Dubai’s Weather in September 2021

Dubai’s Weather in September

The climate of Dubai is hot and dry and that is why this city is one of the most famous vacation destinations in the world. People from all around the world visit Dubai and Dubai International Airport is the sixth busiest air terminal. Dubai is much more than the sun, ocean, and surf.


Temperatures begin to get low in September, denoting the finish of the late spring, yet with highs of 38°C and lows of 26°C, Dubai is as yet a hotspot – in a real sense. As the months of summers, there is for all intents and purposes no precipitation and the dampness at long last starts to die down, visitors should not wind up excessively sodden or uncomfortable. Temperature updates of Dubai are given hourly.

Temperature in Dubai

In September, the average temperature is at 33°C which is 4°C higher than the month of October. The hot season usually lasts from 18th May till 25th September. The highest temperature is 37°C and the low temperature at the average level is 31°C.

Sunshine Hours

30th September is the shortest day of the month in Dubai (11.56 hours daylight), whereas 1st September is the longest 1 (12.38 hours daylight), which means the length of the day starts to decrease during September. The sunshine hours are decreasing gradually.

Sunshine Hours in Dubai


Throughout the year, the cloud cover in Dubai is quite low. During September the middle-overcast cover is a reasonable 1% and doesn’t differ significantly throughout the span of the month. For instance, on 15th September, the sky is clear or generally clear 77% of the time and just halfway overcast 3% of the time. So, you have essentially ensured clear skies and an exceptionally sweltering climate in the event that you decide to remain in Dubai during September.


Rain in Dubai

There is almost no precipitation in September. February is the wettest month in Dubai because almost 40mm of rainfall is recorded in the entire month.


You will feel comfortable in 30% humidity of September, but it can rise up to 91% over the course of the month as well. The humidity in September very rarely decreases to 16% or gets too high like 100%.

On 12th September, the air is driest, and the humidity levels are highest around 30th September. the dew point, by and large, differs from an agreeable 15°C to an extremely harsh 27°C, and once in a while falls beneath 8°C or above 29°C.


September encounters run-of-the-mill wind speeds fluctuating from only 1 m/s to 7 m/s, which is considered as a light to direct breeze, once in a while regularly surpassing 8 m/s. The most noteworthy normal breeze speed of 4 m/s is required to happen around September first, at which time the normal everyday greatest breeze speed is a moderate 7 m/s.

Wind in Dubai

Then again, the most reduced normal breeze speed of 3 m/s happens around 30th September, at which time the normal day by day greatest breeze speed is 7 m/s.

Average Sea Temperature

In September, the temperature of the sea also starts to decrease (33°C to 32°C) slowly and gradually. But the temperature is not bad for swimming or windsurfing.

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