Best 5 Midwife Clinics in Dubai


Pregnancy is the most rewarding yet the most challenging phase of a woman’s life. During this stage, the top priority is to take care of the health of both mother and the baby. To help women during this stage, the services of a midwife are taken. A midwife is a medical professional trained to assist women during pregnancy and delivery. They assist pregnant females in maintaining their health throughout pregnancy and ensure normal delivery without complications. The initial weeks after giving birth are also under the care of midwives for you and your newborn.

Midwives work in many places, including hospitals, birthing facilities, obstetricians’ offices, midwifery group practices, private residences, and community health centers. A midwife has multiple roles, including preparing a pregnant female for labor and childbirth, supporting and advising to promote vaginal birth, and checking your baby’s health and position.

Top Midwife Clinics in Dubai

In Dubai, you will find advanced healthcare facilities which are easily accessible to everyone. The city is a hub for various medical services which are popular worldwide. Not only will you find the best gynecologists in the city, but you may also find some of the best midwife clinics to assist you throughout your pregnancy journey.

Below we have enlisted some of the top-rated and trustworthy clinics in Dubai where you will easily find experienced and qualified midwives with special skills to assist pregnant women in labor. Here are the top recommended clinics to consider if you are looking for a midwife.

1. King’s College Hospital LondonKing’s College Dubai Marina hospital

King’s College Hospital London supports a comprehensive approach to maternity care by considering each woman’s emotional, physical, and cultural needs. By following the right approach customized for each female body, the hospital promotes individualized prenatal care and postpartum assistance for each pregnant female. Although the hospital is not specialized in providing midwife services, the hospital is a multi-specialty healthcare provider that resolves issues regarding various ailments. The midwives at King’s College Hospital London have 5 to 12 years of experience and are trained specifically in their field. The hospital is also partnered with insurance providers in Dubai to make the payment process easier and more flexible for you.

Location: King’s College Hospital London has various locations, including Dubai Hills, Jumeirah, and Dubai Marina.

Contact Number: +971 4 519 9999


2. HealthBayHealthBay

The focus of HealthBay is to provide optimum medical facilities securely and reliably to ensure your route to recovery, wellness, and stability. The hospital offers effective and timely medical care when it comes to providing prenatal and postpartum care. With experienced midwives on board, the hospital ensures that both mother and baby are provided with the right healthcare solutions to ensure smooth labor. The midwives at HealthBay offer assistance and care, such as postnatal community visits, in which clinic staff members come to your home after delivery to check on you and your child’s health. Another significant feature of the clinic is the separate area for lactating women who want to learn how to breastfeed their newborns.

Location: HealthBay Clinic has multiple locations in Dubai, including

  • HealthBay Polyclinic Jumeirah
  • HealthBay Day Surge Centre, Al Wasl
  • HealthBay Polyclinic, Motor City

Contact Number: +971 800 4272


3. NMC HealthcareNMC Royal Hospital

NMC Healthcare has been among the UAE’s biggest privately owned healthcare companies for the last 48 years. Because of its personalized care for each individual, concern for each patient’s health, and dedication to general well-being, NMC has successfully gained the trust of millions of people. NMC is also trusted for its exceptional midwifery services during the prenatal and postnatal periods. For new moms who are scared and unaware of the childbirth process, birth preparation classes are held at NMC, which help pregnant females know about the signs of labor, induction, cesarean delivery, Hypnobirthing, and postnatal check-ups. The professional midwives at NMC also assist you in breastfeeding and advise you on caring for the newborn. Your doctor and a certified team of midwives at NMC will assist with your prenatal care if you want complete care during your pregnancy.

Location: NMC Medical Centre, M Floor, Al Safia Building, Salahuddin Road, Near Abu Hail Metro Station, Deira, Dubai

Contact Number: +971 4 233 9900


4. Belly Baby MomBelly Baby Mom

Belly Baby Mom is privately owned by Shereen Zarroug, who is certified and trained in Birth Support, offering postnatal and prenatal care to new moms. Shereen qualified as a certified Birth Doula with Childbirth International (CBI) in 2014 to assist expectant mothers on their motherhood journey. She has been very active on social media and at events, showcasing and debating various birthing-related subjects to assist in empowering and educating women to make informed decisions about their births. Belly Baby Mom is a trusted midwife clinic in UAE because of the extensive research and experience these midwives gained by supporting numerous childbirths. From offering a free initial consultation to prenatal classes, and postpartum home visits or care, the midwifery services offered at Belly Baby cover everything to ease your way through pregnancy. The benefit of the birth doula service offered at this trustworthy midwife clinic is that, before your due date, your designated midwife will be on call around the clock.

Location: Dubai Hills, Dubai

Contact Number: +971 55 963 9633


5. Genesis Healthcare CenterGenesis Healthcare Center

Genesis Healthcare Center takes pride in serving patients with the best healthcare facilities with special concerns for prenatal, postnatal, and overall pregnancy care. Not only does the clinic houses the best gynecologists and obstetricians, but it also has experienced and professional midwives who provide assistance to females in need. The midwifery services offered at Genesis Healthcare Center include childbirth classes, breastfeeding training, and assistance throughout the pregnancy. Genesis Healthcare Center provides thorough antenatal care and a labor schedule from early pregnancy to delivery. From providing basic knowledge regarding the delivery process to covering postnatal care, including comprehensive knowledge on breastfeeding and issues regarding improper breast milk supply and educating on baby health post-birth – this popular clinic is specialized in every aspect of mother and baby care.

Location: Genesis Healthcare Center, Dubai Science Park Towers, North Tower, 3rd & 4th Floor, Dubai Science Park, Dubai

Contact Number: +971 4 577 6500


Bottom line

We have gathered some of the trusted and popular midwives’ clinics in Dubai, and we hope that these healthcare centers will help you throughout your pregnancy journey. These clinics ensure the optimum health for both mother and baby and help you enjoy an empowering childbirth experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a midwife do?

A midwife is qualified to offer prenatal and postpartum healthcare support to females. They can also provide assistance during labor and ensure maximum health to the females post-partum. The midwives also advise females on how to care for a newborn and what to do while pregnant and also educate them on how to breastfeed their newborn.

How early should I visit the midwife?

Your first appointment with the midwife should be made before you are 10 weeks pregnant, as this is the time when you are suggested a few tests and screenings, which are important during the early pregnancy phase.

What should I ask at my first midwife appointment?

A few general questions which you should ask during your first appointment with the midwife include; what is my due date? Which tests should I do to know about my baby’s health, How to manage my morning sickness, What should I eat to ensure better growth of my baby, if there are any complications expected to arise in any trimesters, etc.

How much does a midwife make in Dubai?

A midwife usually earns almost AED 5200 per month in Dubai.

What is the professional term used for midwives?

The midwives who are certified and licensed are also termed Certified Professional Midwives.

What are the types of midwives?

There are various types of midwives, including Certified Nurse Midwives, Certified Midwives, Certified Professional Midwives, Lay Midwives, Doulas, and Direct Entry Midwives.

Who is a Doula?

The role of the Doula is to assist the mother and educate her right before giving birth. She provides physical assistance to the mother during labor and childbirth and helps her feel relaxed during the labor positions. A Doula can also help a mother in her postpartum period and educates her on breastfeeding.

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