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Wart Removal Home Remedies

Wart Removal Home Remedies : Inexpensive Wart Removal Home Remedies – Do You Want to Remove Warts at a Low Cost and Fast?

Wart Removal Home Remedies : Inexpensive Wart Removal Home Remedies – Do You Want to Remove Warts at a Low Cost and Fast? Getting a wart removed can be a very painful experience whether you choose to do it at home or in the doctor’s office and to make matters worse often times the warts can grow back causing you to have it removed all over again. If you are tired of trips into the doctor you may be looking at wart removal home remedies to not only save you some money but also to safe you a bit of pain along the way.

Not all wart removal home remedies are painless however and it is important to keep in mind that if you want your wart gone fast you will need to put up with a bit of pain. It will cost you much less to purchase your own wart removal kit from the drug store but using it is much the same as the doctor’s office, the liquid nitrogen is painful and leaves blisters and burns on your skin. This type of wart remedy is the quickest way to remove your warts at home however, so if time is an issue you will probably want to go this route.

There are other wart removal home remedies that do not require you to damage the area around the wart, however these remedies will take more time to be effective. They also will cost you less money than either a doctor or a wart removal kit and can offer you an easy painless approach to getting rid of warts.

Garlic has long been used for wart removal and is considered to be an excellent way to eliminate these unsightly little growths. Simply chop the garlic into small pieces and apply it to the wart using gauze or a band aid to keep in place. You can do this in the evening before bed and then wash it with soap and water in the morning. Repeat every night before bed for about 3 weeks and you should see a vast improvement in your wart.

There are a number of other wart removal home remedies you can try, if one does not work try another, you can apply apple cider vinegar to the wart 2-3 times a day for a few weeks. Keep in mind these types of folk remedies take patience to show any results, but they are generally considered to be very effective.

One last somewhat unconventional home remedy for warts that has gained some attention is the use of duct tape. Covering the wart with duct tape warms the area, softens the skin around the wart and deprives it of oxygen. Remove the duct tape after 6 days cleaning the area with a pumice stone and then repeat the process, within about a month the wart will fall off or simply disappear.

Wart removal home remedies have been around for a long time, offering you an alternative to an expensive doctor’s visit that in most cases is not necessary. Warts are harmless if unsightly and will go away on their own when the virus passes in the meantime a few strategies for wart removal can help you keep warts at bay.

Wart Removal Home Remedies

Wart Removal Home Remedies : Inexpensive Wart Removal Home Remedies – Do You Want to Remove Warts at a Low Cost and Fast? All warts can spread from one part of your own body to another, which is why it is important to quickly implement a treatment plan to get rid of the growths. Wart removal home remedies can help you treat symptoms and increase the rate of healing. A handful of suggestions are found below:

a) Garlic

You can apply freshly crushed garlic directly to warts and cover with a bandage for an effective treatment. Garlic possesses an acidic effect that causes the wart to blister and eventually fall off in as little as one week. You will need to apply new garlic every day. For the best results, smear the garlic on the wart, and then cover with petroleum jelly to protect the skin. Eating garlic will also help the immune system fight the virus.

This is yet another trustworthy remedy that will deliver if you choose to look in its direction for relief from the discomfort of warts. Our findings go to show that garlic contains three great properties that make it a potent force against issues relating to warts. Simply crush a garlic clove and apply it on the infected area on the skin and cover it with bandage. Observe its reactions for 20 minutes. Remove the bandage and rinse the garlic off your skin. You are to repeat this process twice daily; expected results will follow.

b) Garlic and Vitamin E

A poultice made with crushed raw garlic will provide anti-viral properties that will help fight a wart. Pricking a vitamin E oil capsule and applying to your skin will help protect. Cover the wart with a bandage, and remove the covering after 24 hours. A blister will eventually form, and within a week, the wart should fall off.

c) Lemon Juice

Dip a cotton swab (like a Q-tip) in lemon juice, and then apply directly to a wart. Repeat this process over the course of a few days. This will give the lemon juice a chance to dissolve the wart.

d) Lemon and Apple Cider

Try soaking lemon slices in apple cider vinegar with a little added salt. Allow the mixture to stand for two weeks before rubbing the lemon slices on a wart.

e) Onions

Onions have an irritating effect on the skin that can promote blood circulation, which can assist in the healing process. You can try rubbing cut slices of onion on your warts to encourage their disappearance.

f) Cotton Ball

A cotton ball is a good way to easily administer wart home remedies. All you have to do soak the cotton ball with a solution (like apple cider vinegar or lime juice), and then place over the wart. Use a bandage or Band-Aid to keep the cotton ball from moving or falling off. It is also important to change the cotton ball on a daily basis.

g) Dandelion

Some say that extracting the sap from a dandelion stem (yes, the ones that grow wild in your backyard) and applying to warts can help speed up healing.

h) Raw Potato

Rubbing the inside of a sliced raw potato against a wart can help remove the growths because the starch works as a drying agent. Follow this remedy for about 10 minutes.

i) Banana Peel

Some people have gotten rid of their warts by rubbing the inside of a banana peel on the growth for a few weeks. Rub the banana peel multiple times during the course of the day to achieve the best results.

j) Aloe Vera

For centuries, aloe has been recognized as a healing agent. When applied as a topical treatment, you can speed up the healing process and ease discomfort. Aloe Vera is one of the most effective removal of warts. It is common around us at the home and it represents one of the sure bets for the treatment of issues that bother on warts. Its anti-inflammatory property accompanied with its soothing effects on the skin will go a long way towards giving relief to anyone afflicted with warts. Extract the pure aloe gel from a fresh stem and apply it on the warts using a cotton ball. Use a bandage to hold it on the skin. Repeat the process twice daily for a period of 2 weeks.

k) Vitamin A

Directly applying the contents of a vitamin A capsule to warts can help with the healing process. Follow this treatment once a day until the wart starts to fade.

l) Vitamin C

Add a small amount of water to a couple of crushed vitamin C tablets to make a healing paste for warts. Apply the remedy to the growth and cover with a Band-Aid to keep the paste in place. The high acid content of the vitamin will work on eradicating the virus responsible for the warts. Only use the paste on the wart and avoid coming in contact with healthy skin, as the vitamin has potential to irritate the skin.

Warts cannot thrive successfully in an acidic environment. Such conditions will wear the warts away and go further to help fight the infections. Vitamin C is very acidic in nature. Do you see reason with us on why we have no choice than to include this remedy on the list of top 10? It has worked for many people; it will sure work for as well. Crush 2-3 vitamin C tablets in a bowl and mix with water enough to form a paste. Apply it on the warts and cover in bandage overnight. Repeat every other night until you overcome all the issues.

m) Nail Polish

When you want to get rid of a wart, prevent the spread of the virus by using nail polish to cover up the offending growth. In one week, you should notice a great change in the wart.

n) Acne Medication

The salicylic acid found in many acne treatments is known to ease symptoms in many skin conditions, such as dandruff, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, calluses, corn, as well as common and plantar warts. Try applying an acne product (such as Oxy or Clearasil) to a wart. Rub in the product on a daily basis for several weeks or months until the wart has disappeared. For better results, soak the affected skin to soften the wart. Filing dead skin will help speed up the healing process.

o) Foods with Proteolytic Enzymes

Fruits, such as papaya, pineapple, banana peels and figs, contain enzymes with digestive properties that could help safely dissolve your warts.

p) First-Aid Tape

Tape is a popular remedy for warts. Simply place the tape (any type of medical or first-aid tape) on a wart and keep in place for the entire day for a period of at least three weeks. Don’t forget to replace the tape on a daily basis.

q) Castor Oil

Soak a piece of gauze with warmed castor oil, and rub across warts for 30 minutes. Repeat two more times throughout the day. You can also use a Band-Aid to keep the gauze in place for a longer period of time. Make sure to change the gauze twice per day. This is yet another remedy that merits a place on this list by virtue of what we see in its composition. Ricinoleic acid is the main component which acts as great anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. We can confirm to you that cold compressed castor oil can be used to cure warts. Shortly before going to bed at night, soak a cotton ball in castor oil and apply it on the warts. Cover it with bandage. In the morning, remove the bandage and soak the wart in warm water for a few minutes. Rub off the wart with a pumice stone. Repeat every day until the wart falls off.

r) Grapefruit Juice

Apply a drop of fresh grapefruit juice to a wart, and cover with a Band-Aid. It is suggested to repeat this remedy three to four times a day. Continuously apply the juice to promote faster healing of warts. ??

s) Pure Honey

The antibacterial properties of pure honey can help treat a wart. Apply the remedy first thing in the morning, and repeat again in the nighttime. Follow this process until the growth vanishes. Some people have reported seeing results within a couple of days.

t) Apple Cider Vinegar and Petroleum Jelly

To remove plantar warts at home, start by soaking your affected foot in a basin filled with warm water. Leave foot in for five minutes. Empty the water, and then fill the basin with lukewarm apple cider vinegar – only pour enough to cover the planter wart. Soak the wart in the vinegar for 15 minutes.

After removing your foot from the basin, gently pat dry with a towel that is immediately set aside to be laundered. Apply petroleum jelly (like Vaseline) on the skin that surrounds the wart. Do not put the petroleum jelly directly on the wart. The Vaseline will help protect the healthy skin. Use a nail file to gently rub back and forth across the wart area. Do this for no more than 30 seconds, as you don’t want to break open the growth. Your goal is to roughen the surface of the wart so that an application of vinegar will absorb deeply into the affected skin.

Soak a sterile cotton ball with a small amount of apple cider vinegar and press against the wart. Don’t be alarmed if you experience a stinging sensation for a moment. Hold the cotton ball in place with a Band-Aid. Some people will use duct tape for a more secure fit. Keep the cotton ball in place for an entire day or overnight (if possible). The best results come when the treatment is followed daily – once in the morning and once in the evening. Within three days to two weeks, the wart should start to darken. The skin will eventually fall off on its own. It is suggested to repeat this remedy for a week.

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