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Fertility & Pregnancy – Vibrational Infertility – Understand This to Help You Get & Stay Pregnant


Getting Pregnant

Getting pregnant and having a baby is something that many of us want. In spite of the fact that we were born with the capacity to bring forth new life, getting pregnant and staying pregnant can be a challenge.

Your Fertility

If you have been trying to conceive for some time, you may have begun to doubt your fertility when yet another menstrual cycle arrives. Perhaps you have already received a diagnosis of Unexplained Infertility or maybe you are engaged in fertility treatment of some sort. In any case, Vibrational Infertility (Morris, 2009) might apply to you.

The Law of Attraction and Fertility

Understanding Vibrational Infertility requires an appreciation of the Law of Attraction and how this operates in our lives. Everything in the universe including thoughts, feeling and babies are vibrations of energy and information. The Law of Attraction explains that like attracts like. Your thoughts and feelings (which make up your vibration) attract experiences that match them.

So for example, when your dominant vibration is one of concern that you won’t get pregnant or that you might lose your baby then that is what you are attracting… more worry and reasons to be anxious with regard to pregnancy and fertility.

I discovered with my three miscarriages that thoughts and feelings that seem to be irrelevant to pregnancy and fertility also have a huge influence on whether your pregnancy will be successful or otherwise (because they contribute to your vibrational output).

Vibrational Infertility

From my personal experience and my coaching work with women and couples around their fertility it is clear that many women and men who are having difficulty conceiving a baby have what can be called Vibrational Infertility.

Vibrational Infertility is a term I have coined to illustrate what is really happening when you are having difficulties in getting pregnant and/or staying pregnant. This explains that there is a difference between the vibration you are emitting and the vibration you want to attract (success in fertility). It happens when you are not (yet) a match for success in pregnancy.

This is great news for anybody trying to conceive because your vibration is not static. It can be changed and once you start deliberately shifting your vibration (using a process like the one I write about in my book ‘Get Pregnant and Stay Pregnant with the Law of Attraction’), you can bring yourself into alignment with the pregnancy you desire so that it must manifest in your reality.

It worked for me and it can work for you too.

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