Kriyas thus becomes very important in order to clean the inner system and cure diseases.


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