Top 10 Pediatric Dentists in Dubai

Pediatric Dentists

The dentists you can trust your child’s oral health with!

A pediatric dentist is one form of a dental specialist, much like you have medical doctors that specialize in different areas of medicine. You can also find dentists who are specialized in certain types of dentistry, such as general dentistry. A pediatric dentist, also called a pedodontist, is a dentist who treats children of all ages but is particularly skilled at handling children who are not always patient or cooperative in dental visits.

Following four years in dental school, pediatric dentists undergo additional two-to-three years of specialized training and are dedicated to the oral health of children from infancy through adolescence.

Role of a Pediatric DentistPediatric Dentist with a child patient

  • Dental care for children is provided by pediatric dentists
  • Maternal and child oral health exams, including risk assessments
  • Nutritional and dietary advice, as well as fluoride treatments, as part of preventative dental care
  • The use of pacifiers and thumb sucking (habit counseling)
  • Correcting teeth that are crooked and improperly mated (orthodontics) at an early age
  • Cavity or defect repair for teeth

If you’re looking for the best pediatric dentist in Dubai, check out our list of the city’s most reputable dentists for children.

List of Best Pediatric Dentists in Dubai

1. Dr. Anila ViraniDr. Anila Virani

Dr. Anila works at Macris Dental Clinic in Jumeirah 2 and has a degree in behavioral science to understand child psychology and use that to help young patients who have fears to overcome them.

Whenever possible, she uses conscious sedation to avoid general anesthesia as well as modern procedures. Specifically, Dr. Anila is experienced with children with special needs and those who are medically compromised.

Name Dr. Anila Virani
Works at Micris Dental Clinic
Education Bachelor’s degree in dental surgery;
Advanced Clinical Programme in Paediatric dentistry
Specialisation/ expertise Specializes in modern procedure and conscious sedation
Languages English, Urdu, Hindi, Gujarati
Phone Number +971 4 330 0441

2. Dr. Rafif TayaraDr. Rafif Tayara

Jordan is one of the oldest oral healthcare Scandinavian brands, and Dr. Rafif is one of their Middle East ambassadors. She works out of Dr. Michael’s Children’s Dental Centre.

The most updated techniques and most proven behavior management approaches make her an expert in specialized pediatric dentistry, sedation dentistry, and provide oral rehabilitation under general anesthesia.

Name Dr. Rafif Tayara
Works at Dr. Michael’s Dental Clinic
Education Paediatric Dentistry at St-Justine Children’s Hospital in Montreal and at Saint-Joseph University in Beirut.
Specialization/ expertise Specialized in pediatric dentistry, sedation dentistry, and Oral Rehabilitation under General Anaesthesia, using the most updated techniques and most proven behavior management approaches.
Languages French, English, and Arabic
Phone Number +971 4 394 9433

3. Dr. Namrata MathrawalaDr. Namrata Mathrawala

Dr. Namrata Mathrawala has been practicing dentistry since 2009 and is a member of the American Dental Association, the Indian Dental Association, and the British Dental Association. She offers a wide range of dental services, including general dentistry, oral surgery, endodontics, and restorative dentistry. Her clinic is located in Burjuman. As a general anesthetist and sedation specialist, she treats patients with dental restorations, extractions, space maintainers, pulp therapy, and root canal treatments that are safe and effective. She also corrects children’s developing malocclusions with stainless-steel crowns.

Name Dr. Namrata Mathrawala
Works at Burjuman Clinic – Dubai
Education Bachelors’ of Dental Surgery, Masters in Dental Surgery in the field of Paediatric and Preventive Dentistry
Specialization/ expertise Paediatric Dentistry, Root Canal Treatment, Sleep Apnoea and Snoring, Laser Dentistry, Routine Dental Checkup, Dental Restorations, Cosmetic Dentistry, Sedation Dentistry, Myobrace
Languages Gujarati, English, Hindi & Marathi
Phone Number 80037569

4. Dr. Sukhpreet Mangat:Dr. Sukhpreet Mangat

Specialist Orthodontist

Sukhpreet Mangat, DDS is a specialist orthodontist who has practiced in the area for over 15 years. She has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with her patients and has a proven track record of providing excellent orthodontic care. Dr. Sukhpreet has a specialization in dentistry, having trained at the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. International distinctions made include an internship at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Centre regarding TMJ and facial pain. Dr. Sukhpreet also maintains fellowship skills in sleep medicine, aesthetics caregiving, and TMD.

Name Sukhpreet Mangat
Works at Umm Suqeim Clinic – Dubai
Education Masters in Dental Surgery, fellowship in TMJ / TMD, Orofacial Pain, and Obstructive sleep medicine (USA)
Specialization/ expertise Invisalign Teen, Invisalign
Languages English, Hindi
Phone Number +91 98199 16333

5. Dr. Yasmin Kottait:Dr. Yasmin Kottait

Dr. Yasmin Kottait is a professional pediatric dentist in the morning and also a gentle nanny by day, whose motivation for performing her job is for kids to have healthy smiles and great affection for the dental professional. She believes she has conquered the globe when she changes a kid’s frown into a smile at her pediatric dental office.

Name Dr. Yasmin Kottait
Works at Dubai Healthcare City
Education DDS, HDD, MFDS ED, MSC
Specialization/expertise Specializes in dealing with children with Autism and Special Needs and in scaring young children
Phone Number +971 50 578 7664

6. Dr. Enas Alkhadra:Dr. Enas Alkhadra

Dr. Enas has a remarkable ability to relate to children. She was born in Saudi Arabia, completed her dental degree at King Abdulaziz University, and has since practiced general dentistry. Eyewitnesses described how her ability to connect with children was evident from the onset of her practice, which she exited to continue her dental career.

She is one of a small number of pediatric dentists to complete this degree of acknowledged excellence. She is always searching for innovation and research in dentistry and likes to bring the latest technological developments.

Name Dr. Enas Alkhadra
Works at Umm Al Sheif Clinic – Dubai
Education DDS, MBA (USA)
Specialization/ expertise specialized in dentistry for children and adolescents
Phone Number +971 56 588 1000

7. Dr. Mustafa AbdallaDr. Mustafa Abdalla

Mustafa is a pediatric dentist who loves to make them laugh and feel comfortable in his office. He takes great care of the kids by using his experience so that they leave his office with healthy teeth and a smile.

His DDS degree (Doctor of Dental Surgery) came from Ajman University of Science and Technology and postgraduate training at Mohammed bin Rashid University of Medicine and Health Science.

Name Dr. Mustafa Abdalla
Works at MyPediaClinic
Education MSc. in Paediatric Dentistry and Special Needs (MBRU) Doctor of Dental Surgery D.D.S,
Specialization/expertise Dentistry for infants and kids. Children with special health care needs can avail of teenager Invisalign therapy services.
Languages English, Arabic, French
Phone Number 0559311752

 8. Dr. Dina Samir DebayboDentistry Clinic, Jumeirah

Dr. Dina Debaybo is a pediatric dentist who opened her clinic in 2014. She is passionate about helping children and has a particular interest in treating dental issues in youngsters. Her clinic offers a range of services, including dental check-ups, fillings, extractions, and orthodontic treatment for children.

At Paediatric Dentistry Club she serve as president for over twenty years, Dr. Dina has earned a reputation for reliability among moms and kids in town. Dr. Dina completed her licensure training and graduated with a Master’s in Biology.

Name Dr. Dina Debaybo
Works at Dentistry Clinic, Jumeirah
Education Pediatric Dentistry – Boston University, Boston

Pediatric Dentistry – American Board of Paediatric Dentistry, UAE

Specialization/expertise dental check-ups, orthodontic treatment for children, fillings, and extractions
Languages English, Arabic, French
Phone Number +971 4 707 0999

9. Dr. Sajjad Hasim MithiborwalaPrime Medical Centre, Jumeirah

Doctor Sajjad Hasim Mithiborwala is the founder and CEO of Prime Medical Centre, a leading healthcare provider in Dubai. With over 15 years of experience in the medical field, Dr. Mithiborwala has developed an innovative and comprehensive approach to healthcare that has made his center a leading player in the UAE health sector. His clinic offers a wide range of services, including general medicine, orthopedics, oncology, women’s health, and pediatric care.

This medical doctor has extensive expertise in treating the dental needs of children or disabled individuals.

Name Doctor Sajjad Hasim Mithiborwala
Works at Prime Medical Centre, Jumeirah
Education BDS, MDS
Specialization/ expertise Routine Dental Checkup, Dental Restorations Myobrace, Sedation Dentistry, Sleep Apnoea and Snoring, Root Canal Treatment, Routine Dental Checkup, Dental Restorations
Languages Eglish, Hindi
Phone Number +971 4 707 0999

10. Dr. Chantal KengoDr. Chantal Kengo

She is a dentist with over 20 years of experience and is currently the dentist at Michael’s Dental Clinic, Children’s Dental Centre, and Jumeirah. She specializes in pediatric dentistry, which means she is specially trained in caring for children of all ages. Her clinic also offers dental services such as braces, veneers, and other therapeutic procedures. She is passionate about her work and takes great pride in providing quality dental care to her patients.

Name Dr. Chantal Kengo
Works at Dental Clinic, Children’s Dental Centre, Jumeirah
Education BDS, MDS, training for laser-assisted Dentistry
SpecialiZation/ expertise Specialist Dentist – Children’s Dentistry
Languages English, French, Lingala
Phone Number +971 4 338 8939

How to Choose the Best Pediatric Dentist in DubaiRight Dental Clinic

A pediatric dentist is quite different from a general dentist as he/she gets specialized education about a child’s teeth problems. The pediatric dentists in Dubai receive additional training than their colleagues as general dentists. Incredible abilities make it easy for them to calm down an excitable child. It is tricky to deal with children as they immediately get scared of things. They are sensitive, judge everything too keenly, and are very responsive. Therefore, a lot of concern is required when choosing the best pediatric dentist for your child. When you search for the best pediatric dentist in Dubai, keep in mind that he/she must have the following attributes;

1. Special Education and ExperienceBackground Experience

The pediatric dentist you choose for your child’s teeth treatment must have experience and proper education about dealing with the child during treatment. It is better to prefer a dentist who must have years of experience and consider education. He must have extensive experience and training in working with children of all temperaments and personality types.

2. Know About All Possible Health Issuesdentist communication with patient

The dentist must know the child’s problem. So, whenever you search for a dentist, first check his specialization. He must have the ability to explain to children about treatment, comfort them during treatment, and answer their questions. A child’s dentist must be kind and compassionate to manage the youngster’s behavior during treatment.

3. Must be Friendly With KidsKid on a dental bad with dentist

It is necessary to have good communication and friendly behavior while dealing with children. Moreover, a pedodontist’s level of communication with a child is crucial to his or her positive kid dental care visit. The dentist’s communication style needs to be empathetic, with clear and concise instructions to coincide with a child’s cognitive development.

An available and friendly pediatric dentist should have the skill and patience necessary to follow unorthodox strategies to deal with the child’s ailing condition, life-threatening health concerns, and adverse medical problems.

4. Must Have a License:Dentist

Ensure that your child’s pediatric dentist is licensed by the appropriate Health Authority and has properly maintained offices and facilities.

Specialty training in pediatric dentistry helps the dentist better understand the needs of children and their teeth. Pediatric dentists must also be familiar with the latest dental technology and treatments available for children. They must also work safely with children and use appropriate techniques when treating them.

5. Do Research and Check RecommendationsDo Your Research

Despite it not being simple to find a pediatric dental professional in Dubai, as there are many seasoned ones, you have to listen to people’s evaluations and reviews when selecting one. Therefore, it may take a bit more time to choose a qualified dental practitioner, but it will be worth it later on. For tips on choosing a pediatric dental pro, consider asking your close friends and family members who have already visited one. Going the extra mile is advantageous because it will allow you to find the ideal individual for your kid.


All these mentioned pediatric dentists in Dubai are highly skilled and experienced. They can provide your child with the best dental care possible. If you are looking for a pediatric dentist in Dubai, consult someone from this list to get the best treatment.

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