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Infertility Doctors in Dubai – Diagnosis and Treatment of Infertility in Dubai UAE

Infertility Doctors in Dubai : Diagnosis and Treatment of Infertility in Dubai UAE. Find the Best Infertility Doctors in Dubai Doctor Directory. Infertility doctors in Dubai specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. This means that they have the expertise and knowledge when it comes to handling infertility. If you are a couple who has been trying to conceive a baby for one year, it is best to see a doctor for further assessment and evaluation. Submit yourself for a fertility assessment and work out that is done by a competent and skillful doctor.

Infertility has two broad categories. Primary infertility happens when the couple has to history of having a child. Secondary fertility happens when the couple was able to conceive a child but could not get pregnant again after unprotected intercourse. It is accounted that infertility has been a medical and social problem that has to be handled expertly.

Doctors for infertility can diagnose and find out the possible causes of infertility. The most common reasons of infertility include uterine displacement which can come secondary to tumors. In this case, the doctor can remove the tumor that causes the displacement. This way, the normal anatomical placement is regained and pregnancy can take place.

Other reasons of infertility includes congenital anomalies, ovarian and cervical problems, presence of polyps and malformations in the uterine, and semen issues. It is important to carefully conduct assessment and diagnostic findings when it comes to the causes of infertility. This way, appropriate treatment is identified and implemented.

The doctors can also determine the correct approach so that the couple can conceive a baby. There are pharmacologic methods or those which involves taking of medication. Artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization are also popular today. The statistics that shows the number of individuals who cannot conceive a baby is high. If you are one of them, you don’t have to worry because there are many ways to resolve your problem. Diagnosis and treatment can be carried out by infertility doctors.

Treatment For Infertility in Dubai

Conceiving a baby is not as easy as it sounds for some couples and there are many reasons why a couple may have trouble getting pregnant. There can be an individual problem with either the man or the woman or it may be that both of them have underlying health issues that combine to have a negative impact on their fertility as a couple.

In general men are responsible for about a third of infertility in couples and women a little less than a half. Situations involving individual infertility issues with both the man and the woman can combine to contribute to an overall infertility problem make up the remaining percentage.

Although fertility tends to be considered by most to be a woman’s problem anyone who is dealing with this dilemma should know that it can also be an issue with the male’s reproductive system.

Causes and Resolutions of Infertility in Men

It may be that a blockage prevents sperm from being introduced into ejaculate fluid or a situation that creates higher temperatures in the man’s testes could affect sperm production and quality.

The average course of treatment for the infertility problem of a blockage of almost any type is to have surgery. These types of surgeries are considered to be of low risk while having a very high rate of success.

Fertility drugs to increase their female partner’s egg production can also be an option when there is a low sperm count or a low quality level regarding the sperm but realize there will be side effects experienced by the woman who is the one actually taking the medication.

When it comes to a situation of ‘Sperm Viability’ which basically means how alive and active the sperm are, the idea of ‘Boxers Vs Briefs’ should be taken seriously. Wearing boxers will not have the testicles pressed against the body where they will absorb body heat but instead they have room for air to circulate around them and this will reduce their temperature and that slight reduction in heat can actually make a difference.

Causes and Resolutions of Infertility in Women

There are many different types and causes of infertility in women that would prevent them from being able to get pregnant or maintain a healthy pregnancy. Endometriosis is a fairly common infertility problem in women that may require several types of treatment infertility doctors can provide: fertility drugs, exploratory surgeries, IUIs, or artificial insemination.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) is a procedure that consists of placing the sperm inside a woman’s uterus to facilitate fertilization. This fertility treatment does not involve the manipulation of a woman’s eggs and therefore is not considered an assisted reproductive technology (ART) procedure.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, or PCOS, is another common problem that may cause a woman to have a difficult time getting pregnant. In vitro fertilization, IUIs, and fertility drugs have been proven to help women with PCOS become pregnant.

Although it is rare, sometimes women will have an allergy to sperm which causes soreness during intercourse and the body will discard the sperm. Artificial insemination is the treatment infertility patients receive most often for a sperm allergy.

Many couples find it comforting to be moved from an OB-GYN to a reproductive endocrinologist. Couples often go to this type of specialist hoping for a solution to their infertility problem.

Unfortunately, if thorough exams come back with both partners receiving a clean bill of health, there is no treatment infertility patients can receive to fix their situation. Unexplained infertility is a term used for patients who seem to be in perfect health but cannot conceive a child.

Treatment For Infertility in Dubai UAE : The care you receive from an endocrinologist could cost you a lot of money. Some procedure cost tens of thousands of dollars. Other procedures may be covered by your insurance company. To understand exactly what is covered and what is not covered regarding infertility, please check with your provider.

Infertility Doctors in Dubai 

Female infertility treatment is vital for women who are trying to get pregnant but are still unsuccessful despite of more than a year of unprotected intercourse. This is the technical or standard definition of female or male infertility. Due to this reality, it is vital that the couple, not only the female, ought to seek professional medical assistance.

Couples or women who are pretty much certain that they are infertile ought to seek the most comprehensive examination for proper diagnosis. This helps you determine whether you are dealing with a serious infertility problem or not. Female infertility treatment starts with examinations that may include ovulation tests, menstrual and pregnancy history check.

For more serious cases, there are examinations and diagnostic options which require a more invasive feature. This may include laparoscopy which is performed in order to detect pelvic adhesions and endometriosis. More advanced and scientifically innovative testing is required to accurately determine the different causes that trigger and worsen infertility in women.

In the previous years, there are options for female infertility treatment which have likewise undergone progress and advancements. The Assisted Reproductive Technology or ART is one of the best known treatment options available. This technology is performed through combining fertility drugs with hormonal therapy. Other testing includes gamete intrafallopian transfer, in vitro fertilization and intrauterine insemination and zygote intrafallopian transfer.

Another female infertility treatment is fertility drugs which are formulated to help the ovaries produce enough eggs to be fertilized during the ovulation process. There are also drugs and medications which are designed in order to stimulate the hormonal production. The drug called Clomiphene or with the marketing brand name Clomid and Serophene are highly recommended treatments for infertility problems.

Intrauterine insemination is another procedure which uses small amounts of concentrated sperm cells. The sperm is placed inside the uterus using a thin and plastic catheter which is passed through the vagina and to the cervix. This is a rather painless type of procedure in order to assist fertilization and fertility in the process. It also takes only a few minutes to finally accomplish.

Another fertility treatment and support is called in vitro fertilization or IVF treatment. This is a more comprehensive and highly advanced procedure in order to assist the sperm and egg. The fertilization process is actually facilitated and hastened in order to meet and be successfully fertilized. The mature egg is taken from the ovaries and fertilized by the sperm inside a laboratory. When the egg is fertilized, the embryo is implanted in the uterus.

Female infertility treatment in Dubai is indeed a necessity for women who wanted to really get pregnant and start their own family. Research and know the best treatment options that work best for you today.

Best Infertility Doctors in Dubai


Infertility Doctors in Dubai - Diagnosis and Treatment of Infertility in Dubai UAE. Find the Best Infertility Doctors in Dubai Doctor Directory.

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