Amber Clinic Dubai, UAE – Specialties & Services, Team, Insurance, Working Hours, & Contact Information

Amber Clinic Introduction Gulf Healthcare International founded and established Amber Clinics in 2010 as part of their innovative and sustainable aim to provide affordable, high-quality healthcare to the people of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and coming generations. They have a strong focus on pleasant patient experience and medical outcomes by delivering a professional diagnosis […]

What is a Rheumatologist, and When Should You See One?

Rheumatology is one most people are often unaware of among the different medical fields. Since most people do not know what a Rheumatologist is and what problems they treat, knowing when you need one can be a tricky question that is difficult to answer. This field is growing, with several Rheumatologist jobs in UAE now […]

How to Stay Safe in a Foreign Country?

A person is at risk of numerous things while in a foreign country. They are new and a lot clueless at that place, thus giving reason to thieves or other kinds of criminals to target them. To avoid this from happening and stay safe in a foreign country, you need to take some measures to […]

Olive Oil Benefits For Skin, Hair and Health

Did you know that olive oil has a ton of benefits for skin, hair, and health? It’s no wonder this natural oil is such a popular ingredient in homemade skincare recipes and therapeutic massage oils. Read on to learn about the amazing benefits of olive oil! Olive Oil for Skin Olive oil works well as […]

Difference Between PCR and Antigen Test for Covid in UAE

As we continue to live in the Coronavirus pandemic, newer technologies have been developed to detect and treat Covid. In various areas around the world, like the UAE, effective methods are being developed to detect the infection of COVID-19. While there are several ways to test for covid, let’s discuss two of the most frequently […]

How to Treat Dry Skin on Face? Follow These Tips

Dry skin is a condition that occurs when the skin does not produce enough sebum, which is the natural oil that helps keep the skin hydrated. Dry skin can be caused by a variety of factors, including genetics, aging, environmental factors, and certain medical conditions. What are the Symptoms of Dry Skin? The most common […]

How to Clean Your Sofa Fabric?

If you notice your sofa’s fabric is looking more dull rather than the bright color it once had, then it may be time to clean your sofa fabric. Sofa cleaning is not an easy job, so it is important that you do not use harsh chemicals without proper training. It might permanently damage your sofa […]

Best Home Service Massage Centers in Dubai

Home service massages are the best way to relax without any worry and keep you healthy. People often avoid massages because of the fear of their home getting neglected or because of the lack of time they get after house duties. And some people don’t have enough motivation to visit a massage center. You might […]