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Mrs. Syeda Arshiya Begum Nutritionist Dubai

Mrs. Syeda Arshiya Begum Nutritionist Dubai UAE – Profile of Mrs. Syeda Arshiya Begum Nutritionist at Zulekha Hospital, Al Nahda, Dubai

Mrs. Syeda Arshiya Begum Nutritionist

Mrs. Syeda Arshiya Begum has worked as a dietician at Curewell Hospital in India, from 2004 to 2006. Begum has been working with Zulekha hospital for the past 8 years (from 2007 till present)

Languages Spoken


Special Interests

Educate and advise patients with diet-related disorders on the practical ways in which they can improve their health by adopting healthier eating habits.

Zulekha Hospital

P.O.Box 48577
Al Nahda, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971600524442

Nutritionists in Dubai

Nutritionists are professionals that work primarily to improve public health. They cooperate with medical specialists to ensure that patients have balanced and healthy nutrition. They solve various problems concerning nutrition, and give helpful advice to improve poor lifestyle.

Most nutritionists consult to hospitals, health centers, children schools, spas, charities, public and private organizations and research institutes, as well as to the general public in private practice.

To become a nutritionist, you will need to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in dietetics, food services, nutrition or a related area at a minimum. Required college courses may include nutrition, the study of food, biology, chemistry, institution management, mathematics, and physiology.

Beyond the educational components, nutritionists need good oral and written communication skills. They need to be able to work with a variety of different types of people from healthy to sick to the young, and the old. Nutritionists also have to be able to effectively communicate with wide range of people from very young children to cardiovascular surgeons.

Importance of Nutritionists

Nutritionists are one of the most in-demand people in the world. In the picture perfect world of glamour, they can make or break the careers of movie stars and celebrities with the influence that they have. Aside from the vanity aspect of helping to keep personalities fit and fabulous, nutritionists are important because they assist all of us in being and staying healthy. They guide us in choosing the right foods to eat, and correct our misconceptions on certain foods that we might have otherwise thought to be healthy.

For example, they encourage us to eat fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids which is good for the heart.

Likewise, they also remind us that not all fish may be as healthy as we believe them to be. Eating sushi rolls made up of fish is great; but those containing unhealthy fats like cream cheese or mayonnaise, is understandably, not so great.

Further, they also point out that some sushi rolls contain cooked fish that is battered and fried. Anything fried is never healthy. The oils used in them eventually become bad cholesterol in our bodies.

Nutritionists people are a healthy bunch. They never tell us to crash diet and starve to stay slim; instead, they will advocate little frequent meals throughout the day that include snacking on sensible foods. A great way to beat the hunger is by eating fresh fruits. Anything fresh is always better than any dried version of it. The latter will most likely contain more added calories because of its sugar and density.

Another recommended snack are granolas. They are especially healthy if they are home-made: some oatmeal, fruits and a bit of honey is way better than the commercially sold granolas that are high in sugar and calories.

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