How to Stay Safe in a Foreign Country?

Tips to Stay Safe in a Foreign Country

A person is at risk of numerous things while in a foreign country. They are new and a lot clueless at that place, thus giving reason to thieves or other kinds of criminals to target them. To avoid this from happening and stay safe in a foreign country, you need to take some measures to avoid being in danger.

1. Make Copies of All the Documentation

Make Copies of All the Documentation

You must keep your documentation at all times with you. However, if they get stolen, or you lose them, it is necessary to have copies. Make at least one copy of your passport, travel itinerary and tickets, driver’s license, and credit cards, as well as any other important documentation. It is best you also have scanned copies of these documents to ensure maximum security.

2. Do Not Look Like a Tourist

You will be a target for thieves if you look like a typical tourist as they will know you are carrying money. Avoid wearing expensive jewelry, bags imprinted with your travel group name, and expensive shoes that will attract them easily.

3. Hire a Bodyguard

Hire a Bodyguard

Even if you take all the security measures, you will not be as safe as you will be with a bodyguard. For example, you are a visitor to Dubai. Here, you can hire bodyguards in Dubai to stay with you while enjoying touring the country. This will allow you to enjoy yourself freely without worrying or staying vigilant all the time, and they will be aware of dangerous places to avoid.

4. Keeping Personal Information Secret

You need to be extra careful when it comes to personal information. You do not know the motives of people around you, even if they seem trustworthy. It would be best to keep things like where you are staying, where you are going next, or what you are doing extremely private. For example, you shouldn’t share your hotel room number with anyone. If the hotel staff announces it loudly (usually discreet), ask them to change your room immediately.

5. Try Learning Some Local Words

You can learn a few basic words of the local language, which will throw off some shady people as they would be aware that you are not completely new and are well aware of the place, leaving you alone as a result.

6. Wear Your Bag Facing the Front

Wear Your Bag Facing the Front

The bag you are carrying should be sturdy and not break easily. It should be a strap bag that cannot snatch easily as well. To protect your belongings the best way you can, wear your bag facing the front so no one can take out your belongings from the back without your knowledge.

All these security measures are extremely important to stay safe in a foreign country. A tourist is prone to danger, thus the need for extra caution. We gather some of the best and much needed security measures to ensure safety. No doubt, some of these security measures might sound a bit extreme; however, it is better to be safe than sorry!

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