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Genital Warts Removal Dubai

Genital Warts Removal Dubai : Warts Removal Treatment For Men & Women in Dubai UAE. Skin Specialist Dubai, Reviews, Cost, Prices, Deals & Offers

Genital Warts Removal Dubai : Warts Removal Treatment For Men & Women in Dubai UAE. Skin Specialist Dubai, Reviews, Cost, Prices, Deals & Offers. Genital warts is a sexually transmitted infection that affects the genitals of adults – both females and males. Genital wart removal is the process of healing these infections and needs to be done as soon as the infection is detected to avoid development of further complications.

The greatest percentage of these warts is caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV) which has various strains with some of them causing cancer. The virus causes development of tiny flesh colored lesions that may appear on the genitals or in the anal region but some cases have been known to occur in the mouth and throat regions for people who have engaged in oral sex. The warts are usually asymptomatic hence most people will not feel any pain but depending on the region they occur you may feel some pain. HPV though sexually transmitted does not require exchange of body fluids like other STIs but rather simply coming into contact with the infected skin will cause you to be infected.

The first step in genital wart removal is diagnosis and the first sign of them is the physical appearance of warts on the infected area. For women, a pap test may be used to detect changes in the genital area that the warts may cause. Genital wart removal is however not a cure for the viral infection in your blood. This means that the warts may return and you will need to have warts removed more than once.

One of the techniques used for genital wart removal is cryotheraphy where the warts are frozen. This could be achieved liquid nitrogen which takes less than a minute. It is a painful process but most doctors do not use anesthesia to numb the area except for extreme cases. The pain from this procedure could last for up to three days or more. Interferon is also another way to freeze warts for removal. It is an antiviral drug that is injected directly into the warts. This is however used in the case of advanced infection.

Another technique for genital wart removal is laser treatment. This means that a local anesthesia will probably be used since laser treatment needs to be meticulously done since laser beams can penetrate flesh and cause serious damage to internal organs. Laser beams are high frequency beams of light that are focused on a particular target. They are also used to cut metals so you can imagine the effect they will have on your skin if accidents were to happen.

Another way of genital wart removal is electrosurgical excision procedure. This method uses a sharp instrument shaped like a loop and passes it under the skin where the wart is. This then cuts off the wart from the skin and effectively removes it.

Genital wart removal does not have to be a physical process of cutting them off; you could buy chemicals which dissolve the warts and get rid of them. You will however need to use these chemicals for a number of days or weeks depending on the severity of your infection. The chemicals for warts removal are specific to the area where they should be used. If you apply chemical that are meant to remove warts on your hands to the genitals, then your skin will be irritated making it sensitive and tender. Genital warts will not kill you but if you do not have them removed, then you will transmit them to your partner and this could cause problems for your relationship. Use of a condom will not prevent transmission of warts. The only way is to have genital wart removal procedures.

Genital Wart Removal – What Are My Options?

If you are one of the millions of Americans suffering from genital warts, wart removal is something you need to explore. Like most warts, the genital wart is not only ugly to behold, it is located in the most inconvenient places, and all too often is a source of embarrassment, discomfort, and pain.

What could be worse than preparing for a romantic evening with your loved one, only to discover that you have developed one of these hideous growths in your most intimate parts? There are various genital wart removal methods, some costly, cumbersome or painful; others cheap, easy, and pain-free. We’ll give you some options to explore so that you can decide for yourself which method or treatment is best for you.

First, you need to make sure that if you are going to treat a wart it is indeed a wart and not some other type of skin disorder. Warts are small masses of bumpy, cauliflower-like thickened skin. These growths or benign tumors are triggered by any of the human papillomavirus (hpv) family of viruses. They can appear just about anywhere on the human body.

Specifically, genital warts (i.e., condylomata acuminate), also known as venereal warts, are warts that develop in the genitals or surrounding areas. Warts on penis and vagina warts are the most common types of genital wart. But they can also appear in the anal, rectal and perineal areas, upper thighs, scrotum, cervix, and even the mouth or throat (as a result of oral sex). These growths look like regular warts, but appear only in specific areas of the body.

Though warts, by and large, do not imperil one’s health, they can cause a burning sensation, pain, and even bleeding, especially inside the vagina. Removal options should strongly be considered when any of these conditions arise. Women should be especially aware of the possibility of having genital warts on the cervix. These may be symptom-free and detectable only by microscope, but they can pose a risk for developing cervical cancer. Regular screening for cervical cancer is recommended for women.

Are warts contagious? Clearly, all warts are contagious because they are induced by a virus. Genital warts are sexually transmitted. That is, an infected individual can pass along the hpv virus to his or her partner by skin to skin contact (not through bodily fluids) when engaging in genital, anal, or oral sex. This happens more often than we would think, as this type of hpv virus very often is asymptomatic, meaning that people often fail to realize they have it. To illustrate how pervasive the genital form of hpv virus is, consider that of the more than 100 types of hpv viruses, roughly 30 are transmitted sexually, causing genital hpv.

If warts do develop, genital wart removal options are available. Removal of the wart does not remove the hpv virus, leaving the possibility that genital warts may reappear. However, wart removal will always lead to an increased quality of life and comfort and often warts do not reappear. A good understanding and awareness of this skin disorder can help to prevent infection. Proper precautions and putting into practice basic good skin care will help reduce the possibility of hpv viruses entering the body and spreading. Of course, healthy skin will always be better at fighting off viruses than damaged skin.

For sexually active people, genital warts should be treated as soon as possible to avoid infecting others. Here are some genital wart removal tips and options for you to consider:

  • Podophyllin and podofilox (Condylox) solution – doctor applies to destroy genital wart tissue
  • Podofilox topical solution -can be applied externally at home after receiving guidance from doctor; contains same active compound as Podophyllin.
  • Genital wart cream – apply Imiquimod (Aldara) to boost immune system. Not to be used during sexual activity.
  • Chemical treatment – doctor applies lactic acid, salicylic acid, or trichloroacetic acid to break down the infected skin, causing it to peel off.
  • Cryotherapy – doctor uses liquid nitrogen to form blister around wart; new skin appears when lesions slough off.
  • Electrocautery – doctor burns off genital wart using an electrical current.
  • Excision – doctor numbs area with local anesthetic, then cuts out the wart using a scalpel or curette (sharp-edged spoon-like instrument)
  • Laser surgery – doctor uses high intensity beam of light to destroy especially stubborn warts.
  • Natural treatments – do-it-yourself genital wart removal options.

Genital warts are usually harmless, but they can be embarrassingly ugly, inconvenient, uncomfortable, and painful. They are also contagious and not the kind of gift your lover wants to receive from you. As you can see, there are several wart removal methods and treatments. Be aware that these treatments may not always be covered by your health insurance plan. There is no reason to put up with genital warts. Which of the above wart removal treatments works best for you? Undecided? Check out our website for more information.

Genital Wart Remover – Does it Really Work?

Have you been searching for a magical genital wart remover? A diagnosis of genital warts means that you have to seek treatment immediately. Genital warts are an extremely common condition nowadays. The virus which causes these warts is sexually transmitted. The dangerous part s that the infection stays latent for up to three months. This means there are high chances that you might not even know that you are transmitting or contracting the virus.

If you or your partner has been diagnosed with genital warts, it is imperative to get advice from a qualified medical practitioner. You must not use over the counter remedies and genital wart remover creams that are advertised on the internet. You don’t really know what these sort of preparations contain. If you have itching or irritation of your genital skin due to the warts, these surreptitious preparations are bound to make things worse. If you use such a genital wart remover without any idea about what it is, you might actually end up having a secondary infection due to the inflammation these things cause.

Don’t try and search for a wonder remedy genital wart remover. You must understand that the infection is caused by one of many strains of the Human Papilloma Virus. The virus usually infects the topmost layers of the genital skin. it is a tough job eliminating the virus from here. The virus proceeds to stimulate the cells of the area to grow abnormally. This is what leads to a wart forming in the genital area. The problem when treating genital warts is that the virus may never be completely eliminated. There are chances that the infection can recur and that you may have warts again.

Now that you know why you should not use a fake genital wart remover, there are some preparations you can use. These are available on prescription by your doctor and you must use them only under medical supervision. Most genital wart remover medication that is available nowadays aims at removing the warts. New creams are also available which boost the local immunity and help fight the virus. The preparation you are prescribed depends on many factors. You might not be allowed to use these if you are pregnant or nursing a baby. You might also need another line of treatment if you have warts repeatedly or if the warts are too large to remove with creams alone.

You can choose from genital wart remover medication like condylox, aldara and podofin. Most of these creams have side effects like burning in the area where they are applied. You doctor can do a better job of applying these creams, so that the skin surrounding the warts are not irritated. After the first few applications, you may be allowed to do it yourself. Along with the application of creams you should also take precautions. You might have to abstain from sex during the period of treatment. This is because most creams make latex diaphragms and condoms weak. You must also take care never to remove genital warts on your own. if you try to pinch or pull out the warts, you are more likely to make the infection spread.

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