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Dr. Raji Ramachandran Homeopathic Doctor Dubai

Dr. Raji Ramachandran Homeopathic Doctor Dubai UAE – Profile of Dr. Raji Ramachandran Homeopathic Doctor at Charly Poly Clinic, Karama, Dubai

Dr. Raji Ramachandran Homeopathic Doctor

Dr. Raji Chandran is one among the few post graduate Homeopathic practitioners who completed his graduation (BHMS) & Post graduation in homeopathic general medicine (M D) from India with a wide clinical experience and clinical research in homeopathic management. He is presently working as homeopathic Practioner with Charly Polyclinic, Dubai. He specializes in treating all forms of known allergies.

He has done his clinical research in the management of upper and lower respiratory allergies especially in the management of respiratory allergies with rare and partially proved homoeopathic remedies under the renowned homoeopath Dr K P Mazumdar.

Charly Poly Clinic

1st Floor, Sana Fashions Building,
Karama, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tel: +971502139191

Homeopathic Doctors in Dubai

The homeopathic doctors are offering medicines to remove various ailments of the body. There are several advantages that are associated in using these medicines. The first advantage associated with these medicines is that these are free from chemicals. Being chemical free medicines, these do not offer any adverse effects. Moreover, these medicines help in removing the toxins from the body. So, these medicines help in making the body free from the toxins and harmful substances.

About Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a natural science that brings an individual to his highest potential with his complete treatment. It restores the body to complete harmony with the use of different herbs and supplements. This is a cost effective and assured treatment process which work on all aspects of an individual be it emotional, mental, and physical. This alternative medicine process is becoming popular day by day due to its increased positive results and effectiveness.

A professional with the license to treat and suggest medicines is known as homeopathic practitioner. He is the person who supplies health care services by properly analyzing and observing the patient. He believes that illness is due to imbalances in body and diseases are just their indications. Therefore, it does not work on diseases but the reason of the chaos created thus treating it completely. Homeopathic remedies stimulate the immune system to release more antibodies.

The Homeopathy is a very effective medical therapy that is used in curing several diseases. It is an alternative method of medicines that is considered as a perfect cure for several diseases. This method has been in use since the time immemorial. It is believed that in the seventh century, this treatment came into existence.

This is basically the alternate form of therapy or treatment. In this, the medicines are prepared from various naturally occurring substances. The homeopathic doctors use various substances while manufacturing these medicines. These medicines are widely in order to cure various diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, cough, cold and several other diseases.

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