Emirates Hospital Jumeirah – Specialties & Services, Medical Team, Packages, Timings, Address & Contact

Emirates Hospital Jumeirah

Emirates Hospital Jumeirah has almost 99 medical staff across 18 specialties. It is one of the best hospitals located in Dubai. After 14 years of the founding of Emirates Hospital Jumeirah, it became the first group’s flagship launched in UAE.

Specialties & Services

  • Anesthesiology Department
  • Cardiology Center of Excellence
  • Dental Department
  • Dermatology & Aesthetics Department
  • Diet & Nutrition Department
  • Emergency Department
  • Endocrinology Department
  • ENT ( Ear, Nose & Throat ) Department
  • Family Medicine Department
  • Fetal Maternal Medicine Center of Excellence
  • Gastroenterology Department
  • General Practice Department
  • General Surgery Center of Excellence
  • Homeopathy Department
  • ICU ( Intensive Care Unit ) Department
  • Infectious Diseases Department
  • Internal Medicine Department
  • IVF Department
  • Laboratory / Pathology Department
  • Nephrology Department
  • Neurology Center of Excellence
  • Neurosurgery Department
  • Obstetrics & Gynaecology Center of Excellence
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Oncology Department
  • Ophthalmology Department
  • Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Center of Excellence
  • Orthopedic Center of Excellence
  • Paediatric Center of Excellence
  • Pediatric Surgery Department
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department
  • Pulmonology Department
  • Radiology and Imaging Department
  • Rheumatology Department
  • Speech ( Pathology ) Therapy
  • Urology Department

Medical Team

Doctor Name


Dr. Nabil Al Khatib


Dr. Namita Padvi


Dr. Safa Arnaout

Dr. Allam Alkowatli

Consultant Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. Sameer Sajwani

Consultant Pediatric Cardiologist
Dr. Fatemeh Nabavizadeh


Dr. Prem Nanda

Orthodontist & Implantologist
Orthodontist & Implantologist

General Dentist

Dr. Sharif Muhammed

Interventional Cardiologist
Dr. Jennifer Philips

General Dentist

Ms. Rawan Muhanna

Clinical Nutritionist
Dr. Manal Abdelghany

Specialist Dermatologist

Ms. Juliet Dsouza

Clinical Nutritionist
Dr. Hasan Hadad

Emergency Medicine

Dr. Zahid Khan

Emergency Medicine
Dr. Seyedhesam Rahmani

Emergency Medicine

Dr. Mirabelle Geha

Emergency Medicine
Dr. Mohamed Salih Ahmed

Consultant Endocrinologist

Dr. Hecham Harb

Consultant Endocrinologist
Ms. Maryam Edraki

Diabetes Educator

Dr. Joseph Sleiman

Consultant ENT
Dr. Madian Hameed Alzaqri


Dr. Maysarah Alawneh

Consultant Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr. Ahmed Saber Youness


Dr. Georges El Jammal

Dr. Serkan Dogan


Dr. Samer Doughan

Consultant General Surgeon
Dr. Maria Shabbir Saria

General Surgeon

Dr. Ashok Gupta

Vascular Surgeon
Dr. Dejan Stepic

General Surgeon

Dr. Roger Batrouni

General Surgeon
Dr. Mostapha El Edelbi

General Surgeon

Dr. Mohamed Gamal Abousaleh

Critical Care
Dr. Mohamed Elsaid

Critical Care

Dr. Youmna Dirani

Consultant Infectious Diseases
Dr. Yanal Salam

Internal Medicine

Dr. Azhar Khan

Internal Medicine
Dr. Sheena Cherry Barns Joy

Internal Medicine

Dr. Nidhi Joshi

Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Dr. Tejashree Singh

Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility

Dr. Kartik Dave

Clinical Pathologist
Dr. Nishanth Girija Kumar

Consultant Nephrologist

Dr. Mohamed Elbassyouny Alawy

Medical Oncology
Dr. Jehad Al Sukhun

Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon

Dr. Muhyeddine Al Taki

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon
Dr. Tetiana Narovchenko


Dr. Issam Mardini

Orthopedic Surgeon
Dr. Layla Mobasher


Ms. Kalyani Sinha

Dr. Ihab Jizi


Dr. Adel Mahmoud

Dr. Manal El Refaei


Dr. Michel Jabbour

Consultant Urologist
Dr. Mohamad Kaskas

Consultant Urologist


Package Name


Caesarean Package

AED 23,000/-
Well Woman Basic Check-Up Package – Under 40 Yrs

AED 2,500/-

Well Woman Basic Check-Up Package – Above 40 Yrs

AED 3,000/-

Well Man Basic Check-Up Package – Under 40 Yrs

AED 1,800/-

Well Man Basic Check-Up Package – Over 40 Yrs

AED 2,000/-

Family Check-Up Package – For Men

AED 8,000/-

Family Check-Up Package – For Women

AED 8,600/-

Future Check-Up Package – For Men

AED 11,000/-

Future Check-Up Package – For Women

AED 11,900/-

Normal Delivery Package

AED 15,000/-

Whole Body Check Up Package – For Men

AED 11,000/-

Whole Body Check Up Package – For Women

AED 12,000/-

Infertility Health Check-Up Package

AED 3,100/-

Diabetic Check-Up Package – For Men

AED 4,500/-

Diabetic Check-Up Package – For Women

AED 5,000/-

Cancer Screening Package – For Men

AED 4,500/-

Cancer Screening Package – For Women

AED 5,000/-

Antenatal Screening Package

AED 1,500/-
Antenatal Package from 28 weeks

AED 4,500/-

Child Check-Up Package

AED 1,000/-
Well Man Extensive Check-Up Package – Under 40

AED 3,300/-

Well Man Extensive Check-Up Package – Over 40

AED 4,000/-

Senior Citizens Check-Up Package – For Men

AED 5,000/-
Senior Citizens Check-Up Package – For Women

AED 5,500/-

Family Check-Up Package – For Children

AED 1,400/-
Well Woman Extensive Check-Up Package –  Under 40

AED 4,800/-

Well Woman Extensive Check-Up Package – Over 40

AED 5,100/-
Breast Cancer Check-Up Package

AED 750/-

Antenatal Package from 12 Weeks

AED 6,500/-
Angioplasty with 1 DES Package

AED 43,000/-

Angiogram Package

AED 14,000/-




Covid-19 PCR Test

OPD Clinics

Saturday – Friday: 8am – 8pm

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