Internal Medicine Doctors in Dubai

Internal Medicine

Internal medicine doctors are referred to as internists in the United States. Sometimes they are called general practitioners or family physicians in other countries. Internists are primary care physicians, which means that they are the first ones you will see for most of your medical needs. The word “internist” can be confusing since it is sometimes used to refer to an internal medicine doctor, but not all internal medicine doctors are internists.

Internists take care of many illnesses and conditions ranging from colds and flu to heart disease and diabetes. They have had additional training after receiving their medical degrees, which qualifies them to do specialist work in addition to primary care. This includes treating serious chronic diseases such as AIDS or lymphoma or performing surgery.  They often oversee other health care providers in medical practice.

Internal medicine doctors are primary care physicians who diagnose and treat 12 to 15 million Americans each year. They provide a variety of services including preventive care, chronic disease management, and treatment for acute illnesses. Internists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of adult patients, from 18 to 80 years of age.

Internists are often called general practitioners or family physicians in other parts of the globe, but in the United States, they don’t have a single title. Internists have completed three or more years of additional medical training beyond their basic training as medical doctors or physicians.

How To Find Internal Medicine Specialist in Dubai?

 Internal Medicine Specialist

One of the topmost medical centers in the world, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) houses some great and reputed medical facilities and one such is Dubai. And if you happen to be a traveler or looking out for a change in your profession and land up here, it makes good sense to know about the local health care provisions.

One such provision is hiring a doctor and getting medical treatment. Dubai also offers some of the best world-class personal health care services to all its residents and visitors alike.

Many people who plan their tours to Dubai keep in mind that they will need to find a good local doctor and hospitals for medical treatment.

Internal medicine is one of the key specialties in this health care system that offers comprehensive services to all people, regardless of age or gender. An internal medicine specialist caters to patients with serious chronic conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. A qualified Dubai-based internist handles patients with complex health problems that are either chronic in nature or have a genetic origin.


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