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How to Reverse Infertility With All Natural Uterine Fibroid Treatment That Shrinks Fibroids


If your or someone you know is struggling to get pregnant, reverse infertility with uterine fibroids treatment – then you need to start here. You see I thought I was infertile before getting pregnant twice in my 40s and contrary to all doctor’s advice and opinions.

After years of trying with my partner, after visiting scores of doctors and speaking to every specialist under the sun I was diagnosed by one as having ‘non-specific infertility’ and told there was nothing I could do to reverse infertility.

And so began my quest, my struggle and battle against the odds to find an alternative way to reverse fertility and uterine fibroid treatment. To be honest – at first I was scared by the diagnosis of the benign growths, that there was nothing I could do and that my life would be childless and lonely.

The thought of living my childless was crushing. Spending hours around friends, holding and watching their children laughing, smiling and growing up was torture and put strains on what was a great relationship with my partner. And the more you want to get pregnant, the more you see the happy faces in parks, on holidays and walking down the street.

After endless unhelpful running battles with doctors who said they could nothing (or that I would have to wait longer for fertility treatment) I took a step back and did everything possible to find a uterine fibroid treatment that would work.

The two beautiful children I have today are proof enough and the doctors were wrong.

Step One – Try Proteolytic Enzymes

No one really knows what uterine fibroids are caused by. What we do know is that they are small collections of smooth muscle cells and fibrous connective tissue.

These enzymes break down the fibrous tissues that make up fibroids and help reverse infertility problems caused by them.

Step Two – Use Chinese Herbal Remedies

Many Chinese medicine doctors believe that a combination of natural herbs for infertility can make fibroids smaller, even eliminate them and help you conceive a baby.

Fibroids were first mentioned in Chinese medicine as far back as 100BC. Herbal formulas have also been described in Japanese medicine for smaller fibroids and clinical trials have shown reductions in size.

Step Three – Watch your diet

Medical evidence has shown a greater risk of uterine fibroids in women consuming caffeine and alcohol. Of course quantity is important however this very fact illustrates the importance of keeping healthy and eating well.

Vegetable consumption, vegetable juices, whole grain food and food high in iron on the other hand are believed to help combat fibroids and obviously build a healthy body.

Taking a step back to look at my life, my lifestyle and what I was doing to get pregnant – I took an alternative route. To find natural fertility cures, looked at Eastern and Western methods and got results. Without chemicals, without drugs and without any voodoo magic tricks my health improved, I looked younger and I got pregnant.

All it took was a little pro-activity on my behalf and an overwhelming desire to get pregnant naturally, find a uterine fibroid treatment and have healthy children.

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