AI’s Growing Role in UAE Healthcare Exploration

Growing Role in UAE Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized almost every industry ever since its invention. We have seen multiple roles of AI impacting our daily routine in various ways and saving us from somehow, tedious tasks. With the support coming from AI, it would be unerring to call it the most powerful automated support that currently exists. AI is impacting practically every business in today’s world and has come up as a giant industrial revolution.

Artificial Intelligence, in its simple form, is a field of computer science in which machines are programmed to think and act like humans. The ability of humans to reason is now simulated in robots, and the results are exceptional. Analyzing, detecting, planning, and problem-solving are now possible with the simulated intelligence of machines.

The Role of AI in the Health Sector in the UAEThe role of AI in the health sector in the UAE

UAE became the first nation in the world to have a designated Minister for Artificial Intelligence when His Excellency Omar Bin Sultan Al Olama was appointed as the first Minister of State for AI in October 2017. This action truly demonstrates the UAE’s aspiration and will to lead the world’s technological transformation. The Ministry wants to boost government efficiency and develop a highly creative and innovative environment for AI investment in the United Arab Emirates.

To revolutionize the healthcare sector in the UAE, government bodies have introduced intelligently advanced techniques that are tested for their effectiveness. Coming from these advancements, a new AI-based application will soon be made available in the UAE, which will provide 24 hours video consultancy to patients anywhere in the world. Similarly, the neuro bands based on advanced Health Care and Innovative New Technology help detect an early stroke. Recently, the UAE has announced raising the healthcare budget with the intervention of AI, and we can expect some humungous changes in the healthcare scenario of the UAE in the coming years.

Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

The effective applications of AI in the field of healthcare can be highly beneficial in overcoming medication errors caused due to multiple reasons.

Robot-Assisted SurgeriesRobot-assisted surgeries

Artificial Intelligence Assistance during surgeries can help doctors lessen variances that might have a long-term negative impact on a patient’s health and recovery.

AI-Powered Health Companions

To track the patient’s health and provide them with the necessary information and understanding about any health changes, personalized medical support is provided that is based on AI.

Early Detection of Cancer

AI tools have been developed after years of effort, effectively detecting different types of cancers in the human body.

Detection of Rare Diseases With AI

This is yet another interesting AI application that identifies the potential rare disease in humans based on detecting the patterns in facial expressions through the use of Facial Recognition Software.

AI Applications for Medication Management

Many AI applications have been introduced which are beneficial in helping patients to intake their prescribed medication on time and also sends an alert if the medication routine is missed.

AI Assistance to Explain Lab Results

The robots are powered with AI to explain lab results to the patients, so the doctors may focus on the core aspects of combating the disease.

In the UAE, AI Applications in the Healthcare sector are primarily focused on improving the efficiency and productivity of healthcare practitioners, offering in-patients and out-patients a much more organized and robust experience, and streamlining the back-end procedures. With the implementation of AI in healthcare, an increased clinical flow is witnessed. Additionally, it will give Better doctors information and insights to make decisions based on the best available research and further enhance patient outcomes.

Applications of AI can deal with the enormous amount of data generated in the field of medicine and stimulate fresh data that would otherwise be lost in the plethora of medical data. AI-based Applications support the proactive maintenance of a healthy lifestyle and encourage individuals to adopt healthier behaviors.

Wrap up

Owing to the enormous benefits of implementing AI in the health department, the UAE is seen as a major investor in technology, specifically in robotics and artificial intelligence. In the last decade, the UAE has invested nearly $2.15 billion in strengthening its healthcare department through the implementation of AI.

The UAE is on its way to developing a comprehensive AI-powered medical ecosystem, with major pharmaceutical and global health conglomerates choosing the country as their research hub. The nation is progressing toward becoming the world’s medical research and development hub.

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