Benefits of Doing Aerial Yoga in Abu Dhabi

Benefits of Doing Aerial Yoga in Abu Dhabi

Yoga is one of the best approaches to maintaining body fitness and being stress-free. Although traditional yoga comprises benefits for the mind and body, aerial yoga has additional advantages over traditional ones. Aerial yoga is an anti-gravity physical activity with some common conventional yoga poses. The primary difference between traditional and aerial yoga is our suspended weight which is supported by the hammock.

You can get the best aerial yoga classes with qualified instructors in Abu Dhabi. According to Shortlist Dubai, Aerial Yoga in Abu Dhabi is available at different places, which are Palm Al-Jameriah studio, Breath Yoga, Yoga One, and Flo Fitness Studio are one of the best places.

Aerial Yoga/ Anti-Gravity

This technique was first discovered by Christopher Harrison, the founder of the anti-gravity concept. He was known as the creator of suspension fitness in 1991. The purpose of this technique is to enhance the whole fitness of the body with unique combinations of different exercises. It reduces the pressure on the spine and aligns your entire body with stretching and enhancing the strength of muscles.

Benefits of Aerial Yoga

The benefits are related to aerial yoga steps as there are different poses in the yoga, and each step serves a different purpose. Some poses improve your circulation, some are beneficial for your joints, and some for the circulatory system. Here are some of the significant benefits you will get from aerial yoga.

1. Flexibility & Strength

Aerial Yoga Improves Flexibility & Strength

It increases the flexibility and strength of the body as this type of exercise involves the movement of your full body. You will feel strength in your muscles, and performing further stretches and poses will increase your body flexibility. Aerial yoga stretches your muscles and tendons and gives more space to your body.

2. Removes Back Pain

Aerial Yoga Helps Remove Back Pain

It will remove any type of neck and back pressure resulting from a full day of strenuous work. When you sit or stand all day, gravity puts pressure or weighs down your spine. So aerial yoga, in which you move upside down, will lengthen and remove stress from your spine. The hammock support creates no pressure on your joints and spine, so you can release back pain from a full-body workout.

3. Improves Functioning of the Body System

Aerial yoga is the best source for increasing blood circulation and the breathing system. The type and nature of poses will enhance the functioning of your different systems, such as digestion, respiration, and circulatory system. After some time, you will feel that your lung capacity has increased.

4. Increases Inner Strength

It will give you inner and brain strength when you stabilize yourself and maintain your balance while doing yoga. Yoga strengthens your abdominal muscles as, during the whole practice, you keep your muscles engaged.

5. Enhances Mood

Aerial Yoga Enhances Mood

It will result in boosting your confidence and mood. As in aerial yoga with different advanced poses, when done by beginners, they feel a sense of accomplishment. In this way, they learn something new, and it boosts their confidence. Daily aerial yoga makes you free from anxiety attacks and stress. Hanging upside down moves blood rapidly and heavily in your brain, increasing oxygen transfer in your mind to further improve brain function. It helps you in meditation and focuses on positive thoughts, which relax your mind.

6. Relief from Joints Pain

This type of exercise is best for those who have joint issues. As aerial yoga is a low-impact exercise because during this, you move your body without compressing your joints, and it will expand your body. There are some targeted joint issues in yoga poses that will give you relief from joint pain and stiffness.

7. Lower Your Weight

Aerial yoga is not merely a source of relaxation, but it also burns calories. When you try to maintain your balance while hanging from the silk, it requires a stable core. During the whole practice daily for 50 minutes, you melt 320 calories, and after six weeks of regular performance, your risk of a cardiovascular problem is significantly decreased.


The aerial classes tune your body by following the law of physics. The use of silk string supports you in suspension and makes a dynamic relationship with the floor. You get trained in the suspension technique and thus try more poses on it.  It has a number of benefits that enhance body fitness completely.

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