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Family Doctors in Dubai – Choosing the Right Family Doctor in Dubai

Family Doctors in DubaiChoosing the Right Family Doctor in Dubai UAE. Family is very important to everyone. For this reason, there is nothing we would not want to do just to be rest assured that they are safe and in good health. Evidently, every family wants to have their own family doctor to address their health needs. Anyone can find a family doctor. But it is extremely important to select the right family doctor or GP, who is qualified to constantly observe and help in the treatment of ailments and health issues.

The following are the key considerations in finding the right family doctor in Dubai

Accreditation. The candidate doctor should have the accreditation to practice. Check relevant background information to assure that they are eligible to be a family doctor.

Referrals. Ask for advice from friends or someone that you trust who had already used this doctor beforehand. They are able to compare and rate this doctor as satisfying or not.

Asking another doctor. If you know a doctor, try asking for suggestions of any colleagues that he or she knows to have the competence and expertise in the field that best cater your needs.

Service affiliates. Doctors who are affiliated with hospitals and educational establishments are known to be far more competent and updated pertaining to medical practice.

Websites for Doctor Resources. Search for candidate family doctors online. Find out which doctor lives nearby your place. Learn about their background of practice, patient ratings, and more. Try visiting some websites like:,, and You might finally find the family doctor you’ve been looking for.

Availability. Be sure that the doctor is available to check on your family round-the-clock in as much as possible. Ask if the doctor will be able to come during emergency cases, or during weekends. Can they give advice or health instructions via the phone line or email? These are some of the things you need to ask regarding the doctors availability.

Recommendation from your Insurance Company or from Local Hospitals. Insurance companies do provide suggestions about doctors. Local Hospitals may also refer for qualified doctors that are practicing within their vicinity.

Individual approach. Find a doctor who seeks relevant information of each family member for individual diagnosis and treatment plan.

Effective communicator. Select from candidate doctors who speaks at our own level of understanding. This doctor must be able to explain instructions, health teachings, and more in clear language. They should avoid using jargons.

Active Listener. The right family doctor must be able and willing to listen carefully to all health complaints, so as not to miss out important details.

Trustworthy. As time passes by, this doctor will be working with you and would know a lot about your family’s medical conditions which you want to keep as confidential. So better find someone who is able to observe privacy. Select a doctor whom you can build rapport.

Positive outlook. It is very crucial for a doctor to be optimistic. This doctor instills hope for their clients, which is usually the most effective drug among all the other physical drugs. Positive energy brings about a positive environment and affects the people around them.

Comfortable to be with. A family doctor should be approachable at all times. Clients must feel at ease to voice out their demands. To maintain constant and open communication, the comfort for clients to speak with their doctor is a must.

Family Doctors in Dubai

A Primary care physician is required for those who have certain types of health care coverage plans. This type of doctor can perform physical exams, write prescriptions for your medication, make diagnoses, and treat common illnesses, ailments, and some chronic diseases like diabetes. You can locate primary care doctors in the Dubai business directory, local telephone directory or a physician referral service can refer you to one in your area or surrounding area. These types of doctors provide care to all family members like adults, teens, children, and babies. Sometimes they may refer babies to a pediatric specialist. These doctors can be contacted online or by phone and many of them require you schedule an appointment unless you have an emergency.

Family medicine is also called family practice and this is known as a medical specialty devoted to people of all ages for comprehensive healthcare. If you have been diagnosed with a serious or disabling condition, then this type of practice will refer you to a qualified specialist who can treat you. When you make an appointment to be seen a the family practice, a representative, receptionist, or nurse will schedule one for you. When you arrive for your appointment, the nurse will record your vital signs and then the doctor will visit with you to treat your medical condition.

If you or your family member need a general doctor to treat minor illnesses or ailments, then you may schedule an appointment to be seen by a regular family doctor. This doctor can provide basic treatment and medication to all members of your immediate family. These doctors keep charts on file on your medical records and medical history. Sometimes this type of doctor may be able to help you with prescription medication costs by giving you sample medications they have in stock in their office. This type of doctor usually does not write prescriptions for narcotic pain killers. They can prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs for pain. Only a pain specialist can prescribe narcotic pain killers.

A family physician can provide the same quality healthcare as a family healthcare doctor, a primary care doctor or a family RN. They can provide medical treatment to all family members of all ages. They offer many great resources to help you understand your medical condition. They monitor your weight by taking measure with a scale. Their nurses in the office take blood pressure readings and record them on their charts. They can monitor blood glucose levels too. They have blood glucose monitors in their office. Some of these physicians will accept walk-in patients. They accept new patients too. New patients will be required to fill out some information regarding their medical history and any drugs they may be allergic to.

Seeing a doctor for your healthcare needs will help you to improve your overall health and self-esteem. They can help you with weight control by providing you with a weight loss diet or refer you to a nutritionist. Family medicine doctors accept a variety of forms of payments that include cash online payments, payments by phone, credit cards, debit cards, e-checks, and bank checks and bank cards. They will also accept health insurance payments and their office staff will work directly with your insurance care provider to collect the payments for medical services provided to you. They make paying simple, easy and fast for their patients. If your medical problem cannot be treated with out-patient care services, these doctors have the authority to admit you for hospitalization in-patient services. After you have been admitted to the hospital, he will treat, run medical tests and prescribe medication for you.

If you have been experiencing problems with your health, seeing a doctor can greatly increase your chances for faster recovery and you will soon be back to your normal daily routine. Sometimes medical conditions can interfere with work. A family doctor can help you get back to work faster if you receive the right treatment and medication for your medical problem.

The Practice and Specialty Of A Family Doctor

Let’s hope that you do not have to see a doctor for any health problems for a long time, if ever. But you do need health maintenance visits. Just like your car, your body needs to be checked and maintained on a regular basis for it to run in top shape. For a regular maintenance check, you need a primary care doctor.

In addition to seeing you for conditions within his or her field, your primary care doctor can refer you to appropriate specialists when the issues you have are beyond his or her expertise. Your primary care doctor can also coordinate with specialists and make sure that the recommendations fit your personal needs. Your primary care doctor is the head coach for your total health care. He or she sees the big picture.

Often a patient comes to me for the first time with a list of specialists for his or her different physical ailments. Many times the recommendations by the specialists are perfect for a hypothetical textbook patient, but not appropriate for the particular person, given different circumstances, other treatments, and coexisting health conditions.

The specialists do not always know what the other specialists are doing. And often a primary care doctor can easily and competently treat the conditions for which this patient spends a lot of time and money seeing the separate specialists. Imagine shooting a fly with a cannonball, or several cannonballs at the same time. All one needs is a lightweight flyswatter.

After all, each specialist sees you only within his or her specialty: your guts, your heart, your skin, your eyes, or your brain. But all these body parts belong to a whole, which is you. On the other hand, your primary care doctor specializes in you! He or she specializes in your body, your psychological health, and your emotional health, all combined. With the increasing popularity of complementary and alternative practices, your primary care doctor may also help you separate the grain from the chaff in the dizzying array of alternative options.

There are different choices for primary care doctors in Dubai UAE. For adults, there are internists (internal medicine doctors), family physicians (family doctors), and general practitioners GPs. All these doctors must have at least eight years of college and medical school combined.

Internists and family physicians have to be trained for at least another three years after medical school. Internists see only adults. Family physicians generally can see all members of a family – “from cradle to grave.”

General practitioners usually have one year of practical training after medical school. What GPs lack in formal training, they make up for with their years of real-life medical experiences, as most of them were trained before the 1970s.

Your primary care doctor may also work with a nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant. If your checkup is with the nurse practitioner or physician’s assistant, make sure that person works closely with the physician.

So how do you go about finding someone to head the task of helping you maintain your health and, if necessary, taking care of your medical needs when you become ill? Here are some places for you to start:

  • Find a good primary care doctor through word of mouth from your family and friends.
  • Ask nurses and other doctors you know to recommend a primary care doctor for you.
  • Check your state board of medicine website to check the doctor’s credentials, their years in practice, and any possible professional disciplinary actions.
  • Check with the potential doctor’s office to see if they take new patients and accept your health insurance; see how long it takes to get an appointment; and find out who takes over if he or she is away.
  • Consider how your doctor speaks and explains complex medical issues with you, and see if you feel comfortable asking questions.
  • Bring a summary of your medical history with you when you visit your doctor for the first time.

Whether you choose a GP, internist or family doctor, it is in your best interest to have a primary care physician who knows your medical history and understands your individual needs. Having a qualified doctor in Dubai to oversee and coordinate your health care could one day save your life. Don’t miss your opportunity to discover the secrets to defusing ticking health bombs that could be lurking in your body. It is possible to live longer & better.

Best Family Doctors in Dubai


Family Doctors in Dubai - Choosing the Right Family Doctor in Dubai UAE. Your Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Family Doctors in Dubai City.

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