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Panacea for Fertility – Royal Jelly


Royal jelly is an honey bee secretion. It is produced from the hypopharyngeal glands in the head of nurse bees that are 5 -15 days old. It is meant for feeding drones and worker bees for 3 days and queen bees for the whole life.

It is believed that a special material i.e. royalactin in it is responsible for transforming a normal bee larva into a queen bee. As a result, the queen bee develops into a size double that of the worker bee and has a life span 20 to 30 times of that of the worker bee. The queen bee develops the ovaries and the ability to lay eggs.

A queen bee being fed with royal jelly can lay 2000 eggs per day and live for 4 to 6 years as opposed to that of a worker bee 40 days. This indicates that it could support and enhance fertility.

Royal jelly is rich in amino acids, lipids, sugars, vitamins and proteins. It has high level of vitamin D and E. It also possesses ample minerals like iron and calcium. All these ingredients are essential for human health and reproductive system. It could therefore assist in fertility.

A Yugoslav gynecologist conducted a study on effect of royal jelly on women. One group of women was fed with it whereas the control group without. The group fed with the material showed improvement of the reproductive system and eradication of menstrual problem. The control group did not.

A Japanese study in 2007 showed that it has propensity to mimic human estrogen. Estrogen is essential for healthy bone formation and gene expression. It is vital for healthy menstrual cycle. Royal jelly could assist those who suffer from low estrogen level.

The same study also showed that it has the potential for increasing the size of uterine cells in the mice. Further study however, has to be conducted to show the effect on the women’s uterine cells.

Studies also showed that it increases human libido. It enhances egg and sperm health.

The effect of royal jelly in fertility is prominent. Therefore, it is taken by women as health supplement. It is popular among women who wish to conceive. It increases their chances of conceiving. It is also consumed by the men to boost reproductive health.

Royal jelly is available in both fresh and lyophilized form. To maximize its effect, it is advisable to take fresh frozen one. For those who are not used to its taste, it could be taken together with the honey.

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