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How to Reduce Breast Size Naturally at Home

[ad_1] Many women have excessively large breasts due to various natural reasons. Are your breasts excessively large too and if that’s the case then are you happy and satisfied with their size? It’s natural for men to find women with bigger boobs hot and sexy. There are also some drawbacks attached to bigger boobs. Though you may not be complaining, still you have to deal with numerous discomforts and inconveniences due to the size of your breasts. Women who aren’t comfortable with their breast size often wonder how to reduce breast size. Good news for them is that now there are various options to reduce the size and shape. Breast reduction surgery is the best and one of the most …

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Is Your Breast Augmentation Surgeon A Fraud?

[ad_1] Are you aware of what to look out for when searching for a surgeon to perform breast augmentation surgery on you? Did you know that there are phony plastic surgeons as well as qualified ones? So, how can you tell the qualified from the fake? Here are red flags that should instantly alert you that the surgeon you are dealing with is a quack. 1. The Surgeon isn’t Certified by any Regulatory Board of Plastic Surgeons This is the number one red flag as it is mandatory that all plastic surgeons be registered with a regulatory board of plastic surgeons in any particular country. If the medical professional cannot prove that he/ she is a member of any reputable …

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People With BDD Don’t Need Cosmetic Surgery

[ad_1] It is important to know why doctors administer a mental health screening before putting a BDD suspected patient under the knife. It clearly doesn’t mean that the patient has lost it or is a psycho, it is just to rule out body dismorphic disorder because such people with BDD don’t need cosmetic surgery, they need psychiatric care & counselling. If a surgeon performs the desired surgery on a BDD affected patient without mental counselling, it is more than sure that he/she will NOT be satisfied with the results and it will affect both (the surgeon and the patient) because it is not a matter of face/body correction, it the mind that need fixation. People with BDD may pick at …

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Is a Breast Lift Cheaper Than Full Breast Enlargement?

[ad_1] A breast lift can be cheaper than getting a full breast enlargement surgery. There are reasons for this, one of them is that there is no need to put an implant in place, which can make up a large percentage of the cost. Women often find the breast lift a better way to improve their bust rather than just making them bigger. The reason the breast sags is because of lack of elasticity, which happens over time, after breast feeding, pregnancy, or a dramatic weight loss. Some women don’t want to make their bust bigger, they would just like them to be more like they were before they had kids, or when they were younger. A breast lift can …

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Breast Augmentation: Post Surgery Pointers

[ad_1] Breast augmentation is a procedure where implants such as silicon gel or saline are placed inside the breast to alter its shape and size. The recovery process of having breast implants is more complicated than the procedure itself which normally takes approximately one to two hours. The recovery period does vary for every patient, is even more complex and may sometimes raise more questions, and it’s something that we want to answer here. Recovery Period During the recovery period, each patient will somewhat feel differently. After the surgery, patients may feel minimal discomfort for the first two days and will usually take about a week before the patient can resume to their normal activities but this would also depend …

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Why Women Opt For Breast Augmentation

[ad_1] Breast augmentation, also known as mammoplasty, is a cosmetic surgical procedure in which breast implants are placed inside the breasts of a woman to improve their size and shape. Apart from this, mammoplasty also reconstructs the breasts after a mastectomy, an operation carried out on breast cancer patients. A few years ago, the procedure was quite costly and only the rich and famous could afford having it done on them. But it has now become more popular and affordable to ordinary women. What’s more, they get to have their breasts in their desired sizes and shapes. The procedure involves the creation of pockets in the breasts large enough for the breast implants to fit in. The woman undergoing the …

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Breast Lift Surgery to Raise and Firm Your Sagging Breasts

[ad_1] Today, thousands and thousands of women are going under the knife to raise and re-contour their sagging breasts. Multiple pregnancies, age, significant weight fluctuations and gravity can cause your breasts to droop towards the ground and sag, which can affect your appearance. A breast lift surgery can make your loose, sagging breasts firm and restore its youthful volume. The demand for breast lift surgery worldwide has seen an upward trend over the past one decade, with 90,679 surgeries carried out last year in the United States only. Overview Technically known as mastopexy, this surgery works by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissue. This procedure can also reduce the size of enlarged areolas and move nipples to higher …

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Breast Augmentation: Tips For Fast Recovery After Surgery

[ad_1] There are many tips that can considerably enhance your fast recovery after breast augmentation surgery. The procedure’s popularity is continuously growing due to the availability of information and technology which have both advanced drastically from what used to be obtained in the past. This current trend has woken cosmetic plastic surgeons up to the need that they make their patients’ recovery time and process as comfortable and painless as it can be. In addition to the tips that make your recovery stress-free, comfortable and fast, there are aids that also help in minimizing the probability of developing post-operative secondary effects. The following tips will ensure that you recover quickly and comfortably after undergoing a breast augmentation surgery procedure. The …

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Breast Augmentation – How Much Does Breast Implant Surgery Cost?

[ad_1] If you’re considering breast augmentation there are a few things to consider in terms of cost before you proceed with any breast enlargement. The costs of breast implant surgery and other breast plastic surgery are not always what they seem. There are many hidden costs that must be considered also. For an initial breast augmentation surgery you should plan to pay at least $5000 to $6500 for saline breast implants and at least $6000 to $8000 for silicone breast implants. If you find doctors or surgeons who are charging less, be careful. It’s imperative that you make sure the surgeon is a board-certified plastic surgeon. There are doctors in other specialties such as dermatology who routinely perform these breast …

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Breast Augmentation – Know the Costs

[ad_1] It is usually assumed that breast augmentation surgery is always expensive and the price doesn’t very much, but the price of plastic surgery in general has gone down because of the popularity of these procedures with patients. In addition, there are many factors unique to each doctor that account for a diverse spread of pricing for plastic surgery. Breast augmentation and any other surgery for that matter, should not be approached as a bargain hunting expedition. You shouldn’t, however, automatically go for the highest priced surgeon thinking they must be the best, but it is definitely safe to avoid the bargain basement options. The first factor that may influence the price of a plastic surgeon is the location of …

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