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Dr. Sabiha Sabyasachi Banerjee Gynecologist Dubai

Dr. Sabiha Sabyasachi Banerjee Gynecologists Dubai UAE – Profile of Dr. Sabiha Sabyasachi Banerjee Gynecologists at Canadian Specialist Hospital, Deira, Dubai

Dr. Sabiha Sabyasachi Banerjee Gynecologists

Dr. Sabiha Sabyasachi Banerjee is a Specialist Obstetrics and Gynecologyst from India with 17 years of experience in the field of Obstetrics and Gynecology. She is experienced in High Risk pregnancy :management and delivery., Screening for cervical cancers,Colposcopy., Hysterosocpy: Diagnostic and Therapeutic., Infertility: work up and management including IUI,Tubal cannulation., Laparoscopy: Ovarian cysts, Endometriosis,Uterine Myomas,Ectopic pregnancy, Ahesiolysis, Hysterectomy, Basic Gynec and Obstetric ultrasound, etc.


– High Risk pregnancy :management and delivery.
– Screening for cervical cancers,Colposcopy.
– Hysterosocpy: Diagnostic and Therapeutic.
– Infertility: work up and management including IUI,Tubal cannulation.
– Laparoscopy: Ovarian cysts, Endometriosis,Uterine Myomas,Ectopic pregnancy,Ahesiolysis,Hysterectomy.
– Basic Gynec and Obstetric ultrasound.
– Abdominal /vaginal Hysterectomy and repair of prolapse,Sling surgeries..
– Contraception & Family Planning.
– Laser for vaginal tightening and whitening.
– Management of Menopausal problems.



Languages Spoken

Arabic(Basic conversation skills)


– 17 years experience in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology
– 7 years experience in University hospital in India .
– Ex-Associate Professor in teaching hospital in India.

Canadian Specialist Hospital

Abu Hail Road
Behind Ministry of Environment and Water
Deira, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +97147072222

Gynecologists in Dubai

A Gynecologist doctor will care for a woman’s health from adolescence through the course of the patient’s lifetime. Here are some common questions about this specialist.

A Gynecologist doctor is a specialist who takes care of women’s reproductive health from adolescence through old age. While some women choose to have their gynecological health tended to by their general practitioner, others prefer a specialist with a depth of knowledge about female health needs.

Every woman needs to visit the gynecologist at some point in life and then continue to do so to ensure complete health. This helps you with everything from general health to managing a pregnancy, along with other important aspects of women’s health. This helps to make sure that you are at your best and that anything that is wrong is caught early. You will be able to receive full check ups as well as assistance to keep everything working and going perfectly fine. You can also receive other types of help from your doctor to stay informed and to avoid issues in the future.

Going to a gynecologist should not be something you do only because of an emergency or only when you are pregnant. You need to go to one on a regular basis, which is especially true when you consider the many medical problems that you may have. Before an issue occurs and it is too late, you need to schedule an appointment to have a check up performed. You should make a habit of doing this too. As with your general doctor, you are going to need regular check ups to make sure that everything is in order. If you do not do this, you may miss something that could be dangerous to your health, even life threatening.

About Gynecology

For some people, seeing the doctor is something they do on a regular basis from the time they were children and it is a practice they continue as they become adults, with no gap in between. For others, there is a strange period where healthcare is no longer an important part of their lives. This is unfortunate, as it is impossible to take advantage of the enormous advances in modern medicine if you aren’t actually availing yourself of preventative care. If you are a woman who thinks that gynecology is only important if you have an active problem or are pregnant, here are some things you need to know about your healthcare choices.

Advocacy groups involved in family planning usually adhere and disseminate the advice that women begin seeing a gynecologist whenever they intend to become sexually active. This is important for health purposes as well as filling in any educational gaps that the young woman may have. While women choose to become sexually active at various ages, this happens around the age of 16 for many. After this point, these physicians recommend coming back to the doctor on an annual basis for a checkup. Without sexually active behavior, the standard within the medical community is to recommend that women begin seeing the doctor at the age of 21 and every year thereafter.

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