Prime Medical Center – Services, Team, Working Hours, Contact

Prime medical network is a vast healthcare system that has 14 multi-specialty medical centers divided across Sharjah, Dubai, and Ajman. These centers offer the latest medical services, procedures, tests, and diagnostics across multiple medical specialties. Prime medical centers offer the best healthcare facilities and are listed amongst the top community health providers in the UAE. […]

Why Doctors are Important?

You are sick, you need to see a doctor. But not just any doctor will do, no matter how much your head wants to convince you otherwise. It’s important that the doctor has studied well, passed all his exams, and completed years of practical training. Without this training, the doctor cannot read medical journals to […]

How to Get Health Insurance in Dubai?

All residents need health insurance coverage in order to get the benefits of healthcare services. This applies to expatriates as well as UAE nationals working or living in Dubai. The first step is to know if you are required by law to have health insurance. Non-UAE Nationals must purchase mandatory health insurance at a minimum, […]

Internal Medicine Doctors in Dubai

Internal medicine doctors are referred to as internists in the United States. Sometimes they are called general practitioners or family physicians in other countries. Internists are primary care physicians, which means that they are the first ones you will see for most of your medical needs. The word “internist” can be confusing since it is […]

What Is The Benefit Of Doctor On Call In UAE

A benefit of Doctor on Call in UAE – wide service is that 7DAYS doctors are able to provide assessment and advice rather than having to refer patients to public hospitals. “The whole ethos of the service is for people not to panic when they don’t know what’s wrong with them,” explains Dr de Bono. […]

10 Best Orthopedic Doctors in Sharjah, UAE

Orthopedic doctors are specialists that deal with the problems related to the musculoskeletal system of the body, i.e bones, and joints. They can also be referred to as orthopaedists. Best Orthopedic Doctors In Sharjah You will come across different results while searching online regarding the best orthopedists in Sharjah but these are the best doctors […]

Doctor Salaries in Middle East | Authentic for 2021

Salary in the Middle East is generally low, and this has led to many doctors emigrating to other countries where salaries are higher.  Salaries Depending on Nationality Salaries for doctors depend on their nationalities; expatriate doctors (Westerners) tend to get paid more than Arabian doctors do. Their yearly income remains fairly static throughout their careers […]

Best Eye Specialists in Dubai | 8 Top Opthalmologists

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated 2.2 billion people are visually impaired globally. With almost 1 in 4 people worldwide either blind or living with low vision, it is evidently clear that visual impairment is a pressing global issue. This has led to various organizations coming together and establishing ways to help individuals […]