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Celiac Disease Biopsy Explained – Part II

[ad_1] In this article, further detail is provided regarding the appearance of the intestine under the microscope in celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. The terms intra-epithelial lymphocytosis and crypt hyperplasia are defined and explained for those wanting to know what doctors are looking for when a biopsy of the small intestine is recommended during the evaluation of possible celiac disease. Celiac disease biopsy: What is crypt hyperplasia and intra-epithelial lymphocytosis? The crypts can become enlarged (crypt hyperplasia) in response to stimulus of injury or perceived threat of invasion to the body. White blood cells called lymphocytes are activated and sent up from the crypt areas to the tips of the villi. This results in what is termed intra-epithelial lymphocytosis or …

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Missed Diagnosis – This is My Story, It Could Save Your Life

[ad_1] My story begins late one night in December 2008. I’d just come home from a long and wonderful trip to Bhutan, Nepal and India and was in the midst of moving in with a man I’d met and fallen in love with two summers before. We’re both in good health, exercise regularly and keep our diet on the light side. But this night we’d been out to a fancy restaurant. We were in a high mood, planning a celebration for our 70 and 75th birthdays as one big party in February. A few hours after I’d gone to sleep, an intense cramping in my lower left side awakened me. My abdomen was bloated. My stomach felt hard as a …

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Ulcerative Colitis Remedy – Stress and Stress Management

[ad_1] It is becoming widely understood that the effects of stress are much more than only psychological and emotional. For some time now medical experts have come to the realization that stress has an actual physiological impact. It’s hard to believe that something physically intangible, such as stress, can have a real physical consequence on your body. Believe or not it’s true and stress can wreak havoc on your physical health. Whenever your body goes into stress mode it undergoes a physical reaction much like that of the fight or flight response that results from overwhelming fear or panic. Fight or Flight response is actually the body’s reaction to stress, It prepares your body to either fight or escape from …

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Acid Reflux and Digestive Health

[ad_1] Banish the Burn My mother-in-law has suffered from severe heartburn for years. And, along with popping hundreds of antacids and watching what she ate, she has seen at least a dozen doctors. Because most of them assumed the problem was too much acid, they would whip out their prescription pads, ready to write a script for a proton-pump inhibitor. Others had suggested surgery to move pieces and parts of the digestive system to prevent the painful acid reflux. But, even though these doctors were offering the best modern medicine has to offer, the premise they started with was a faulty one. It turns out, the burning sensation wasn’t from too much stomach acid – it was from too little! …

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Restore Sexual Desire and Performance Naturally With Ostrin Q10

[ad_1] Sexual desire and performance are the result of a number of different factors, both in the body and mind. This means that there is no one single problem that causes most sexual problems such as a lack of desire, a failure to get aroused or premature orgasm. However, researchers have determined that a person’s sex life can be improved by improving the functioning of many parts of the body. For example, a good blood flow is necessary to be able to get aroused or erect and increased sexual desire comes from a combination of energy, general good health and concentration, all of which can be physically enhanced through the use of the supplement Ostrin Q10. If there is any …

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MRT Testing Is Helpful For Food Intolerance And Sensitivity That Is Not Caused By Food Allergies

[ad_1] Food intolerance and sensitivity reactions that are not due to an allergy: Certain foods, additives and chemicals are capable of triggering immune reactions that are not due to allergies. Chemicals mediators released by the immune system are capable of producing a variety of body reactions and symptoms. Avoiding foods that produce such reactions is suppose to resolve or at least significantly improve symptoms resulting from eating those foods. Mediator release (MRT) testing measures the release of chemical mediators from white blood cells and platelets in response to specific foods, additives or chemicals. Such chemical reactions presumably indicate sensitivity to these foods or additives. Principles of commercially available mediator release testing (MRT): Commercially available mediator release testing (MRT, Signet Diagnostic …

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Mastocytic Enterocolitis – A Patient Guide to Mastocytic Inflammatory Bowel Disease (MIBD)

[ad_1] WHAT IS MASTOCYTIC ENTEROCOLITIS? Mastocytic enterocolitis (entero=small intestine, colitis- colon + -itis= inflammation) is a relatively new term for a subset of irritable bowel syndrome condition where there are discovered to be increased mast cells in the intestine. Mast cells are a type of immune cell. They are present in low levels in everyone’s intestinal lining as well in lots of tissues of the body in particularly in the skin, eyes and respiratory tract where they are involved in allergy reactions. They are present in tissues of the body for fighting infections, would healing and are also involved nerve signal regulation. They have numerous granules containing a variety of chemicals that mediate body reactions i.e. chemical mediators. Histamine is …

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93000 – 93010 – Hone Your ECG Coding Skills With These 3 Key Pointers

[ad_1] Grasping the effects of 93010 on new vs. established patient status could bring a reward of $58. Whether you call them ECGs or EKGs, there are chances you will see a lot of electrocardiograms in your practice. That means that even the smallest coding errors can add up quickly. Brush up on the 93000-93010 basics with this review of the service, the code components, and the role ECGs can play in selecting the right E/M code. Rely on These Codes for Proper ECG Reporting There are three codes for routine ECG: 93000 – Electrocardiogram, routine ECG with at least 12 leads; with interpretation and report 93005 -… tracing only, without interpretation and report 93010 -… interpretation and report only …

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What Is An Endoscopy Procedure?

[ad_1] An endoscopy is performed to diagnose certain gastrointestinal and stomach diseases when other diagnostic methods are inadequate. It is also used to investigate diseases which have already been diagnosed, or to find out what other diseases can be triggered – which helps the practiceer recommend an appropriate treatment. Diseases diagnosed by endoscopy include: Urinary tract infectious; Respiratory disease; Internal bleeding; Stomach ulcer; Irritable bowel syndrome; Chronic diarrhea. In addition, an endoscopy is useful for diagnosing and treating cancer. It is used to obtain small tissue samples that are checked to see if it's cancerous cells (biopsy). In particular, the endoscopy procedure is used to obtain tissue samples from colon or lung. In some cases, before performing the test is …

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Mastocytic Enterocolitis or Mastocytic Inflammatory Bowel Disease (MIBD), A New Epidemic?

[ad_1] Mastocytic enterocolitis is a new clinical entity characterized by increase mast cells of 20 or more per high-powered field in the duodenum or colon. Jakate et al. described 47 patients with intractable diarrhea and abdominal pain without other cause who had elevated mast cell numbers in intestinal biopsies and responded to therapy directed at mast cells. The patients generally met criteria for diarrhea predominant irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Normal subjects had much lower levels of mast cells of an average of 12 per HPF. My experience indicates that this condition may be another hidden epidemic that should have been added to the that of celiac disease and non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS). My colleague Dr. Rodney Ford has filed the …

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