Burjeel Hospital Al Ain – Specialties and Services, Medical Team, Packages, Insurance Covered, Address and Contact

Burjeel Hospital

Burjeel Hospital Al Ain is considered the best hospital in UAE. More than 150+ experienced doctors provide services there.

Specialties & Services

  • Anesthesiology
  • breast surgery
  • Cardiology
  • Critical Care and the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • Dental
  • Dermatology
  • Diabetes and Endocrinology
  • Dietitians and Nutritionists
  • Emergency Medicine
  • ENT
  • Family Medicine
  • Gastroenterologists
  • General & Laparoscopic Surgery
  • General Medicine
  • Home Care
  • Internal Medicine
  • Laboratory
  • Medical Ontology
  • Neonatology NICU
  • Nephrology
  • Neurology
  • Neurosurgery
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
  • Orthopedics and Sports Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • Physiotherapy
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Psychiatry
  • Pulmonology
  • Radiology
  • Rheumatology
  • Speech Therapy
  • Urology
  • Vascular and Endovascular Surgery

Medical Team

Doctor Name

Specialist Years of Experience Nationality Languages Known
Prof. Dr. Abdel Rahman Ahmed Omer Chief Executive Officer, Burjeel Hospital | Consultant Laparoscopic, General & Colorectal Surgeon 30 UK Arabic, English
Dr. Alameldin Abdel Hamed Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 12 Egypt Arabic, English
Dr. Asiya Pathan General Physician 3 Pakistan English, Hindi, Urdu, Sindhi
Dr. Eman Mohamed Soliman Specialist Dermatology 10 Egypt Arabic, English
Ms. Heba Ezzi Clinical Dietitian 2 Syria Arabic, English
Dr. Khalid Osman Elamin Elsayed Consultant Gastroenterology and Director of Endoscopy 13 Sudan Arabic, English
Ms. Lama Saleem Clinical Dietitian 2 Jordan Arabic, English
Dr. Mahmoud Tageldin Mustafa Mohamed Specialist Emergency Medicine 23 Sudan Arabic, English
Dr. Mayada Thamir Younis Consultant Obstetrics and Gynecology 18 UK Arabic, English
Dr. Mina Mohsen Kamel Khalil Effat Specialist Orthodontist 15 UAE Arabic, English, French
Dr. Mohamed Almarzooqi, MD Consultant Interventional Neuroradiology & Interventional Radiology 10 UAE Arabic, English, French
Dr. Mohamed Elsayed Gouda Emergency Specialist 36 Egypt Arabic, English
Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Ahmed Consultant Anesthesia and Pain Medicine 20+ Egypt Arabic, English
Dr. Mohanad Diab Consultant Medical Oncology 12 Sweden English, Arabic, Swedish
Dr. Nada Omer Mohamed Elbashir Specialist Psychiatrist 20 Sudan Arabic, English
Dr. Roger Haene Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon 11 Canada English, German, Swiss-German, Afrikaans
Ms. Ruqsar Rahman Clinical Dietitian 4 India English, Tamil, Urdu, Hindi, French
Dr. Venkat Raj Rajasekaran Physiotherapist 14 India Arabic, English, Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam
Mr. Waleed Zeyad Mohammad Hammad Physiotherapist 1 Jordan Arabic, English
Dr. Yaser Abdalla Mohamed Ali Specialist Pediatrics ICU 21 Egypt Arabic, English
Prof. Amr El Shawarbi Consultant Neurosurgeon & Medical Director of Neurosciences (VPS) 28 Germany English, Arabic, French, German
Dr. Andrew Foggitt Consultant Orthopedic Foot & Ankle Surgeon 19 UK English
Dr. Ashkan Haghshenas Specialist Vascular Surgeon 35 Latvia English, Arabic, Hindi, Russian
Dr. Firas M. Husban Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon 25 Jordan English, Arabic, German, Greek
Dr. Khaled Bitar Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon 16 Palestine Arabic, English
Dr. Khalid Alhamadi Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon 27 Germany English, German, Arabic
Prof. Dr. Med. Matthias Honl Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon 30 Germany English, German
Dr. Marouane Bouloudhnine Consultant Orthopedics Surgeon 22 France Arabic, English, French, Italian
Dr. Mahantesh Magadum Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon 26 India English
Dr. Nader Darwich Consultant Knee Surgeon 30 France English, French, Arabic
Prof. Dr. Erik Hohmann Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon Sports Physician 22 Australia | Germany English, German
Dr. Samih Tarabichi Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon 35 Syria Arabic, English
Dr. Shahid Khan Consultant Orthopedic Spinal Surgeon 15 UK English
Dr. Sarmad Al Fahad Consultant Neurologist 40 Iraq Arabic, English
Dr. Sharath Kumar Maila Specialist Neurosurgeon 25 India Arabic, English
Dr. Raad Shukree Awad Nadaf Senior Specialist Orthopedics 16 Jordan Arabic, English
Dr. Manish Gulabani Specialist Radiology & Chair of MDT 9 India English, Hindi
Dr. Rami Salameh Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon 6 Jordan English, Arabic
Hamza Al Sarraj Senior Physiotherapist 4 Syria English, Arabic
Dr. Amir Ragab Specialist Orthopedic Surgeon 19 Egypt English, Arabic
Dr. Abdulkarim Nassar Specialist Pulmonologist 16 Palestine English, Arabic
Dr. Abdelaziz Gomaa Consultant Interventional Cardiology 25 Egypt English, Arabic
Dr. Abdullahi Farah Asseyr, MD Senior Consultant Pediatrician 30 USA Arabic, English, Italian
Dr. Ahmad Kamar Consultant General Surgery 35 Egypt Arabic, English
Dr. Amer Abdulredha Abdulhadi Alani Specialist General Surgery 30 Iraq Arabic, English
Dr. Amjed Almufty Specialist ENT 30 Iraq Arabic, English
Dr. Amora Mohamed Aly Hamed Othman GP Dentist 13 Egypt Arabic, English
Prof. Amr El Shawarbi Consultant Neurosurgeon & Medical Director of Neurosciences (VPS) 28 Germany English, Arabic, French, German
Dr. Anjali Bantwal Specialist Anatomic & Clinical Pathology 25 India English, Hindi, Kannada
Dr. Anoop Kumar Pandey Specialist Radiology 18 India English, Urdu, Hindi
Dr. Attaallh Alrefaee Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 16 Syria Arabic, English
Dr. Ayman Massri Specialist Rheumatology 38 France English, Arabic, French
Dr. Basma Ali Shehabi Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 20 Syria Arabic, English
Dr. Bhavna Durgaprasad Kumre Specialist Obstetrics & Gynecology 15 India English, Urdu, Hindi, Marathi
Dr. Debasmita Chakraborty Specialist Anesthesia 7 India English, Hindi, Bengali
Dr. Fatima Bushra Specialist Radiologist 3 Sudan Arabic, English
Dr. Firas David Consultant Vascular Surgeon 23 France Arabic, English, French
Dr. Ghassan Mustafa Specialist Gastroenterologist 28 Syria Arabic, English
Ms. Hanna Ghulam Murtaza Physiotherapist 12 Pakistan English, Malayalam, Arabic
Dr. Hassan Jaafar Consultant Medical Oncology 30 Lebanon Arabic, English
Dr. Abdelmatlub Ben Mussa Consultant Pediatrics 35 UK Arabic, English
Prof. Dr. Abdulla Shehab Consultant Interventional Cardiology 25 UAE Arabic, English
Dr. Abdullah Al Naeemi Consultant Interventional Cardiologist 20 UAE Arabic, English
Dr. Abomedian Yagoub General Practitioner 20 Sudan Arabic, English
Dr. Ahmed Merghani General Practitioner 10 Sudan Arabic, English
Dr. Ajit Ravindra Dhake Consultant General Surgery 10 India English, Hindi, Marathi
Ms. Akula Indraja Physiotherapist 8 India English, Arabic, Hindi, Telugu
Dr. Aleksandar Resanovic Specialist General Surgeon 15 Serbia English, German, Serbian
Ms. Amal Mohamed Ajab Physiotherapist 4 Somalia Arabic, English, Somalian
Dr. Amr El Shawarbi Consultant Neurosurgeon 24 Egypt Arabic, English
Ms. Anishka SP Physiotherapist 10 India English, Arabic, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil
Dr. Areag Ali Mohmed General Practitioner 10 Sudan Arabic, English
Dr. Aser Sarhan Specialist Emergency Medicine 35 Egypt Arabic, English
Dr. Ashraf Abdelkafy Consultant Orthopedic Surgery 20 Egypt English, Arabic, German
Dr. Asif Sardar General Practitioner 10 Pakistan English, Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic
Ms. Ayana Kizhakkekalam Physiotherapist 14 India English, Arabic, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam
Dr. Ayman Helal Specialist ENT 25 Egypt Arabic, English
Dr. Basem Arnaout Specialist Orthopedic Surgery 20 Egypt Arabic, English
Dr. Bhaskar Veenkatachalapathy Specialist Vascular Surgery 10 India English, Tamil
Dr. Bilal Lababidi Specialist Medical Oncology 18 Syria Arabic, English
Dr. Abhay Joshi Consultant Rheumatologist 20 UK English, Hindi, Marathi
Dr. Ahmad Jazzar Consultant Gastroenterology (American Board Certified) 23 Syria English, Arabic
Dr. Akram General Practitioner Dentist 15 Egypt English, Arabic
Dr. Ali Keivanjah Consultant Vascular Surgery 20 Germany English, German
Prof. Dr. Abdulbaqi Alkhatib Consultant Plastic Surgery 15 Iraq

English, Arabic, French


1. Antenatal Packages

Package Name

Antenatal Dental Package AED 1061
Antenatal Package – 28 Weeks AED 7143
Early Antenatal Package AED 17151
Fertility Screening Package AED 6792

2. Cancer Screening Packages

Package Name

Comprehensive Breast Cancer Screening Package AED 5187
Comprehensive Cervical Screening Package AED 3522
Kidney Cancer Screening Package AED 1446
Comprehensive Screening Package for Women Above 40 AED 5367
Comprehensive Screening Package for Women Below 40 AED 5367
Comprehensive Screening Package for Men Above 50 AED 7860
Comprehensive Screening Package for Men Below 50 AED 4347
Liver Screening Package AED 2562
Lung Screening Package AED 6519
Thyroid Screening Package AED 1875
Prostate Screening Package (Above 45 Years & Asymptomatic) AED 2373
Colorectal Cancer Screening Package AED 11451
Cervical Screening Package

AED 1626

3. Cardiology Packages

Package Name Price
Angiogram Package AED 25920
Basic Heart Health Package AED 3798
Coronary Angioplasty AED 39776
Elite Heart Health Package AED 8457
Value Heart Health Package

AED 6660

4. Comprehensive Health Packages

Package Name

Standard Medical Package – Men AED 1527
Comprehensive Medical Package – Men AED 7584
Well Women Package AED 3909
Comprehensive Medical Package for Women Above 40 AED 10833
Comprehensive Medical Package for Women Below 40 AED 7800
Child Health Package

AED 1587

5. Dental Packages

Package Name

Dental Check-up AED 1061
Laser Teeth Whitening Package AED 3780
Tooth Extraction Package

AED 1995

6. ENT Packages

Package Name

Wisdom Teeth Whitening Package AED 3990
Adenoidectomy & VT Insertion Surgery Package AED 6795
Adult Hearing Screening Test Package AED 1797
Children’s Hearing Screening Test Package AED 1419
Neonates’ Hearing Screening Test Package AED 2775
Septoplasty Surgery Package AED 8976
Tonsils & Adenoidectomy Surgery Package

AED 4767

7. Hematology Packages

Package Name

Acute Leukemia Screening AED 11466
Bone Marrow Biopsy Package AED 32661
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Screening AED 6612
Chronic Myeloid Leukemia Screening AED 4272
Diagnostic for High Platelet Count Package AED 2052
Diagnostic for High Platelet Count Package AED 2052
General Anemia Package AED 1419
General Blood Check-up Package AED 2673
Hemolytic Anemia AED 1095
High Leukocyte- Neutrophils AED 1554
Iron Deficiency Anemia AED 879
Leukemia – Acute/Chronic Package AED 1425
Leukopenia (Low WBC) Package AED 3708
Polycythemia – High HB AED 7488
Post Bone Marrow Transplant Follow Up – Autologous AED 5396
Pre Bone Marrow Transplant Initial Evaluation Package AED 17389
Recurrent Miscarriage/ Abortion Package AED 5436
Screening for Bleeding Disorder Package AED 480
Screening for Clotting Disorder Package AED 567
Screening for High Blood Count Package AED 1986
Screening for Inherited Anemia Package AED 13611
Thrombocytosis – High Platelet Count AED 2870
Thrombophilia Panel Package

AED 4563

8. Maternity Packages

Package Name

Painless Delivery Top Up Package AED 999
Premenopausal Package AED 5889
VIP Top Up Package AED 5000
Cesarean (C-Section) Delivery Package (Baby) AED 4,999
Cesarean (C-Section) Delivery Package (Mother) AED 24,999
Normal Deliver Package (Baby) AED 4999
Normal Deliver Package (Mother)

AED 19999

9. Neonatology Packages

Package Name

Baby Massage Package AED 400
Counseling Support Package AED 750
Lactation Support Package

AED 400

10. Ophthalmology Packages

Package Name


Diabetes Eye Health Package

AED 2499
Dry Eyes & Computer Vision Screening AED 1289
Elderly Eye Health Package (Above 65) AED 2352
Eye Health Check for Cancer Patients AED 1917
Glaucoma Package AED 3978
Preterm Babies Vision Screening AED 1167
Vision Package Children

AED 849

11. Osteoporosis Packages

Package Name


Osteoporosis Package

AED 2358

12. Pulmonology Packages

Package Name


Allergy Package

AED 2898
COPD Package AED 2094
Lung Health Package AED 2571
Sleep Package AED 3693
Smoking Cessation Package

AED 2410

13. Ramadan Wellness Packages

Package Name


Ramadan Basic Heart Health Package

AED 2659
Ramadan Cesarean (C-Section) Delivery Package (Mother) AED 17500
Ramadan Child Health Package AED 1110
Ramadan Comprehensive Medical Package – Men AED 5309
Ramadan Comprehensive Medical Package for Women Above 40 AED 7583
Ramadan Comprehensive Medical Package for Women Below 40 AED 5460
Ramadan Elderly Eye Health Package (Above 65) AED 1647
Ramadan Laser Teeth Whitening Package AED 2646
Ramadan Normal Deliver Package (Mother) AED 14000
Ramadan Standard Medical Package – Men AED 1069
Ramadan Vision Package for Children AED 595
Ramadan Well Women Package AED 2737
Ramadan Wellness Package AED 500
Ramadan Wisdom Teeth Whitening Package

AED 3192

14. Urology Packages

Package Name


Male Fertility Check Package

AED 5367
Male Sexual Health Package AED 4410
Scrotum Check Males

AED 4695



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