Why Does my Spotify Keeps Pausing? – Guide by a Doctor

Why Does my Spotify Keeps Pausing?

Spotify is the world’s largest music streaming service. Millions of people use it to stream music and listen to podcasts. It is the most popular streaming source for music and podcasts in most parts of the world. It emerged with the advancement in technology.

As we know that Spotify is a huge network, so keeping everything in check requires a lot of effort. Spotify is available for all platforms and keeping all of them properly working and bug-free is difficult. Due to this sometimes a few bugs arise. 

Spotify Keeps Getting Paused

Some people especially those who use Spotify on their android phones report that their Spotify keeps getting paused for no apparent reason. My Spotify keeps pausing has been reported by many people.

Fixing the Random Pausing Problem 

This is an issue that many android Spotify listeners and a few others have run into. Most of the time this problem arises for people who use a low-end phone. Spotify requires a little bit of power of your phone and the cheap phones that usually have 1 or 2 Gb of RAM can’t keep up due to which the system enters power-saving mode and the Spotify pauses.

If the phone that you are using is not a low-end phone and has enough capability to run it smoothly then there can be two main reasons. Either there is a bug in the application or there is a problem with the software of your phone. Although there are techniques through which you can fix this issue quite easily.

Fixing the Random Pausing Problem 

Fixing the Random Pausing Problem 

Here are a few things you can do if you are vising the pause problem on Spotify that might fix it:

  • In some low-end phones as mentioned below due to less power, Spotify can stop working at times. To avoid this, you should turn on the power saving mode if enabled. Also, turn off all background applications that are consuming the Ram and power of the mobile.
  • Sometimes it can be a bug for which you can do two things. You may sign out of the application and then sign in again. If the issue persists, then delete the Spotify application and download it again.
  • Another way it can be solved is by turning off the data saving mode on the application. If you are using it over data connection then to save data Spotify lessens the quality and sometimes pauses.
  • A most simple and quick way is to power off your phones for ten to fifteen seconds and then restart them. Sometimes there can be an issue in the phone UI and restarting resolves that issue.
  • The last thing you can do is to download all the latest firmware updates for your phone as well as Spotify. The updates fix the known issues and might resolve the pausing issue as well.

These were a few methods that may be able to help you resolve the pausing problem. If it’s still not resolved after these you can drop a query on Spotify’s website.

There is a solution for every problem. If you are having any Spotify-related issue, it can be resolved easily. If you have an account on Spotify and you are unable to gain streams then you can buy Spotify streams to make your account well known.

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