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The Facts About Artificial Insemination


Many couples tend to reach out to fertility specialists when they are unable to conceive naturally on their own. In order to be considered to have fertility trouble, you must have tried to conceive on your own for at least one year. If you have not been able to conceive after that time, you are going to want to consult a fertility specialist.

There are a few different kinds of fertility treatments out there so you are going to want to make sure that you are checking out the kind that suits your needs the best. With artificial insemination, the sperm to directly placed into the uterus, cervix or the fallopian tubes of the woman. By doing this, the sperm will not have as far to go in order to find the egg.

You should be made aware that there is not as high of a percentage of women conceiving through artificial insemination as there is with other types of fertility treatments. The thing is though, there are a lot of women that still opt for this route for a couple of reasons. For starters, it is a little more affordable. It is a very easy technique and there is very little risk for side effects.

It is important to learn about the things that could decrease your chances of artificial insemination success. Such things include being of an older age, having poor quality of sperm, having poor quality of egg, dealing with severe endometriosis or having extreme damage to the fallopian tubes.

Before paying for the artificial insemination, you and your partner will want to sit down to talk things over. Even though this is a relatively easy process and one that does not cost as much as others do, it is still a lot of money and it might not work. Some couples are lucky enough to conceive on their first try. Many couples have to try several times while other couples might never conceive using this fertility treatment. There have even been some couples who after spending thousands of dollars, gave up on the fertility treatments because they simply were not working for them. Then, suddenly, after no longer “trying”, they conceived and they did so naturally.

As you can see, there is a lot to think about and discuss when it comes to this type of treatment. You have to be willing to weigh the pros and cons and decide whether or not the expense of the artificial insemination is worth it to you. So before you go to see your fertility doctor and after, you are going to want to do a little soul searching to see if this is really the route you want to take. This way, you will never find yourself regretting your decision, whatever way you decide to go with this.

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