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Worst and Best Laxatives


Laxatives are supposed to provide a solution to the problem of constipation. Constipation may be caused by the kinds of foods that we take in, and therefore the best way to prevent the problem from arising is to actually ensure that you have a good diet.

There are natural and artificial ways of preventing and treating the problem of constipation. The natural treatment methods include eating roughage and drinking a lot of water. You can also cure constipation by using laxatives. Getting the best laxatives will give you a solution that will be fast and effective.

There are some laxatives that will give you very serious side effects. The most common side effects of the laxatives will include having thirst that is excessive, muscle cramps, pain when urinating, breathing difficulties, swallowing difficulties, rashes that will scotch the skin, irritability, tiredness, irregular heartbeats and many others.

But keep in mind that even some of the better laxatives may still give you some minor side effects which may include belching, gas, nausea, irritation of the skin and thirst increase. The absolute best laxatives will not give you signs and symptoms of intestinal blockage or even appendicitis.

Laxatives overall, whether good or bad should, are actually not recommended to be consumed by some people. These will include those who are breastfeeding, those with diabetes mellitus, pregnant women, the elderly, infants and children.

It is highly recommended that you get to seek advice from a qualified physician to get the best laxatives to consume.

A safer and perhaps more natural solution is using a natural colon cleansing product. The author box below provides an excellent guide to choosing the right colon cleaner for your needs.

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