Roll Cages in Medical Sector

Roll Cages usage in Medical Sector

Roll containers, compact miners or rolltainers are small trolley-sized platforms with four castor wheels, usually in a wire cage, used to store and quickly move goods between storage and transport deck. They transport goods in a lorry between the warehouse and retail store, inside the supermarket and sales floor.

Roll cages are a type of storage container that helps to reduce the need for manual handling of goods. This can be especially helpful when transporting goods from the warehouse to the shop floor. Roll containers have become widely used in recent years, with an estimated several million users worldwide.

There are four main types of roll containers – nesting, demountable, folding, and rigid. The rigid type is like a box on wheels, while the nesting, demountable, and folding types can all be disassembled or folded when empty. This saves storage and transport space when the container is not in use. The folding type has a hinged chassis that can be folded to save space when the container is empty.

Nesting Rolling ContainersRolling Containers having medical equipments

Chassis members for rolling containers are most commonly formed with rectangular steel tubing, and the uprights and panel edges are reinforced with steel mesh or steel rod. The sides of the panels are usually made from steel mesh or steel rod, and the shelves are constructed from reinforced steel mesh or sheeting. They are typically coated with zinc to protect the steel components from corrosion.

Demountable Roll Cages

For the medical industry, where there is a need to change the sheets and constantly move medical equipment, it is essential to keep things in order with less effort. In contrast, warehouse roll cages can help move the laundry and one-time movement of medical goods. Up to 500 kg of equipment and materials could be carried in one go. Standard stainless steel trolleys can only take a maximum of 100 kilograms of equipment, but a roll cage can take 500 kg or more, so it can move goods faster and more efficiently, enabling hospitals to stock more quickly.

Folding Roll CagesRoll Cages in medicine

One more thing hospitals need is the proper stocking of hospital rooms. Sometimes misplacing equipment or tools can be prevented by labelling and dividing the shelves, which can quickly be done in roll cages. In roll cages, dividers can be made and goods stored for specific purposes, i.e. taking linen to burners vs washing the linen or providing goods to rooms 102 or 103. The number of shelves can be customised during the orders, thereby increasing or decreasing the shelves’ number and capacity.

Rigid Cage Pallet

A Roll cage pallet can therefore increase the efficiency of transport in the medical/hospital sector by properly storing goods, helping large capacity moving of goods and services, which can help in the effective operations of the hospitals.

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