Wood Green: Home Furniture Dubai Online

Wood Green: Home Furniture Dubai Online

Wood Green presents furniture designed and furnished from natural wood, displayed elegantly in our very own showroom. We make sure you receive customized furniture, crafted intricately, to meet your demands. Our company offers a wide range of dining tables and chairs, coffee tables, chairs, beds, mirrors, consoles and much more for you to feast on. You are bound to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Our store crafts antique items, reliable and yet unique in their own way. Give your household a makeover, making sure you achieve both modernities accompanied by the richness of nature and comfort. Here at Wood Green, we offer you your most needed and desired items and furniture required to refurnish your residence. 

Elegance Decore of Different Home Portions


The dining room certainly seeks a table to add to its elegance and what better option than to come to visit our showroom and check out our diverse collection of dining tables and wood chairs Dubai. From our Acacia dining table collection to Harmony ones, you’ll find them all here. An exquisite touch can be achieved with the novel ideas our showroom provides you with, in comparison to modern-day furniture our variety of tables, chairs, consoles and sofas are sure to give you an out of the world experience and assure you that your place remains unmatched and unparalleled with others. 

Apart from our dining table variety, do check out our coffee tables that are available in a multitude of shapes and sizes. They will unquestionably give your residence a naturalistic look, closer to nature. We also bring you leather-based chairs at affordable prices. The best part is, you can find the wooden furniture Dubai you seek at the price you want, as here, at Wood Green we make sure our customers have a lot to choose from and that their pocket never gives in. 

Our Chair collection offers you the Deva Leather Lounge Chair, Lamia Leather Chair, Hiroshima Dining Chair (Teak Wood), Decorattan Globe Chair and much more. Some round while others give an antique look to your TV lounge by resembling chairs from the old ages. What can be better than rewinding towards nature? If you are on the lookout for furnishing your kitchenette with an antique and prehistoric look, wait no more, our chopping boards, wooden coasters are sure to grasp your attention with their unique design. 

If you crave everyday items such as lampshades and baskets, stools and antique wooden clocks, no need to look elsewhere, these too are available best website for furniture. We’re just one call away, that being a perk of an online store. We’re always in your reach. Our classical furniture collection is bound to amaze you as it is sure to take you back in time. 


Be ready to bring on a whole new look to your house, refurnish, relive and rewind back to nature. We’ll make sure you receive what you are looking for, quality, quantity, reliability, durability and style! Check in our showroom or contact us online and check out with our products displayed elegantly in your house. 

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