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How to Make Your Breasts Grow Overnight Without Breast Surgery – The Big Secret!


You probably have not encountered anything that will teach you how to make your breasts grow overnight just yet. Chances are, you didn’t think this is possible, unless of course you submit to a surgical procedure. But surgical breast augmentation is out of the question. You are short of cash to begin with, plus the procedure is not totally risk-free, as you must have heard. Even though there must already be thousands of breast augmentation surgeries, you know that no surgical procedure can claim to be fool-proof.

But you are desperate for information how to make your breasts grow overnight. There are no magic potions that will increase your breast size naturally and permanently in twenty four hours or less, at least none that is already accepted by the department of food and drugs or some other regulating agencies. However, there are a few tricks how to make your breasts grow overnight or at least look like they’ve grown overnight. Didn’t you know, using makeup and dressing wisely can make your breasts look bigger? If you have a red-carpet event to go to, here’s a quick fix to make your breasts appear like they are about to pop out of your strappy dress:

1. Wear a bra designed to push your breasts up. Push up bras can be bought in your local department store or you can have one customized for the occasion. Alternatively you can use a padded bra or one that has water-filled pockets.

2. Put on your gown, but protect the portion of the dress that would come in contact with the makeup.

3. Dust some bronzer along the line between your breasts. In the absence of a bronzer, any kind of powder will do, so long as it is a shade or two darker than your skin color. Blend the color well so that it looks natural.

4. Shape a modified letter vee at the curves of your breasts; add more color for a more defined cleavage.

5. Dip your makeup brush in light gold eye shadow powder and dust it onto the upper portion of your breast. The purpose of this is to lighten the area so the eye is drawn towards the cleavage.

Wearing the right kinds of clothes will also make you look like you have bigger breasts. Tops that have wide horizontal lines across the bust area create an illusion of bigger breasts, so do empire-cut dresses and dresses with gathering or ruche details at the center. If wearing something with a very low neckline, use a long necklace with a pendant that would dangle at the point between your breasts.

These, of course, are just temporary solutions. At the end of the day, you will retire to bed with the same set of small breasts. If you want to have naturally bigger breasts some day, then you must commit to engage in breast exercises and breast massages every day.

Anyhow, it should make you feel good to know that you can have bigger breasts in just one day by simply wearing makeup and choosing the right clothes. And of course, don’t forget to walk tall and confident, and proud to look like you have bigger breasts. Nobody has to know that you have just learned how to make your breasts grow overnight naturally.

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