How to Clean Your Sofa Fabric?

How to Clean Sofa Fabric

If you notice your sofa’s fabric is looking more dull rather than the bright color it once had, then it may be time to clean your sofa fabric. Sofa cleaning is not an easy job, so it is important that you do not use harsh chemicals without proper training. It might permanently damage your sofa or sofa fabric. So, if you are wondering about sofa cleaning methods and tips, and sofa stain removal methods at home to maintain your Sofa.

Hire Professional to Clean Your Sofa

You may choose to hire professional sofa cleaners to do the job for you instead of taking any risks with cleaning at home. They would have ample sofa cleaning knowledge and tools to ensure your sofa looks neat. They have a range of sofa cleaning products in their arsenal that would be suitable for the sofa fabric that you have, in order to clean your sofa.

Choosing Sofa Cleaning Professionals

When it comes to choosing a sofa cleaner, make sure the professional has the appropriate certification. So, the Sofa Upholstery cleaning company you choose should have plenty of experience and a list of good and recommended customer reviews and testimonials.

How to Clean Your Sofa

The primary reason for sofa soiling is the body oils and dirt which build up over time on sofa fabric. So, it is necessary to clean your sofa to prevent sofa soiling.

You can clean your sofa regularly with water and soap solutions or you may use sofa cleaning products that are specially formulated for this purpose. When choosing a sofa cleaning product you should always go for something that is sofa cleaning friendly, has non-toxic ingredients, does not discolor and damage the fabric of your sofa.

Methods of Cleaning Sofa

Go through the product label before buying to ensure it will suit your requirements. And if you are wondering how to clean sofas, fret not. We have compiled a list of sofa cleaning methods for you.

Using VacuumHow to Clean Sofa with Vacuum

Begin by vacuuming your sofa to lift up the dirt. If you are wondering how to clean sofas at home, then vacuuming is one of the best ways to go about it. It will help remove loose soil and other impurities which are the primary cause of staining at your sofas.

Now, take a dry cloth and wipe off any visible soil on your sofa with it. If you notice stains or spills on your sofa, then use some basic soap solution to remove them first before proceeding further.

Using SpongeSofa Cleaning Using Sponge

Using a sponge or microfiber cloth, apply some diluted soap solution on the surface of your sofa. Do not use too much soap solution, just enough to gather some lather.

Now, take a sponge scrubber or brush and start scrubbing the areas where there are visible soil marks. Make sure you do not exert any pressure while doing so as it might damage the sofa fabric.

Once the soap solution has been worked into the fabric, take a dry cloth and wipe off any excess soap solution.

Diluted Bleach Solution for Sofa Fabric Cleaning

If there are stains that are not removed completely even after scrubbing, then you may use some diluted bleach solution for sofa fabric cleaning. Remember never to soak your sofa in bleach solution as it may damage the fabric.

If using a bleach solution, then follow the same process as mentioned above. Apply some diluted bleach solution on the stained areas and scrub it off with a sponge brush or scrubber. Remember to wipe off any excess bleach solution with a dry cloth.

Once your sofa is cleaned thoroughly, let it air dry completely before moving on to rearrange it.

This was all about sofa cleaning methods and tips and sofa stain removal methods. If you are wondering how to clean sofas at home, then this guide will be the best place to start your sofa cleaning process.

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