Is Sea Water Good for Your Skin

Going to the beach and enjoying the warm and soothing feeling of seawater on your toes has always been therapeutic for people of every age. People who don’t live near beaches, especially plan their vacations on islands to enjoy sunbathing at beaches and a nice dip in seawater. Since childhood, sea waters have been enduring to our eyes a sense of escape and calm that always came along with the waves of the sea. Sea water has proven to be magical in many cases, such as when mothers used to treat mosquito bites and skinned knees by soaking it in seawater. Now adding to such benefits of seawater, another question arises regarding the regular use of seawater and its effect on the skin. Don’t worry, you have come to the right place, this article discusses the effect of seawater on the skin in detail. Although the regular use of seawater is never advised, the benefits it entails can’t be ignored.

Sea Water and SkinHands On a Sea

There is no doubt that a bath in seawater on a sunny day provides a refreshing feeling to a person’s body and mind but it’s not just that. There are much more benefits to using seawater on one’s skin. When one applies seawater to their skin, the salt removes the dead skulls from the skin which opens pores. So, if one applies a moisturizer right after a good bath in the sea, their skin becomes moist and smooth like that of a baby’s.

Sea Water for Dry SkinA women in the sea water enjoy

Sea water is not just a mixture of salt and water, but it contains many nutrients that prove beneficial to the human body in many ways. Some of the nutrients in seawater that can prove helpful, especially in treating dry skin are as,

  • Mg (magnesium)
  • K (potassium)
  • Ca (calcium)
  • S (sulphur)

The right combination of these minerals and more can treat dry skin like magic, and that right combination is present in the seawater. The use of moisturizer after taking bath in seawater can also treat skin infections like psoriasis and eczema to a certain extent. Read more Healthcare tips here.

Sea Water and AcneA women with acne on face

The minerals in seawater extract oil from the skin, which leaves pimples dry and gives the skin a much better complexion. A bath from seawater absorbs bacteria from the skin and makes the pH levels to normal thus reducing redness and any irritation on the skin. The regular use of seawater for acne or for treating any other problem is never advised. Seawater is beneficial in many ways but when used regularly or when overused it can prove to be dangerous and harmful to one’s skin.

Sea Water and Skin Woundsa girl scope a sea water

Numerous studies have proved for seawater and salt presence in it are good for wounds. This doesn’t mean that one should just dip his or her open wound in the sea. No, that is not safe. One can just apply a bit of seawater or salty water to their wound to avoid any kind of infection to occur.

Sea Water PrecautionsPeoples on the Beach

There are many benefits provided by sea water but the overuse of it can result in doing the complete opposite. If one uses seawater regularly or exceeds its use over the limit, the seawater can become the cause for many of its infections, it can cause dryness, redness, and irritation and may increase the chances and effect of some skin diseases as well.


What does sea water do to your face?

It provides a fresh feeling and removes bacteria off your skin providing a cleaner and healthier look on your face.

Does salt water clear skin?

Yes, if used in the right amount, salt water provides clear skin. It rubs off dead cells, and if moisturized after one’s skin becomes soft and smooth as well.

Is bathing in seawater good for you?

Regular bath? No. But a seawater bath once in a while is very fruitful for the human skin.

Can I use ocean water on my face?

Yes, the right amount of ocean water is always beneficial no matter at which part of your body or for what reason one is applying.

Does Sea Water cure acne?

To some extent it cures acne. As the use of seawater can reduce redness and irritation.


In many cases, seawater has proven to be beneficial due to the vast amount of its nutrients and minerals but in some cases, it has also been hazardous. Thus, while studies support the cures brought by seawater, one should take necessary precautions and check for its skin to be compatible with salt water before using.

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