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How to Overcome Fear of Doctors – Cure For Phobia of Doctors


People fear doctors because of an underlying anxiety about disease and, ultimately, death. Rationally, they are aware that the doctor is a medical professional, that his or her job is to prevent disease and death–not cause them. Yet, panic and phobia do not operate upon rational principles. Doctors remind people of the threat of disease, and, for some, that association is enough. Others are afraid of having to stay at the hospital, or having to undergo complicated and invasive medical procedures, such as surgery. As far as these peoples’ unconscious minds are concerned, the mere act of visiting a doctor–rather than actual illness–is what “causes” surgeries and hospitalizations. The people know that this is an inaccurate picture of reality, yet often their fear, or even phobia, of doctors persists.

The Consequences of Fear

This dread of visiting the doctor can have unfortunate, or even tragic, consequences. Those who are anxious about visiting medical professionals will often neglect to get regular checkups. People with serious doctor phobias will even find reasons to avoid visiting the doctor when there are plain symptoms of illness. They will tell themselves they are “fine,” that that growing lump on their shoulder is nothing to worry about. Tragedy can strike if these people continue to avoid the doctor while the lump grows to the size of a baby’s head. When their friends and family finally drag them in for medical attention and discover that the lump is a now-inoperable tumor, the situation is doubly tragic because it could have been avoided.

Impact Beyond Oneself

One of the biggest problems with phobias is that they can be passed on through the generations. Offspring can inherit their parents’ unhelpful attitude towards the medical establishment at an impressionable age. Children are very sensitive to subtle cues in their parents behavior. Even if the parent doesn’t say anything, children can pick up on their parents’ distrust of doctors–and start acting on that distrust.

Don’t Fear Doctors A Moment Longer

The fact is, doctor phobia–irrational though as it is–is far from harmless. No doubt, it seems easier not to deal with one’s anxieties. After all, if you suffer from doctor phobia, the immediate effect of ceasing to see the doctor is greater peace of mind. But that peace of mind is an illusion. It is an illusion from which it is your moral duty–to yourself, and to your children–to break free.

NLP And Hypnotherapy Root Out Phobias

Unfortunately, if you have a truly entrenched fear, merely confronting the object of your fear (i.e. going to the doctor) is not enough to rid yourself of the fear. If you find the prospect of visiting the doctor unbearable, you’re probably simply unable to go through the agony of visiting one time after time. The source of your doctor phobia ultimately doesn’t lie with your medical practitioners; it lies in your unconscious mind. Fortunately, the psychological techniques of NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) and hypnotherapy address your fears at their unconscious source, ensuring that you’ll never have to fear doctors again.

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